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  1. They are going to need to do something. Our HS baseball association is turning down contracts because we do not have enough guys to send out. I cannot imagine we are the only ones having to do this.
  2. Thank you for the info. I don't know if you read my OP but for some reason the NB website only has the low and only in white. I see you have all of them (and I order a ton of stuff from you for baseball, football, basketball and wrestling) but I was hoping to use the $75.00 voucher they provided, which is only good on their website. I'm wondering why they do not have any in stock mids, and black if they are still making them. Anyway, thanks for thin information again. Also I really enjoyed the Allstar webcast this summer.
  3. I don't think you are far off and quite frankly agree with you. However, the sole of a shoe falling off seems (to me) to be a workmanship or materials issue. If the sole wore out, or a lace eye ripped out from wear and tear I would get it.
  4. I'm with you on that. We have already ordered that and will try and put them back together and either give them to a new ump or he will use them for youth ball. We keep a plastic tub that we throw all our 'old' gear into and give away to new guys each year. I'm just kind of shocked at how these shoes fell apart. Plate shoes typically last at least 4-5 seasons get replaced because they look like junk, not fall apart.
  5. The Pac12 would have to become relevant to a major sport for anyone to care about the officiating!
  6. I'm getting a bunch of pop-up adds that lead to a blank page (clicked by accident, not on purpose). Not sure if this is specific to me or not.
  7. I started another post about this with the NB shoes. Are they discontinuing the v3?
  8. I have a very similar problem with my Davishields. They do not have a top strap, which I love, but which lets the knee protector flap 'open' to grab pants. I have just decided to pull them out--which is as you said very irritating-- but I cannot go back to three straps. I hate the top strap rubbing behind my knee worse than looking like an idiot with my pants stuck in my shins.
  9. My son has a pair of the 460v3 Mids. After two seasons--for him A LOT of games--the sole of the shoe has basically separated from the upper. Called NB and they gave him a $75.00 gift card that can only be used on their website. The website only has the low and white model. Amazon's New Balance Store (which is apparently not part of NB according to the guy I spoke with) seems to be clearing them out at prices between $70 and $150 depending on size and day you look (which is typical with Amazon). When I spoke with NB about the issue they seem to indicate that they are not making these sho
  10. That's were I'm at. I think I have avoided it but who knows. Have four of us now at home, all working/school and how we have stayed away is remarkable. Still up in the air over doing wrestling this year...starts next week. I love doing it but everyone on the mat and me on the mat just doesn't seem like a great idea. The alternative is another 10 lbs to haul around.
  11. That's what I do not understand. How does this go on for three innings? How are these parents just sitting there, cheering, encouraging the players, watching and filming this as if its a regular occurrence? If you look the 3rd base coach and the coach in the dugout they are just going about the game. Its just crazy.
  12. I found the original on youtube (just search for Jake and the Drunk ump) and in the comments they said that they played 3 innings before calling the game off. They said he got WORSE, if you can imagine that. I can't see how you allow that game to go 3 innings, its like a minute between pitches. If I was the youth coach I wouldn't have let it start. Seemed to indicate he was intoxicated, as opposed to a medical issue.
  13. First off I agree with @maven in that you zone is your zone and if your calling it the same complaining will do no good. I also agree they what your 'outta here' is, is different for everyone. I also think it can be different based upon local 'tradition' of how much abuse an umpire takes at a given location or region or league, like PG. It can also depend on your mood that particular day. The point is, if your just sick and tired of putting up with it, you may have a short trigger. Bad behavior by coaches and fans has gotten so bad here that the AHSAA is running PSA ads on all the major
  14. This video presents far more questions than answers. Is just me or does he look like a teen? Well I think its safe to say that he is either drunk or having a serious medical condition. I'm assuming that he is out there alone? Certainly his partner (unless they were at the bar together) would not have let him on the field in that condition. Did anyone stop him from driving home and killing someone or just video? When did we start calling strikes with our left hand? When did we start putting the 'clicker' in the right hand? When did we start putting our shins on top of the pants? Most
  15. The only thing I can figure regarding the complete lack of competition for plate shoes is the market must be too small to mess with--especially since most folks keep plate shoes until they fall apart. In fact, it wasn't until I tuned in to the zoom on All-star this summer that I actually saw a company excited about umpire gear. If you really want 'umpire' plate shoes, its NB or nothing.
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