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  1. Agreed. PU should only go that far out in this situation if there's 2 outs. Anything less and you have to stay close enough to be there. He could still see the play from nearer the plate and would have set himself up perfectly for the play there.
  2. Did you mean "in front of the infielders" at the end there?
  3. If that's what robot umpires look like, I might be okay with one.
  4. We had a discussion on this in another part of the forums:
  5. @Aging_Arbiter, only in the US Government does 40% + 30% = 60%. Hopefully you saw my statements as a kind joke, not as an insult. You look good for 52 - I would have guessed mid-40s from your photo.
  6. Glad to see umpire positioning has evolved over time. Also: This is the photo I expected for @Aging_Arbiter.
  7. yawetag

    Chasing out play

    If it's something this obvious, then I'm agreeing with @noumpere. If some fielder is looking at me, without the ball, and saying "I think he missed 2B," then I've responded with "OK."
  8. But was a protest lodged at the moment the umpire made up rules?
  9. Honestly, I had no problem with navy blue. To me, it was always the fact that we had no choice in Missouri. Well, we did: navy polo or light-blue button-down. Yes. Seriously. To me, states should have a "suggested" uniform with the ability to alter that so all officials match. Something like: "[state organization] requires the following uniform for all baseball umpires: black shoes (with protective plates for the plate umpire), black socks, charcoal grey pants, and black belt. [state organization] suggests umpires wear navy blue ball bags (plate umpire only), polo shirt, and cap. However, different color shirts, caps, and ball bags may be worn as long as all umpires on a field match." This way, newer officials don't have to worry about buying 16 different shirts - only get navy blue. Veterans know they have to always have navy blue, but can work different colors with other veterans. If there's a patch to be worn, allow it to be attached magnetically, so that it can be transferred easily between the shirts.
  10. If it's a required piece of clothing, then I don't have much of a problem with it. If I'm just told what to wear, with no mandatory provider or website, then I don't want the logo very visible. A small patch above the back pocket or a small stitching in the same color as the cloth - those are fine. This white-on-black in a very obvious position (everyone checks out our back-end, right?) is too much. Had it been stitched in black or a small black patch (I think it's Honigs that does it with their umpire pants), that's perfectly fine. I'd send them back, too, unless your whole crew has these exact same pants.
  11. Well, damn. I moved away to start wearing something other than navy.
  12. I'm with Lou on this. I'm telling DC that he can't project IBBs. And, once the IBB is awarded, the batter and any runners have to advance their base.
  13. Now, this isn't an umpiring-specific situation, but I never knew that. I figured any play with awarded bases to end the game would give the runners those awarded bases. But it appears that's only true for a home run.
  14. But if I scored 9 in the first inning and then shut them out for their innings, I don't get any "innings". We're done with me having 1 inning of batting.
  15. Link to GIl's story (which includes a video): https://www.closecallsports.com/2016/09/case-play-2016-11-time-to-pass-runner.html
  16. Good to hear. They weren't when I was there and photos from other games showed it wasn't just my partners. Were they still wearing blank caps or the organization ones? I know of two guys that were slated for state finals and lost their chance when an evaluator showed up to a game and they were both wearing organization caps.
  17. Rule idea for the Clown League (I think they call it the Atlantic League - sounds nicer): You keep pitching innings as long as you're ahead. Once an inning ends and you're tied or losing, you get to hit. So you might have a team take a 9-0 lead in the first and just pitch the other 9 innings without coming back up to bat.
  18. @maven, I guess the game wasn't technically over when the runner passed. There were still 6 seconds on the clock, so a new inning (with the HT now up by 1) begins.
  19. yawetag

    Illegal Glove

    Let's dig deeper. Since 2B is defined first, and then the intersection of the two 90-foot from 2B and the plate makes the outside corner of the bag (from home plate), wouldn't that then no longer make that square a square? The "square" is from point of home plate to back of 1B, to middle of 2B, to back of 3B, to point of home plate. Though now I think about it, the square would be real, but wouldn't be lined perfectly to the home plate "diagonals".
  20. yawetag

    Illegal Glove

    I thought that was obvious. I apologize for giving our umpires here some credit.
  21. Then I'll make a suggestion: rather than coming in here and blaming umpires and site administrators, make your posts more neutral and in a place to learn. Not everything in the rule book, no matter the level, is black and white. Coming here with an open mind (which you didn't) will make you a better student. I have a similar story to this. My first three years of umpiring, I worked at a local rec league. This league was formed of teams from several fields around the area of the city I lived. The field I worked was the only one in a predominately-black, lower-income neighborhood. Any good player from the area was picked up by teams at the other fields, leaving the teams here to barely have a fighting chance to win a game. The other teams were typically summer travel team players using the spring league to warm up for their "better" team. In my third and last year with the league, I was working a game. In the 2nd inning or so, while his team was up something like 9-0, the away team coach comes up and the following conversation ensues: Coach: Hey. They don't have straps on their helmets. Me: OK. Coach: What are you going to do about it? Me: What should I do about it? Coach: Well, I think you should forfeit the game. Me (looking him in the eyes): Coach, you want me to walk over there, inform their coach and players that I'm forfeiting the game because they don't have straps, and then walk off the field? All of this while you're winning 9-0 after one time at bat, knowing you're probably going to walk away after three innings with a rule-run victory? Coach: Yep. Me: I think I'll just remind them after the game to have the straps for the next game. Coach: You're not going to forfeit the game? Me: Nope. I'm going to let everyone play the game. Coach (somewhat chuckling): I was just joking with you. Narrator's Voice: He wasn't joking. The point of that is to show that while rules are there, they aren't always strictly enforced. You'd be much better off in your growth if you begin to soak in what you're reading here.
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