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  1. I read somewhere someone said no L33T, bhahaha. I followed most of that... you lost me a RLI however.
  2. It's been a little quiet around here lately, so I have a general forum question - what are some of the biggest differences between OBR, NCAA, and FED that cause confusion and often times, misinterpretations when officiating at the various levels? Some obvious ones are FED DH rules and FED In contact feints to 3B, but what about the more obscure rules not commonly understood?
  3. to put it in context, the game was 9u and many of the pitchers were just learning the game w/ base stealing for the first time. It was single man, so I cant clearly recount the steps. he was set in the stretch position, R2 broke for third, everyone screamed step off and from what I recall, it was jump spin off to making a throw to 3B.
  4. 1. F1 is set and R1 breaks early for 2B. Without disengaging, F1 spins and throws the ball to 2b. Legal or illegal? My interpretation of the balk section is that this is legal. 2. The exact situation was R2 broke to third, and while set the pitcher noticed and threw the ball to 3B who applied a tag. There was some funny footwork in there that we wont discuss, but let's just say the pitcher did not disengage. Is F1 throwing to 3B while engaged after the R2 leaves early legal or illegal action?
  5. Double Up

    Infield Fly

    was the ball caught or dropped? if it was ruled a catch, out on appeal. if ruled no catch, count the run.
  6. I even walked over told them that i didnt know and made up some SH*#.... and soon as i was finished, everyone was the expert
  8. interstering, b/c its runner now... rather than a batter who falls over the plate and interferes w/ a throw down to 2B on a base stealer.
  9. Double Up


    rule set : doesn't matter Wow! Today had R2 stealing on what became ball 4. BR get's hit by the throw from the catcher as he vacates the right hand hitters box. on the way to 1B. what the correct call? I honestly just made up a call and punched R2. some "umpire" in grand stand made a comment about the catcher throwing down from his knees as if that mattered.... suggesting that b/c he threw from his knee their was no interference.
  10. Double Up

    No Call?

    Sometimes its just baseball rule! Exactly why there's umpires. I would have been okay with Interference, but I'm okay w/ no call. WE have the replay, but these guys are making a call live as its happening. The commentators are Dumb AF thou
  11. thanks all for the clarifications. learn something new every day!
  12. these were both NFHS games.. i'd be interested in NFHS and OBR. Thanks!
  13. Here's a question for you all... Same situation as what was described at the beginning of this thread. R3 steals home on a dropped third... and crosses the plate.. meanwhile, the throw from F2 is wild but F3 records the out on a "tag", rather than on the force. Same call? No run scores?
  14. on his glove hand, is there?? If so, I've never read it. Twice in the last 3 weeks I've had coaches ask me if it was legal for the pitcher to wear a batting glove underneath his glove... I dont remember ever reading any rule prohibiting it. I think its just unusual to see. Just checking.
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