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  1. The kind of petty bickering seen on this thread is the reason I stopped looking at this site last year. I came back today, just to see...this time it's bye-bye for good.
  2. I took a year-long hiatus from this forum because I got sick of the ticky-tack snarking. Came back today out of boredom...and this is what I find. Bye-bye.
  3. I considered that...but decided it was more about preventing the practice than punishing. In two years we have not had to invoke the rule.
  4. Two years ago I was asked to assume the duty of UIC for our small town rec leagues. After prayerful consideration I agreed to do it on the condition that I be allowed to remove/replace any of their local rules, as I saw fit. Some of these local rules were, others regularly put umpires behind the 8-ball. When I was finished with the re-write only 2 of the local rules remained. One was the rules I kept was the rule against showing bunt, then swinging away. Ball is dead, batter is out, regardless is ball is fair, foul or missed. This only applies up to 12u is rec league.
  5. All I could do was follow the tournament rules. When their ONE remaining coach informed me of their intent to protest, I said "tournament rules give you that right, but require a $100 cash deposit. Then we stop the game as long as necessary to get ruling from UIC (who was NOT on site...multiple locations). If protest is upheld, you get the call and the deposit back. If denied, no refund." I specifically told him "Please don't waste your money or time on this; we're both 100% certain the ruling is correct" He did it anyway. Held up the game for nearly half an hour while we tracked down UIC. Quite honestly, I was shocked when TD told us to keep the $100, I'd have expected him to pocket it for himself.
  6. I had a fun one about 10 years ago. 1 out, runners on 1st and 3rd. Batter hits line drive right at feet of F5 who picks it on the short hop. R1 (who was running on the pitch) thinks F5 caught it in the air...he's nearly to 2nd, and makes no effort to return. F5 never took a look at R3, so as soon as F5 steps to throws to F3, R3 breaks for home. R1, who believes he is out, is walking toward 3rd base dugout. F3, after tagging bag for out #2, runs after R1 and tags him near the pitcher's mound. No question R3 crossed plate before R1 was tagged for out #3. We ruled the run good. Violent objections from defensive team's manager and bench coach led to both being ejected. Protest filed and denied by tournament director. My partner and I had a nice dinner on the $100 protest deposit
  7. I'm glad I don't work in your city.
  8. 12u, FED rules. Fast, skinned infield with artificial mound. Bases loaded, 1 out. Batter hits high pop fly right near the mound. Ump declares "infield fly, if fair" F1 is calling for ball, and F5 is nearby, but keeps clear. As ball is coming down, F1 takes a step back and trips on the edge of the hard-shell mound, falls right on his butt. Ball lands (untouched) right on the lip of that mound, and ricochets toward 3rd base...hitting F5 in the shin then bouncing in to the 3rd base dugout.
  9. Why not just do your job and keep the coaches and their freaking furniture where they belong in the first place?
  10. Real easy solution here. Keep the buckets and camp chairs off the field.
  11. George Carlin covered this about 1971.
  12. Correct, but please be aware that league and/or tournament rules may further restrict pitcher eligibility. For example, the tournament I just worked this weekend has a specific rule that a pitcher removed during his team's defensive half-inning can NOT return to pitch again in the same game.
  13. Actually, that was NOT his reason for disagreeing. He kept wanting to make it 2 separate plays.
  14. FED rules (tho I believe OBR would be same) 2 out, 2-2 count, runners at 1st and 3rd. Batter swings and misses at strike three in the dirt, and pitch goes all the way to backstop. R3 scores easily, and BR reaches 1st before F2's throw. Everything seems pretty simple, right? Not quite so easy...dipstick R1 never ran. He's just standing there, about 5-6 steps from 1st. After F3 catches throw from F2, he walks over and tags R1. Does R3's run count? I ruled NO, and had no trouble selling it. But after the game my partner tells me he thinks I was wrong.
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