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  1. For ME, the charging and yelling would have ended that discussion right then and there!
  2. I agree, as I'm in the GD stance, I would have to touch the catcher with a knee. I'm pretty sure that won't go over well.
  3. @BDad I know the rule. I am talking about adults leaving the bench area to argue. The rules don't permit that and neither should we. Someone storming out of the dugout should be ejected the minute he/she gets one step onto the field.
  4. You forget, the OOO's don't ever make mistakes.
  5. Is it permissible now days for LL coaches to have free reign of the field? Able to storm out of the dugout whenever they want?? My last act in a leadership capacity of my local league was a meeting of the "disciplinary" committee. I left after that and never went back or officiated another game for that league.
  6. "The 1st inning I'm already hearing it from the VT dugout (These are 11-12 year olds...), this goes on for about an inning and a half " If we allow this to go on, it will never stop.
  7. Here are my two masks.
  8. Ok, take your kid with you
  9. I once stopped a game on an open field (no outfield fence) because the school track team had their javelin throwers out in the outfield practicing. They didn't have javelin throwing when I was in HS.....
  10. At our association meeting Wednesday night we were shown a video. In this video they introduced a concept, that of 'rimming' (search for that in google for a laugh). 2 Man - Nobody on, base hit in the gap (maybe a 2b or 3base hit?) , Ump in A makes a bee line to second while on the dirt, outside of the baseline. PU makes a bee line up the 1st baseline to about the 45 line. As I understood it, U1 will cut in front of BR to get in position for the play at 2nd and then move to 3rd if BR heads there? PU will watch BR touch at first then head back to the plate. Anyone ever used this mechanic? I was always under the impression rimming was bad.
  11. Nightmares about the score or calling the game early?
  12. I'm curious about the 'keep your hands behind your back' part of this. Why are you trained to do that? If a coach is in my face, I'm keeping my hands up and available. I won't push him but if he swings I can defend myself.
  13. Personally, when I do 'daddy ball' I don't warn. I eject, and eject, and eject....eventually they will learn or it will be very very quiet
  14. More about one baseball brand that wanted a corner on the high school market??
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