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  1. Hey they are wearing pants, be thankful for little things
  2. What took you so long to dump somebody?
  3. Send one monkee home and they will figure it out!
  4. blue23ll

    Base running

    Actually had this happen in a game. Kid ran off the field and all the way home. His Dad brought him back to ask me why I sent him home...
  5. Apparently you can't call the upper zone if you are calling the low strike? I must have missed that memo. And why do the managers always come out after an ejection? They aren't discussing a substitution.
  6. blue23ll


    I have found that by calling the location of close pitches, the 'where was that' chirping virtually stops
  7. blue23ll

    Lineup exchange

    I have seen all kinds of lineup cards this season, from a 3x5 card sized one to an 81/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper!
  8. I currently use (primarily) the F3 V1, doing primarily highschool Varsity games. I also have a Douglas and an original WV that I occassionally use. I am looking to upgrade my CP and I am wondering if it's worth it to spend almost $300 for the F3 V3 or go to a new WV? Thoughts?
  9. For ME, the charging and yelling would have ended that discussion right then and there!
  10. I agree, as I'm in the GD stance, I would have to touch the catcher with a knee. I'm pretty sure that won't go over well.
  11. @BDad I know the rule. I am talking about adults leaving the bench area to argue. The rules don't permit that and neither should we. Someone storming out of the dugout should be ejected the minute he/she gets one step onto the field.
  12. You forget, the OOO's don't ever make mistakes.
  13. Is it permissible now days for LL coaches to have free reign of the field? Able to storm out of the dugout whenever they want?? My last act in a leadership capacity of my local league was a meeting of the "disciplinary" committee. I left after that and never went back or officiated another game for that league.
  14. "The 1st inning I'm already hearing it from the VT dugout (These are 11-12 year olds...), this goes on for about an inning and a half " If we allow this to go on, it will never stop.
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