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  1. All Star Ti v2, *CAGE ONLY* $230 obo
  2. As if to illustrate my point, of all the pitchers ever, Lester even knows all he has to do is pick it up and throw to 1st.
  3. What do you got against a put out, sir? You won't find this proscription in any manual/rulebook/interpretation because it doesn't exist. Turns out your catcher is an asshole.
  4. Where does that say he has to disengage with a straight knee? I think Mr blue it's thinking of that front-knee buckle. He can't buckle his front knee, like he would if he were going to pitch or make a pickoff move, without completing a fluid, continuous motion, either to pitch or pick off. Nevermind the knee buckle though. He can't simulate his pitching motion by stepping off. This is never a balk, in any ruleset. If the runner falls for it and tries to buy a balk, you get to point at him and laugh while you out him a few more times. Try and act out the op.
  5. Impetus. That's your keyword. Impetus. If the batter added the impetus that caused the fair, batted ball to go into dead-ball territory, that's two bases time of pitch, or a "ground rule double." If the fielder slides, let's say in a last-ditch effort to stop a ball that's on its way to being a ground rule double, but accidentally kicks the ball out of play instead. He still hasn't added impetus. (Impetus.) Now, the ball is ping-ponging around the corner. The fielder slides in to field it quicker. He accidentally kicks a ball, that would otherwise stay fair, out of play. (Impetus.) Impetus. The fielder made the fair, batted ball go out of play. (Impetus.) So you have 2 bases from the moment of impetus. (Impetus.) In either case, it's two bags from the time of impetus.
  6. Did the runner give the fielder every chance to field the ball? (No. The runner stays in the 'baseline' never varying his basepath, even with plenty of opportunity to go around.) Back when, the rules said the runner had to go so far as to run behind any fielder with a chance at the ball. That rule is changed but the spirit remains: Did the runner deny ANY chance the fielder had to field the ball? Note that it is not necessary for the fielder to contact or be contacted by the runner. Did the fielder do ANYTHING different than he would have were there no runner from first? Many of you are keen to point out that immediately after the fielder loses his opportunity to field the ball, he becomes liable for obstruction. You should apply the interference rule with the same zeal: until the time when the fielder no longer has any chance at the ball, the batter is liable for any action, including his presence, which hinders a fielder on defense. You don't need a train wreck or the runner blatantly getting hit by a batted ball. This is interference. The fielder probably never realized that he has right-of-way, and likely meant to obstruct the runner from 1b in the split-seconds after he flubbed the ball. It doesn't matter since the ball is immediately dead- indeed, before the ball passes the fielder; even possibly before it is entirely past the runner since this is where the fielder is caused to hesitate. The base umpire saw this differently, but no doubt he was late to the party. On a ground ball up the middle when there is a runner and a fielder headed for the same space, you need to spin around ahead of the ball so you can be stopped, with your eyes set, before this imminent collision. Then when your partner bangs his belt, it will be because you were in position, not because you were lucky enough to not have a circus.
  7. It would be the opposite of a decent price, but I have Nippon League contacts. It may be SSK branded as I think they're basically interchangeable. (Like UA and All-Star.)
  8. I wear a 42L dress jacket. This fits me just right over a chest protector. Bought from '90s MiLB umpire. Again, this jacket is NAVY BLUE, gently used. Very nice quality, 100% polyester. Any reasonable offer considered. Please message for pics as I can't seem to upload. Thanks, BH
  9. MU950MK2 Never worn. $85 new... Make an offer that includes my price with shipping and tracking.
  10. Take twice as many notes in class as you think you should. Drink twice as much water as you're used to. Plan on leaving with a life-long best friend.
  11. BalkHawk


    Legend. I always FIGURED this was a thing. Now I'm gonna try it. This is highly interesting to me... Do we still have the ability to make polls?
  12. Sorry, no. It sold in a locker room. @Thunderheads please lock this.
  13. The guy operating the pitching machine is a coach. I'm certain he was aiming for my gonads. I originally had a video that showed a couple 90mph 5-hole shots. This was not meant to be a cup test! As for Jimmy's video, he and Happy Gilmore were my inspiration. I don't know anyone else who's been in the cage to wear one on purpose. That's some esteemed company to be amongst.
  14. I'll pile on here. I wear well over $1k in gear when I work the plate. I've done my research and although there are other cp's that get the job done I only wear the F3. Furthermore, the customer service I have found to always go above and beyond the call of duty. I even met Jason; he gave me a ride to the airport AND introduced me to one of the best cheeseburgers in America. (Animal style, bitches!) Umpires, give your money to the company that has introduced more innovation in five years than the next best has done in thirty. (Unless you get paid to sport a yellow dubya.) Check my video link underneath. If nothing else you can make fun of my uni.
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