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  1. thanks all for the clarifications. learn something new every day!
  2. these were both NFHS games.. i'd be interested in NFHS and OBR. Thanks!
  3. Here's a question for you all... Same situation as what was described at the beginning of this thread. R3 steals home on a dropped third... and crosses the plate.. meanwhile, the throw from F2 is wild but F3 records the out on a "tag", rather than on the force. Same call? No run scores?
  4. on his glove hand, is there?? If so, I've never read it. Twice in the last 3 weeks I've had coaches ask me if it was legal for the pitcher to wear a batting glove underneath his glove... I dont remember ever reading any rule prohibiting it. I think its just unusual to see. Just checking.
  5. can't recall.. that was two "nights" ago
  6. definitely the change in direction back to the dug out... Score the run, BR is out on the subsequent inference as there's no one else to call out.
  7. Definitely not an act of running the bases, it was more so an act of running back to the 3rd base dugout. Guess I missed another oppty to call "out". I just couldn't logical make sense of calling the BR out for the actions of R1 who was now safely into home plate.
  8. No swing, just a near miss... low and inside. Pretty close to being in the zone. Dead Ball "Ball" was the call! Chalk up one for the good guys who don't always get them right. Appreciate the guidance and clarification of the application of the rules. Just another anomaly of the youth games.
  9. Situation is runners on 1st and 2b. BR hits a ball to gap in right. R2 comes around scores standing up. Throw comes to the plate, and R1 slides in safely. The ball goes to the back stop, and as the player in the catcher position is accidentally tripped to the ground by R1 who's getting up from his slide. The Catcher was clear of the slide when he started running towards the ball, couple steps into his pursuit, R1 somehow tripped him up. The R1 was already safe... so I had no idea what to call. I get that sometimes contact happens and it's just part of playing baseball, but with this one.. the BR was now rounding 3rd base, so I called the ball "dead", Ending the play... after all, this was just a scrimmage, but I'm not exactly sure how this call would have been viewed in tournament play when the entire world is at stake.
  10. Doing a 10u Pony game last night and a batter intentionally, kicked his foot into the ball that crossed low and inside. I could have very easily ruled dead ball strike, but IMO the pitch was a ball. I called the ball dead, and the pitch a ball w/o awarding 1B to the BR. The kid must have been warming up for some hacky-sack with his teammates, because that exactly how it appeared. He tried to catch the pitch mid air with his foot. Did I miss anything other than an oppty to call this kid out on the dead ball strike (that was really a Ball, inside)?
  11. on deck batter touches / picks up a passed ball on ball 4. any penalty for the interference?
  12. I suppose that's a matter of opinion. The offenses manager thought the calls were clear enough. He didn't even protest the call... and we spoke about it after the following inning. He tended to agree. I'm not writing to tell how right or wrong i was in the call, im writing to understand if there's such thing as "abandonment" of a base.
  13. 14U age group. Thought crossed my mind, but the calls were clear... Part of the problem in all of this was that the manage of the hitting team was by himself and did not place a base coach at 1B. I'm there to call what I see, not to coach the players.
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