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  1. If a line drive batted ball flies directly "over" the 1st or 3rd base bag but then lands in foul territory, is it a fair or foul ball? This line drive ball only first touches the ground in foul territory after it directly passed over the 1st/3rd base bag.
  2. There are no outs and a runner on first. The batter hits a catchable line drive to the shortstop who deliberately drops the ball. The shortstop then throws to 2nd for one out and the second baseman throws to 1st for the double play. Is this legal? Can the shortstop deliberately drop a catchable line drive? Thank you, Howard
  3. Runner on 1st 0 out. The batter hits a deep fly ball to the gap in left-center field. The runner from 1st takes off on the hit thinking the ball cannot be caught. The center fielder makes a diving catch as the runner is between 2nd base and 3rd base. The runner does not see the catch and continues to round the bases. The defense throws the ball back to 1st base but the throw is wild. The runner crosses home plate just before the ball bounds out of play. The umpire awards the runner 3rd based. To prevent being called out on an appeal, the runner may (select all that apply): a. Run straight to 3rd base and not leave until the next pitch, play or attempted play. b. run directly to 1st base and then proceed to 3rd base, touching 2nd base on the way. c. Run the bases in reverse order, starting with home plate all the way back to first base and then proceed to 3rd base touching 2nd base on the way.
  4. Runners on 1st and 2nd. 2 outs. Batter hits a home run. The batter, on appeal, is declared out for missing first base. How many runs count?
  5. A batted ball that continues to bounce in fair territory, bounces over the third base bag. However after it bounces "over" the bag its curves. The next bounce, which is past the 3rd base bag, lands in foul territory. Is the ball fair or foul? Thank you.
  6. A batter hits a ball down the 3rd base line in fair territory. The ball hits the front of the 3rd base bag and then ricochets foul before the ball passes the 3rd base bag. Is the ball fair or foul? Keep in mind that the ball hit the front of the bag but not the top of it. I have heard different answers to this question. Please respond if you know the answer. Thank you.
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