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  1. I wish they would just follow the NCAA rules but remove the "must be for the pitcher" part of it. I find NCAA rule to be really easy in the fact you have two lineups, one for offense and one for defense. Batter order can never change. So simple. This new NFHS rules is going to cause messes once subs start coming in for a guy. Then the games where the coach doesn't call out DH on the card but meant to. More emphasis needed by us umpires at plate meeting to make sure it gets called out.
  2. Minnz

    Tag & Missed base

    Keep it simple on this. Don't use too many words. I had this last year and I simple said, "No Tag" and pointed to the ball. In this case runner then came to touch home so I signaled safe. Otherwise if tag gets applied correctly I signal out.
  3. Nope that is simply an E5. No other fielders made a physical error on the play thus it goes down as one simple error. There is no OBS on the play as nothing was enforced due to the runner advancing.
  4. College Wood Bat Summer League
  5. This may have been one of the easiest I have had in all my years. T4 First batter on 2-2 takes a super close pitch, I ball it, catcher caught it horribly on a borderline pitch, honestly may have missed it and maybe should have been a K. Next pitch batter lines out to 3B, no harm done we got the out. Second batter walks on a check swing I appeal and told no swing. Third batter goes down 0-2. Catcher sets up just off the plate. Two straight pitches the mitt moves further out to catch the ball, so two balls there. On 2-2 pitcher spikes on, wild pitch, runner advances. On 3-2 comes inside, with catcher set up outside. It is a high and off the plate to me, ball four. Pitcher looks at me, "That's F*#King bullSH*#." I calmly say, "You're gone." He spikes the ball and walks off the field. As he crosses foul line he looks at me, "That's F*#King SH*#, you're an embarrassment out here, that's a F*#King horrible call, you're a F*#King joke." Summer League President was a the game which helped me in the end. Wrote my report and as told that pitcher will sit another four games now. What shocked me the most is the catcher told me he was happy to see him finally get ejected as him teammates are tired of his crap. We are only three weeks into this summer league program. Half the season to go.
  6. No it is the same as you describe it, though for HS season it is the assigner and his LLC the schools work with, but there is a lot of gray area if you will on rainouts, no show etc. Bottom line is in MO the schools hold all the power the way they do it. Heck when they pay you less for a postseason game than regular season game that tells you something. Non HS ball you are IC for GSLAU and GSLAU chooses to hire an assigner for their contracts they hold.
  7. All depends. GSLAU doesn't contract for MSHSAA games. Technically the schools and umpire do and assigner is hired by the schools outside of GSLAU or any association.
  8. Would the starting pitcher still be allowed to return? Or does this violate the more than eight pitches for warmup rule etc?
  9. I know the pain. Was scheduled for five games this week and will get one in. I have lost about 40% of my original schedule of HS and college to rain.
  10. I think you handled it well. I also think you could have ejected as well. I had something similar in a D3 game this season. Game 3 of a four game set and the Friday DH produced some bench jockeying. No ejections or warnings. In the third inning the home HC didn't like chirping from the visitor dugout and told me to shut it down. Nothing being said was directed at his team so I told the HC I will take care of anything that is deemed out of line. Next inning something was said neither myself or my two other partners hear what it was. Next thing I know home HC is yelling at the visiting HC who is coaching third. U3 is in deep B since we have R1. I walk halfway down the line and yell, "If you guys need to talk to somebody talk to me and not each other." Actually seemed to work and they avoided stuff the rest of the game.
  11. Minnz

    4th World Play

    Out in FED.
  12. OBS for sure. Plus, tell the plate ump to put the mask in his left hand.
  13. It was something the group has talked about at training as well as meetings. It is not an "official" book mechanic but some advanced 2-man camps are allowing it or giving umpires a choice. If you go by the book it is technically the wrong spot. I prefer to be in B with a righty up and especially if pitcher is in windup.
  14. Minnz

    2019 Changes

    This one worries me. Seems hard when a ball it so out of the zone, even when a kid doesn't move to award a strike. I will miss the ability to award a ball instead of the base. Good seeing you this weekend btw.
  15. NFHS could make life so much easier by just saying the CCA manual applies to us as well. They pretend that a) rotation signals in 3/4 man don't exist b) most good umpires already have a signal (removeal of hat) when they have helpful information on a play for their partner. Maybe next round they will also give us a super secret drop third strike catch/no catch signal we can all use. Oh wait...
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