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  1. You aren't wrong @kylehutson, but it also makes sense. I umpired baseball because it was the sport I knew and the sport I'd enjoy officiating. I imagine that's how it works for most officials, even if it's just a start to extending to other sports. I've parented both my children (one male, one female) that they don't have to follow gender norms, but it's perfectly acceptable if they do. There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to stay at home and raise children and cook dinner for her family - it's only wrong when she's placed in that position without her wanting it. Likewise, there's nothing wrong with a man who wants to do the same, even though society generally teaches that it's wrong. Of course, both want to become YouTube stars, so I feel I may have failed in my communication.
  2. Michigan has a public lookup for court cases: https://courts.michigan.gov/opinions_orders/case_search/pages/default.aspx
  3. You make a false belief here, in that you assume all men want the best for their daughters. Believe it or not, some men just want their daughters to get married and be mothers - and that women have no place in (pick one, multiple, or all) my workplace, my hobby, the leadership of my place of worship, or government.
  4. As much as I agree that seeing pitches is key, I hate pitching machines. They don't offer the same mechanics as an actual pitcher, so it's hard for me to focus on them.
  5. yawetag

    FED DH Rule Change

    The NFHS rules on Arbiter haven't been updated to the 2020 rules yet, so I'll side with @maven on this.
  6. You two watch the same program in two different locations in the house? Seems a waste of valuable time together. Then again, you two might be sick of time together and want to watch the game separately.
  7. And every television-watching umpire since the invention of television.
  8. Interesting. Never worked slow-pitch and never seen the line in any game I've watched (which is only a few).
  9. I'm intrigued. How do tag plays work?
  10. yawetag

    Late Season EJ

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is a case where "y'all" and "all-ya'll" would have made his statement clearer.
  11. I still believe that baseball is as bad as it is simply because there's no real penalty before being ejected. Because of this, there's no cool-off situation. In football, you lose yards. In volleyball, you lose points. In basketball, the other team gets free shots at points. Yes, ejections can occur, but that's a last resort move with intermediary steps before that. Each of these steps gives a moment for the coach to reflect on whether they want to keep going. Imagine if baseball had one of these penalties. You come out of the dugout to argue while on defense - BOOM - runners are awarded a base. On offense - BOOM - add an out. Before it's mentioned - yes, I know FED has bench restriction. But that's a laugh and still means there's no "penalty" to the actions.
  12. That's not generational - that's being an asshole.
  13. I think the problem with the double base are the exceptions. If it was simply "fielders get the white base, runners get the orange one" then it wouldn't be (as much) an issue. Once you start adding "Well, if it's a dropped third strike and the ball's coming from foul ground, so let's switch it" or "Well, the runner can touch any of the two bases," these exceptions are what change the safety of the program. I don't equate this to FR clothing at all. FR clothing is designed to do its best every time you put it on. Double base requires both people the rule was designed to protect to act as the rule expects them. FR clothing doesn't have a brain lapse, it doesn't have a last-second change of plans, and it certainly doesn't have any reason to want to harm the person wearing it.
  14. "Thank you" isn't a celebration - it's common courtesy, and something I've done since I was old enough to talk. I thank people of all generations, and everywhere in my life.
  15. I feel sorry for your workplace. We don't do that here - and we've got more younger-generation employees than anywhere I've worked before.
  16. From @Gil's post: The Replay Official for the World Series serves in MLBAM's New York-based Replay Operations Center for Games One and Two of the series, before joining the on-field officiating crew for Games Three through Seven of the fall classic. The home plate umpire for Game One of the series correspondingly serves as the Replay Official for Games Three through Seven, having rotated to right field for Game Two. 2019 World Series Umpires (Washington Nationals @ Houston Astros) HP: Alan Porter `1st WS` (from NLDS-A [STL@ATL]) [Game 1 Plate] 1B: Doug Eddings `1st WS` (from NLDS-B [WAS@LAD]) [Game 2 Plate] 2B: Gary Cederstrom* (from ALDS-A [MIN@NYY]) [Game 3 Plate] 3B: James Hoye `1st WS` (from ALDS-B [TB@HOU]) [Game 4 Plate] LF: Lance Barksdale `1st WS` (from ALDS-A [MIN@NYY]) [Game 5 Plate] RF: Sam Holbrook* (from NLDS-A [STL@ATL]) [Game 6 Plate] Replay: Jim Wolf (from NLDS-A [STL@ATL]) [Game 7 Plate]
  17. It's because of the teams. The ratings sway based on who is in it. I would also expect games 6 and 7 to have higher viewership than the earlier games. People care more when there's a clench opportunity.
  18. I don't fully agree with this. It seems every player has to make some sort of gesture toward their dugout anytime they reach base.
  19. Use "kick" as a placeholder for "touch." And his touch does adjust the possible outcome of the play.
  20. Holy moley, @ArchAngel72, I haven't seen a flip-flop opinion like that since the last Presidential debate. You went from "It's obviously interference" to "I don't see how it could be interference" in a couple of sentences - hitting every spot between, too. I've also not seen a more confusing statement as "he didn't interfere with the throw, he interfered with the catch." When exactly does a throw become a catch?
  21. Based on his response to @johnnyg08 there, I'm guessing I made the right decision.
  22. Don't know if it was here or on CCS's comments where I suggested each pitch gets an "index score" based on its location. The higher the score, the more it hurts you by missing it (and the less it helps you by getting it). These would be your cock shots and balls in the dirt. The fringe pitches - those within a few inches of either line of the zone - will count more for getting them right, but less for missing them. Ultimately, your score would range from 0 to 100, with 100 being a "perfect" game. @Gil can correct me if I'm wrong, but any swinged-at pitch is removed from the numbers.
  23. It was a play on "olay" - as in Oil of Olay. It wasn't as funny here as it was in my head.
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