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  1. Moving the mound back slightly does seem like a good idea
  2. aaluck

    Little league

    Sorry, kind of though infield fly rule was common sense.
  3. aaluck

    Little league

    True. But we also have to remember that most of these coaches are parents. When something like this comes up in youth ball make your call and then between innings tell the coach the correct rule. MOST of them will say 'I didn't know that, thanks'. SOME will say 'your wrong'. Heck, Ive had coaches mad at me for not calling an infield fly with 2 outs and R1, R3,
  4. I sometimes wonder. The questions sometimes sound familiar to things I see on the field.
  5. aaluck

    Line Up Rules

    Got it. Never seen that outside of youth baseball--but I don't work tournaments you listed examples of.
  6. aaluck

    Line Up Rules

    I'm assuming LL baseball with all 11 batting. Kind of need the rule set to determine, as stated by @beerguy55. Back when I was coaching youth baseball the answer depended on the reason. If he's on the lineup and doesn't show up, no out. Most any other reason out.
  7. aaluck

    Grand Slam

    That's exactly what it's for and we (or at least me) appreciate Baseball Moms (folks in general) like you asking questions. Why...Because when the coach comes out and pretends to know 'the rule' folks like you can sit there and think "Heck...I know he's not right" or "yep he is right". I guarantee you the baseline discussion above will come up during a game--misunderstood by most fans. I'll give you a crazy example of this.... In a playoff game, we were having our pregame meeting and one of the guys in our crew had one of the teams in his association. He said that if that team was
  8. aaluck

    Walk-up music

    So is your problem that they have it there OR that they have it pointed onto the field? If its because its 'pointed at the pitcher' then seems a bit trivial, what about if they point it a second base...is that alright? If you don't like it there at all because of the "unfair" attention on the other team that's something different. Me? I'd buy a bigger, better, louder PA and point it at the other parents.
  9. aaluck

    Walk-up music

    We have Dixie Youth here so I'm not familiar with LL rules. Go to the league official and speak with them about it. MOST youth baseball folks are about kids playing ball. Exactly!! And this is why the kids (and parents) believe they are all going pro. Dollars to doughnuts they spend more time on selecting their 'strike out song' than working on hitting and fielding.
  10. This is a strange one. I know baseball and football are completely different, but I was watching some bloopers and a college quarterback flat hit the ref in the face with his arm--hard--while celebrating a touchdown. He played the rest of the game. Also sounds like HIS position may not have been the best to make the call and stay out of the way.
  11. I think your initial reaction was dead-on. I have nothing there. Hard to see any real 'contact' in the video. I see a catcher trying to find the ball and running around the batter, out of confusion. In fact I see the catcher moving to the left of the batter with the ball going to the right. Any movement the batter makes to the right to "get out of the way" will just cause INT. Also, given the confusion I think your correct mechanics of eyes on the catcher (not trying to find the ball) worked well in this situation allowing you to actually see if there was INT.
  12. The only difference between boys/girls pay is baseball/softball. All others do not differentiate. I know probably not part of your study but when we have baseball/softball games together, the softball umpires are gone at least an hour before me usually. This is fresh on my mind because tonight between games I was speaking with the lady that was doing the softball games and she was joking about how she be out at least an hour before me. We had a blowout and ended in the fifth inning and I waved goodbye to her while she laughed in C.
  13. aaluck

    Interference call

    ...doesn't slide, give(s) up, OR go around... I'm not sure how you get to "trying to avoid" from "...doesn't (1) slide, (2) give(s) up, OR (3) go around but runs into the second baseman...". Now it is worded funny but if he doesn't do any of the required things to do? I have to agree with @beerguy55 on this.
  14. aaluck

    Hidden Ball Trick

    This is a very good point and for me brings up a question. In Fed three things have to happen before the ball can be put back in play: 1. Batter in the box 2. Catcher in his box (may no be a box in chalk, but in his "spot") 3. Pitcher on the rubber (assuming with the ball) What if the PU doesn't know he does not have the ball and we have all of the above and he says 'play'? Say after a double and a time to remove all the 'batting armor' and put the pancakes on the hands. I guess under Fed rules we have nothing. Just throw the ball to the pitcher and start over?
  15. That's my point. Folks (like most of the guys on this forum) that are actually trying to do well on the test AND learn the rules (they maybe didn't know) through the test are penalized. Makes no sense to me.
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