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  1. And, in all of my training, you shouldn't change the way you call it in Fed. Still say "That's a balk! TIME!" Some say you should say "TIME! That's a balk!", but then you get confused in an OBR game and do it wrong.
  2. Alt-0176. Don't ask how I know.
  3. I'm interested in the "excluding a rundown" parenthetical. Is that still in effect? If so, what's different between a rundown baseline and a non-rundown baseline? OP's situation is a rundown, so I wonder if Marazzi's statement even applies. Also, in OP, the fielder wasn't moving to tag the runner - he was throwing to another fielder.
  4. Which is why I said they're wrong. Once you modify it, it's no longer correct. And these are the things some umpires read to learn, so their mind connects on the "base paths are determined when a runner begins going toward a base" - and that's the most-wrong you can be.
  5. I agree that it's a correct call. I really think I believe Marisnick's statement that he made a decision to go inside and it just happened that Lucroy was there. I could be wrong, but his actions after the collision and the fact it was a diving collision (not a shoulder-down full-run) leads me to think this was just a mishap.
  6. And they're wrong. A basepath is not established until a tag on the runner is attempted. Simply turning around and heading toward a different base doesn't automatically make a new path.
  7. To avoid a fielder in his vicinity from attempting a tag on him.
  8. Yes, working again. I didn't even notice it was working because I'm so used to it working. Thanks @Umpire in Chief
  9. I wear my wedding ring while telling players not to wear jewelry. Does that lose my credibility? I'm less likely to come into contact with a player than another player is. As for devices being worn for medical reasons, I have absolutely no problem with that.
  10. Over the last few days, I've noticed icons are missing on all the pages. Below is an example, but they're all over. Checked both Firefox and Chrome on this machine - no difference. Oddly enough, though, I don't recall it happening on my work laptop as I was on it today.
  11. You should always clear the catcher from the left side. The only time you should be clearing to the right is on a passed ball in which F2 turns to his or her left.
  12. Let me rephrase it, then: "I'd argue the primary caller would be the one whose primary responsibility is the status (fair/foul, catch/no catch) of the ball." And I'll add as a response to your question: Yes, there are definitely times BU shouldn't be "watching the ball", just as there are times the PU shouldn't be "watching the ball." You are correct, though, that this isn't one of those times. Both should have some sort of visual of the baseball while keeping their primary responsibilities in view as well. Lastly, to reply to the "is it published anywhere" question. Maybe. But it's such an unusual play that I don't think you'd find it specifically mentioned. You can probably find a mechanics book that deals in a more general statement as I said above. If not, I'll add a "©2019, yawetag. All rights reserved." to the end of it.
  13. FWIW, I didn't consider the mention here as mocking at all, but a show of respect. Maybe I've got different glasses on, though.
  14. yawetag

    New Logo

    I don't remember the 2008 version, but I do recall all the others. I joined in August of 2008, so maybe the 2009 was already in effect? Or I just have horrible memory (which is probably the case).
  15. I'd argue the primary caller would be the one who is watching the ball. In this case, PU has fair/foul on that grounder near F3, so he should be the one making the call. BU can wait a beat or two before making a call, though I'd suggest glancing back to your partner to make sure he's not giving a "that's nothing" signal before killing it.
  16. We could set up a Discord server for the site. There's a section you can have for voice chat. Set up a day and time, see who shows up. We don't even have to record it.
  17. In the time it takes you to watch the slide at 2B, you most likely don't have time to turn your attention to the play at 1B in enough to time to get a good look at a pulled foot.
  18. yawetag

    Hit by illegal pitch

    @ArchAngel72, you're fairly new here and - according to your experience - probably new to officiating forums as a whole. What I say next is probably a shared opinion by a vast majority of people here. The "brotherhood" you speak of carries off the field for most of us, which includes this forum. We've all laughed together, celebrated together, prayed (or your relevant method of wishing well on someone) together, even grieved together. We're diverse in all aspects of life: geographically, economically, politically. We have different levels of experiences, different desires on levels we want to work, and different abilities. But we all have a common desire: to learn from other and to teach others. We want to better ourselves and learn from others who have the same passion for the craft as we do. We often discuss incidents that can't be answered by a simple rule cite. Threads can reach hundreds of posts, sometimes without a clear answer. We are the reason so many books are written to expand on the rules. So while there may be a disagreement here, you can rest assured mutual respect and "brotherhood" will win out. Those who don't have that same desire as the collective group will eventually leave, making the group stronger. Please note this isn't a "conform to us or go away" mantra - it's a "don't be a dick" mantra. tl;dr: We're getting along just fine.
  19. Congrats! If you have any games on the evening of the 15th, let me know. I might drive over and watch. Unfortunately, I'm busy the other days.
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    New Logo

    No one asked you, @Kevin_K.
  21. If there's a state (or NFHS) guideline for timing between-inning breaks, then I don't care what impression it gives - they want 60 seconds, they'll get 60 seconds. I'll stand there with the timer in my hand; not necessarily staring at it for the whole 60 seconds, but casual glances after about 30 seconds, then looking at it more closely when we're at 10 or less. As for looking at it for game-timing reasons, there's no reason to even glance at it until there's roughly 20 minutes left. In most cases, I can time that closely enough. After that, it's checking between innings. As the base umpire, I can do this while heading to my between-inning position and have it back in my pocket within a few seconds.
  22. yawetag


    If they throw the ball away, the runner gets the chance to advance even more than they would have been awarded.
  23. yawetag

    New Logo

    Hoping it's a permanent change and not just for the holiday.
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