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  1. Absolutely, like you, I would have and they did. BUT here is the flip side. There are folks out there doing this to provide food for their family. They don't have the 'ability' to just go home and this is why these TD need to do their jobs as well. When they fail to do right by the umpires it puts everyone in a bad situation.
  2. This problem is getting nothing but worse. I lay the blame on several factors but first and foremost tournament directors (TD). TDs are the reason I no longer do any baseball in the summer. I now limit myself to HS/College where there are consequences to behavior. I will not name names but what I have found is that these summer 'leagues' are nothing but money makers. The people that run them let the coaches, players and fans act like idiots, because they want the money. Entry fees (teams), entry fees (parents), concessions, shirts, etc. When coaches, fans and players are not held accou
  3. Gotta love when they tell you what you can and can't do, don't you.
  4. Third. Two bases from the time of the throw.
  5. aaluck

    Called Game

    That's the way to do it. BU can see what's going on whereas PU is usually completely blocked look at the back of the batter.
  6. Sometimes 'stuff' happens. This was one of those situations. Regardless of what you did it seems like no one complained--which is a good thing. I do agree that the age group is also important to take into consideration, as stated above. At 13, an umpire hollering "No catch!, No catch!" TWICE is the same as saying "throw the ball! throw the ball!" Coaching is also a problem here--he should have been throwing it to 3rd to get the lead runner--but again he's 13.
  7. aaluck

    Called Game

    I agree, but many don't...
  8. aaluck

    Called Game

    This is very similar situation to my hit batter on a 'bunt attempt'. Where the PU called a strike and we reversed it because from the field I could clearly see the kid was trying to get out of the way and not attempting to strike at the ball. If I recall from that thread @Mattand others pointed out that once a strike is called there is no reversing that. Here we have a called strike three--no different from my situation--so I would say game over. Whether the left the filed may be irrelevant if it cannot be changed anyway?
  9. aaluck


    Does anyone know what he has on his hands/arms?
  10. Why? Why do we constantly complicate things that are simple? Quit changing rules that don't need to be changed! We now have fake shake-offs? Another waste of time.
  11. aaluck


    First off that is a strike. Listen to what the coach said he gave some great advice. There is no reason to say anything. Just because some kid jumps back on an inside pitch doesn't mean its a ball. Why is the ONLY person complaining the scorekeeper? "I didn't even do anything".
  12. What's going on with No. 2? Are kids using cups for elbow protectors? Yeah...that's going to be fun. Let's waste some time between pitches and see if we cannot make 3+ hour games the norm. So we have a kid that already knowns the pitch shaking off the pitch?
  13. I do a summer league here comprised of a lot of college kids. Mainly local colleges but we have had SEC players come and go, even a couple of old, locally raised pros that still want to play. For the most part I find it very relaxing as compared to most other baseball. 99% of these guys just want to play and don't say a cross word. In fact, the 1% that like to complain are usually told to shut up by teammates, so I never have to say a word. In seven years I can only remember one problem--and that was they guy that organizes the whole thing--he cannot stand not winning, on a rule he mis
  14. This is what I do. Nothing better than watching a bunch of 40-year-olds fighting at a baseball game. WTH
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