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  1. Yessir! Tell em @MadMax.......Personally, I am a NB guy for regular wear tennis shoes but...these ssk functions outweigh the looks in my opinion (lace lock system dial-like it!!!--and also the met. plate--and JUST having to wipe off dirt from majority of shoe, not give the whole dang shoe a bath & soap & soak & dry...if u need shoes to look out of the box. Imagine just having to wipe plate shoes on an All areas visible to others, instead of scrubbing the 460v with soap.n water. Just opinion....but Japanese companies always seem to be at the top of heap for umpire gear, mizuno & ssk. n yes those are shoes I was referring too in link up top. Thanks for posting link @Thunderheads
  2. I signed up.with samuraigears.com Seems one of few places to purchase Japanese umpire equipment looking at the new SSK plate shoes....very nice!!!! $180.00/I'm sure not including shipping {metatarsal plate on top of shoe flips sideways, as it's held in place by Velcro patch No shoe strings involved! A quarter shaped dial, located on back of heel turns to tighten or loosen rubber-like laces material of shoes is more 90% vinyl material(which is great to combat some of the dirt at certain. fields,.that just seems to stick to any cloth material on shoes Seems SSK thought of everything when making these bad boys! Curious what shipping from japan would be? These are DEFINITELY my next plate shoe purchase after the NB get worn out (an actual plate shoe that doesn't suck in dirt, like NB, don't have to tie shoes, just spin dial...and met. plate just flips to side by Velcro to clean or access under plate, sign me up)
  3. Ya no SH*#, feels like they're not even part of the umpire crew, or in my case, pair. while we are going there another thing that's really annoying, is when your working with a partner, and the guy don't even wanna look at ya, so definitely no signs being traded. Just makes game a lot better, when u feel like yur workin WITH your partner, and more like 2 separate umpires, doin THEIR OWN JOB. Just kills the vibe. partners Makes you understand why umpires only want to work with known or trusted partners!
  4. Great article!! Thanks for the good read
  5. Why I love the input from members on here, @Stan W., always more than one reason, for a certain action, in most cases. This makes perfect sense, thanks SW. Also enjoyed the comment on quality facilities, as u raise up towards top ranks. Having a dressing room can't do anything but help an umpire crew! Your own private spot to decompress, and clear your head, n get ready to focus energy and attention towards your umpiring duties for that day or evening. N nothing wrong with gettin 3 fresh pieces, when requesting more balls. One more question for ya Stan; Does college also use a mud mix to condition leather on baseballs? Or is this strictly MLB and/or A, AA, n AAA?
  6. I know I've been guilty of it, after seeing my peers, with more time umpiring, doing it. Try to stick to brush, but if it's not a slide, where plate gets covered, plate maybe just a runner crossing the plate, I also will give a lil foot swipe. Wasnt sure if it was a grey area, or if rulesbook, made it black & white. Now that I know this info, I won't feel bad givin a lil toe swipe over plate.
  7. Thanks @noumpere. I had a feeling that it's not commonplace, but I'm sure happens more than I thought. like I said, now that I pay More attention to umpires, in all games and levels, I had a feeling it was something that I just never noticed. Thanks for clarification, in ink, much appreciated.
  8. Oh I see what u mean. I'm just more talking bout the ump maybe not looking as professional as he should , by using his foot at that level. Tell us in HS Rulebook,use plate brush to wipe plate, facing backstop, but I guess it doesn't say anything about, not, using your foot, in my rulebook. Maybe he forgot his brush?
  9. Just noticed it watching highlights n found it wierd. He gave it a good swipe n had a decent amount of dirt on plate to kick off. Just thought it would be Mandatory rule to use brush to wipe plate, is all???
  10. Or at least from C, over to get an angle on the fielders pull of the foot, at 1st base, on a force
  11. I know I've seen it done in lil league n maybe a lower HS game, but a MLB UMPIRE USIN HIS FOOT TO WIPE PLATE SEEMS LIKE A UNWRITTEN RULE IN MAJORS. After acunas HR for braves in 8th inning, on sportscenter highlights, tonite into tomorrow morning. Doesnt look very classy, that's for sure, but maybe I've never noticed, since I paid less attention to umpires before, but I know I wouldn't bust out the New Balance over the brush, to clear plate, if I was a MLB UMPIRE, LOL
  12. And as far as the MAIN QUESTION OF THIS THREAD, When coaches team hit the field I was telling his 1st basemen, That unless I can hop on the BULLET TRAIN FOR 50 FEET, I could make it from C to A, Or Giraffe legs Those were ^^^^^^^ my thoughts on bein able to get an angle on FIELDER at 1st to see pulled foot, from C slot
  13. Thanks for all who responded to my questions, EVERYBODY! I'm very happy to have found this forum. I like the comraderie that all other forum members/umpires have here, on this site. Nice to interact with a great bunch of guys, n maybe a few gals, We actually had 1 female in our OHSAA class, she does basketball But haven't worked with her yet, as they tend not to pair up 2 first year umps
  14. I had the first base coach snip at me, for not getting from C spot to the A spot on a 2-3 hopper, not hit that hard. He claimed 1st basemen pulled his foot off bag. Went to my plate partner for help, he didn't make a call, upholding My out call, as he said 1st base pulled up heel during stretch, but got heel back onto base, before for batter-runner reached 1st. It's my 1st year of umpiring, but....On a high school sized field, it seems to me, it would be very difficult to: A) Get from C spot to somewhere in area of A spot, to get angle on a pulled foot at 1st B)Get over to 1st base area, to get any kind of angle on the play, where I can see 1st baseman pull foot. I pulled coach over after next inning n asked em, How he thought I could make it from C slot, to an angle to read 1st baseman foot off bag, he told me he's umped before, and I CAN MAKE IT OVER TO A, FROM C, on routine grounder to shortstop. Unless I'm a fullsize giraffe, I see no way to get from C slot to A. Options being; 1)Sprint full speed to A spot 2)Get my head and body stopped from that full out Sprint 3)So...My opinion, To get body n head woed down to a stop, from a full sprint, n get in position to make call, seems highly unlikely to achieve Imho that is. Can somebody clarify this? There was a runner at 2nd plate ump, has is touch of 3rd, AND, A PULL OF FOOT BY FIELDER AT 1ST, CORRECT??!!?
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