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  1. Sut'n Blue

    Published book

    I believe you are referring to what is properly called the Harvard comma.
  2. For the sake of clarity, I'm assuming the pitcher has to be on the rubber and the catcher in the box before the umpire can put the ball in play. Yes?
  3. Scenario: OBR, bottom ninth, tie score. Batter hits one over the center field fence into the swamp where the ball will never be seen again. BR misses first on his way around the bases and the defense wants to appeal. How can this be properly appealed?
  4. Maybe R1 walked off because he knew he couldn't get back to first before they got him for not tagging up....
  5. I'm curious as to how others treat those comments that are not made to the umpire but are meant to be heard by the umpire. Example: Batter takes a called third strike on a pitch his coach thinks was outside. As batter gets to dugout the coach all but yells: "That was a good take Johnny, no way you could have reached it." Obviously making a statement for the umpire to hear. Personally, I generally treat one of these comments as something to ignore when following the IAWE criteria but have upon occasion replied with "your not fooling anyone, knock it off." Opinions, comments, war stories appreciated.
  6. After that comment he gets The Hand and a loud, clear: "You're pushing your luck. You get one warning and this is it." If he later went ahead with "That's two call now." he would be gone.
  7. I work too many games solo. 60 foot closed bases is tolerable but anything with open bases just plain sucks. All you can do is all you can do. My latest philosophy is that I'm making the expected call unless I see "clear and convincing" evidence to the contrary.
  8. I'm missing something. Why isn't the situation in the OP a case of attempting multiple appeals? F6 was attempting to appeal the runner left early but threw the ball away. Isn't appealing after after the ball is made live an appeal of the same runner at the same base for the same infraction?
  9. I've worn non-hoodie sweatshirts many a time over my CP and under a jacket. A sweatshirt under a CP strikes me as very uncomfortable. Anyone know where he's from? I'm curious because if he's a good New England boy, he will have cut the sleeves off his hoodie.
  10. I'm calling R3 out in Fed. There is no question he jumped over some part of F2's body and could have torn his face off. In fact, it looks like he kicks the mask off. Rules that are designed to protect players against injury need to be interpreted that way.
  11. Running is good, throw in some hills or stairs to help with working the plate (and never take the elevator when you can take the stairs - climb them two at a time). If you're not into running, try jumping rope. It will work your legs, core, arms to a lesser extent (get a jump rope with weights in the handles), and is of lower impact than running. Not to mention that is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Boxers do it for a reason. A good rope costs about $15.00 on Amazon. I do it because it helps with some nagging ankle pain that crops up now and again due to an old injury. Also, relax when you're working the plate. Tensing up will make things worse.
  12. He could also be called out for taking a running start from behind the base when trying to advance to third.
  13. Cal Ripken added a rule against fake/slash bunt in 2016. Batter is out. I think it is a good rule for most of the reasons Beerguy points out.
  14. Bear in mind you may be able to write off some of the cost on your taxes. Find a friendly accountant if you don't have one and ask to bend his/her ear for a few minutes.
  15. Drove by a ball field the other day and saw about ten kids of various younger ages (7 to 12 at a guess) playing baseball. Awesome! Thinketh I. As we got closer it looked like the kids weren’t too into the game. Got closer, there was an adult pitching to the kids. Saw this today: https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/doctor-s-orders-let-children-just-play/article_2feb1c29-26c9-5d7b-ae2c-2318a24a8d4f.html
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