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  1. I had the honor of working round 1 in 7AAAAAAA (3rd, then 1st - no dish as it was a sweep), and then also worked round 2 in 3AAA here in GA. Worked 1st, dish, 3rd. Saw a crazy bat flip on a HR that probably landed 3 hrs later. It was a great experience!
  2. I wouldn't want to wear that as a CP - can't see it giving enough protection. I love my Champro hard-shell. And, I wouldn't use the pillow either - and I work in GA in the summer heat - it's a bad look and I'd never hear the end of it.
  3. @Roger Barkley,if you're looking to go this year, teams will be looking for someone last minute, so you'd want to be approved by the park ahead of time. Your best option is to contact Brad Levy at the CDP office and get your paperwork in before looking for a team. They're currently starting week 9 of 13. If you're looking to go next year, teams get their week assignment in October, and many of them will start looking for an umpire then if they don't have one in their area that they know. There is a forum here to post and get your name on a list, and then you can get your paperwork turn
  4. I do wish they started at size 7. Currently, 3N2 is the only brand that has a plate shoe in something smaller than 8.
  5. What Matt said... so if 1B is occupied, and there are less than 2 outs when there is an uncaught 3rd strike, the batter is out. If the runner at 1st tries to steal 2nd, it's not a force - he must be tagged out.
  6. Anyone umpiring in Las Vegas next weekend? For the "Fight On" tournament?
  7. I'm sure I'm leaving people out, but... @Shawn Franzeo, @dbayles, @krobin68, @MadMax, @boddies23, @Thawk751, @Matt Hoey, @Mick, @jaybird_1981, @paulmckk, @CarterTheUmp, @Todd Sloka, @Glove Smith, @JasonPalo, @Josh Thompson,
  8. The SK catcher has now done it 3 times, and I just watched the PU come out, clean the plate and shake his head and say "no" to F2 again. Hopefully the kid gets it. Otherwise, I'm asking for an interpreter and telling him to stop.
  9. Yes he has. He may not know what PU is saying, but the tone should tell him enough to understand.
  10. I love what the announcers said in the LLWS final today... "Turning around and looking at the umpire, whether you're a hitter or a catcher, is kind of like eating pasta in a white shirt - It's just not the best idea. It doesn't go over all that well."
  11. Nice to have fun in the off season - fishing in Fla.
  12. I agreed to work a 10u scrimmage by myself last night for a friend's team. Other than the jack wagon who wanted to complain about the strike zone starting with the 2nd pitch, the night was fun. The best part was on a check swing and out of habit, the coach yells at the catcher to "ask for help" so when the catcher turned to me, I pulled off my mask, pointed to myself and said "Did he go?" And then I quickly said "NO!" Lots of laughs from the fans and the coaches too.
  13. I agree - that's obstruction with the fielder laying on the ground and the runner can't get to the bag. With the runner going to 3rd, and the fact that the fielder is on top of the bag, I'd award him 3rd.
  14. Definitely INT. I'd have MC based on the lowered and thrown shoulder.
  15. Ridiculous. I hope they suspend him big time. He was out of control.
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