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  1. Sut'n Blue

    Stealing home

    To help the original poster You are probably describing catcher's interference "CI" (but it could also be backswing interference as noumpre indicates). In the case of CI the coach can 1) accept the penalty which means the batter gets first and runners advance if forced or 2) accept the play in which case F3 scores and the batter remains at bat. If the bases were full, the penalty would be batter gets first and F3 scores because he was forced.
  2. With two strikes I tell myself "possible rip, possible or not possible drop." When working solo, which I do too much of, I will often do the signals I would give a partner if I had one (though much more subtly then I would if I actually had a partner) as it helps me keep the situation current.
  3. He punched his ticket with "You could learn a thing or two". And I don't subscribe to the idea that he gets a little slack because only the two of you heard it. Only the two of you heard it.... until he gets back to the dugout and tells everyone what he said (and he probably brags about it after the game to anyone who will listen as well). Of course, I would have tossed the AC. The "keep them in the game" philosophy only encourages bad behavior. Those who want us to keep them in the game are probably also wondering why they never have enough officials. The more s**t they expect officials
  4. Yes, a typo - should read 6.01. My bad. Maven: I'm not sure I'm following you. In my example R3's advance to home, which occurred prior to the the BR's interference, is allowed but if R1 and R2 advance to their next base prior to BR's interference, they would have to go back pursuant to the language of the rule. I think that is inconsistent. It's even possible R1 and R2 made it to their next base before R3 made it to home but they would have to return while R3 would not. Here nobody advances as a result of the BR's illegal action as they had all advanced before the interference occurred.
  5. Rule 6.10(a)(11). Situation: Bases loaded, none or one out, a dribbler to F5 who picks up and fires home too late to get R3. F2 throws to first and BR is called out for running lane interference. Under the rule R3's run counts. I'm trying to figure out the logic behind this as the way I read the rule R3 gets to advance but the other runners have to go back to their base at time of pitch. This makes no sense to me. Am I missing something?
  6. Don't think this has been discussed but this video is pretty good. Many will find it a little on the basic side but its worth a look and free if you have Amazon Prime. The umpire's mechanics are worth watching in their own right. He's very good. (as you would expect from an umpire in a Jim Evans video). https://www.amazon.com/Baseballs-Diamond-Challenge-Learn-Puzzling/dp/B01I05MBPS/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=baseball+challenge&qid=1586879437&sr=8-8
  7. The back is solid (with a lot of holes for ventilation). There's a lip roughly a half inch by a half inch on the front edge of the shelves to keep thing from falling out. There is no bottom so the things in the bottom level will sit on the carpeted "floor" of the Jeep - I doubt these things will move much but if they do I will add something to stop them from moving around too much.
  8. Yup, drive a Wrangler JK with the back seat and subwoofer removed. The opening faces the inside of the tailgate. I still need to hang shirts and pants from the roll bar. It snuggles up against the tailgate and locks to the seat connectors via eye bolts and padlocks so its pretty safe even with the top off (I'm in a rural area so theft really isn't much of an issue).
  9. Well the order of things are off but you get my drift.
  10. Not much going on so I spent some time in my wood shop putting together storage for my gear. I drive a Jeep Wrangler (back seat removed) and built this to stow my gear. Roughly 24" high, 25" deep, 33" wide. Two shelves so three layers of storage. I've never uploaded pictures before but hopefully you're seeing: 1) raw materials; 2) finished product (lots of holes for ventilation); 3) finished product with gear to be stowed; 4) what it looks like when all is said and done (with room for a bit more).
  11. In the video it does appear the ref made the first direct physical contact; however, the scenario in total seems to be: the coach is being a jerk, ref appropriately ejects coach, coach, rather than leaving, goes onto ice where he confronts and gets belligerent with ref and then spits on him, ref responds by shoving coach, coach ends up on ass, coach gets up and goes Rocky on ref. Question is should the ref share some of the blame? As I see it, if a coach gets himself ejected, refuses to leave, and then gets in the official's face and spits on him, the coach is a very real physical t
  12. Thought I saw somewhere that Massachusetts is going to Fed rules. Is this the case? I’m not in Mass. but have always appreciated their lack of Fed. I would like to see the Fed rulebook driven from the face of the earth. In fact, IMO Fed rules may be detrimental to umpire recruitment.
  13. I suppose level and rule set doesn't matter all that much but this was 16U travel ball (OBR). 5th inning , no score, 1 out, R1. Pitcher seems to be in a good rhythm and is doing pretty well. As batter is walking over to start his at bat his coach tells him to call a time out and break the pitcher's rhythm. The coach must have thought he was being discreet but PU, my partner, heard him very clearly. Batter takes the first pitch and on the next pitch asks for time. Assuming no issues with pitcher having started motion, etc., If you were PU, would you grant the time out?
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