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  1. I would recommend you not give one penny to that camp. There are plenty more camps now in the South (and other parts of the country) that can offer you great instruction and a more realistic path to advancement. That camp used to have a lot more pull, along with the International version, but that was some time ago. The only thing I would recommend it for, is if you live directly in Atlanta and are trying to gain a foothold in that area for small collegiate or High school baseball, and even that could be a stretch that perhaps someone else could speak too.
  2. gclg2000


    A few things about it that are not advertised besides the "fixed" height of it in general. At the MLB level, a technician reviews every single pitch and will adjust for when track-man "misses" and fix the plot values based on video, besides tossing out pitches from "catchers influence" in the big leagues. Second, at the MiLB level, evaluators are not allowed to use track-man data for strike zone umpire grading because of its inaccuracy. Track man was intended for scouting purposes, angles, spin rate, velocity and etc. Track-man has a hard time tracking pitches with movement and the margin of error is about 2-3", and in addition to that, it does not always track the center of the ball. It could be tracking the edge of the ball, the top or bottom. Add in the margin of error to a 3" diameter baseball and the inaccuracy starts to get up there. Trackman will tell you otherwise, but I don't buy it. It's not a bad tool, but it is not even close to perfect. $0.02
  3. It is trolling. The moderating/rules of the for sale section of this website are poor. The vast majority of replies to people's threads are thread craps or trolling remarks and have nothing to do with the for sale post.
  4. http://www.mbumpirecamp.com/pdf/2016 Camp 2-3 Man [2299].pdf
  5. I've done this and had it done to me several times, always after the guy touches home though. It was pretty funny, U1 was really working hard to cover thoroughly.
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/West-Vest-Platinum-Umpire-chest-protector-/301828550540?hash=item4646622f8c:g:OnoAAOSwCQNWcvLH
  7. I have a unused black pad/harness set as well, just curious what the going rate on these are (if I may slightly high jack)? SOLD
  8. This is just an older post I was reviewing, but I was at a camp one time and an official did the "show me the ball, show me the ball!" line and then gave a hard safe. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  9. How about keeping your eye on the ball. What are you watching while running into the infield anyways?
  10. gclg2000

    3 man R1

    That's too far back
  11. Good stuff here. Pause, read and 90+% of the time, U1 goes out. This is almost always a trouble ball. Even if it's a trouble ball it's still U3s ball. U1 shouldn't be going out when the ball is hit anywhere near center or anywhere inside of the right fielder with a runner on first. If it's a trouble ball U3 can bust the line and go out to make the call while U1 can go into the library and read the play for possible tag up or for a possible play into first. This is how we do it in pro ball. This is 100% incorrect.
  12. Ignoring the trajectory of the fly ball, consider this possibility: Without seeing the play when you say shallow I would assume a ball that the F4 could catch or F9 could come in and catch. Something to consider when reading a fly ball is will the flight/location of the ball cause 2-3 converging fielders. I've worked a lot of 3 man with guys (new and and experienced at 3 man) that get lazy and only read the fly ball and not the fielders. These situations can turn from "routine" to "trouble" and if you hook instead of go out you're burnt. How many times have you seen "I've got it, I've got it" and then either no one catches it or the confusion causes a last second reach, shoe-string and/or fall down/dive catch on the "routine" fly ball. In situations like this, I always go out to protect against this possibility and all of my partners at my level usually do as well. It's too easy for U3 to slide over and get a terrific angle on a put out in this situation coming from F9 or F8. It's more work in my opinion for U1 to hook back around (if there is enough time) to get a similar angle as U3 could get with just a few steps. If U1 goes out then you have someone hustling out on the catch and that looks good and better protects the crew from hoopla. In my $0.02 (if you choose to consider it), U1 just going out on this is not only easier, but safer to not blunder something and covers all possibilities.
  13. This doesn't answer your question, but as far a bracing for impact, I think both players did this. I don't think there was time to get a malicious thought in either of their heads. It was pretty clear the FSU BR altered his running path to create the contact (at minimum he did not try to avoid). I'd call that on purpose. And running as fast as he was and altering his path so that contact would be made is easily malicious in my opinion. A 180lb kid (rough guess cause he looks short) running that fast and intentionally changing his course to smoke the fielder? That's not malicious? If he was coming home to a play at the plate that would be an easy targeting EJ.
  14. gclg2000

    turnup truck

    First, this was a U-11 youth tournament ball game, my partner a high school age kid...none of that is either here nor there. Second, don't be a killjoy trying to muck up a good story with "facts", but since you asked... With no runners on, PU would have the throw going to DBT, but he had R1 heading for 3B (stole 2B on the pitch). After I called TIME, I saw R3 rounding 3B. so PU should have been watching R1 touch 3B. Besides, I'm in 'B' watching F3 miss the throw from F6 and the ball rolls into the dugout. I'm not going to wait for any partner to kill the play. Just to clear a piece of this story up.. The PU shouldn't be rotating on a grounder that F6 is going to make a play on, ever. That play at 3B is the base umpires if one developed. PU should be some distance up the 1B line helping out with his real responsibilities.
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