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  1. Yes. That's exactly what I was wondering.
  2. Hey guys- does this rule apply to a force out at home?
  3. Years and years. And yes all the zipper 'handles' are now zip ties and have been for a while. Other than that its still working great and been to WELL over 500 games.
  4. Hey guys- I wear a bucket and pack a bunch of extra clothes in my bag especially if I am working travel ball. Currently I have a champro and I don’t have any issue with space but it seems to squish down my bucket. In the top compartment I have wood as the floor for a hard surface. Maybe removing the wood would solve my issue? What bag on the market is the most bucket-friendly without losing much, if any, space for clothes and accessories? Thanks.
  5. Okay guys. I use a cup only behind the plate, never on the field. As most of us when I first started I had a junk whatever for the youth ball,I was doing and it worked fine. As I moved into bigger kids and high school I ultimately settled on the nutty buddy, which I love for the most-part. I use the jock, which is made by battle I believe. It has no pocket and the cup just slips between my shorts and the jock. The problem I have with that setup is 1) I hate having to completely undress to take the jock off between games; and 2) I have to constantly push the cup down as I get set. To me the BEST system would be a loose cup pocket inside semi-tight compression shorts…a cup on the plate and comfortable shorts in the field and no undressing between games—haven’t found anything like that. so my question is… what does everyone use here? Is there a good solution with compression shorts that hold the cup correctly AND are comfortable in the field? Has anyone found a jock-type system that is comfortable in the field and plate? id love any and input from everyone as to what you find works the best for you. Want to make a change this year if I can find something better
  6. We do know. See, I believe it is inappropriate for me as an umpire to ever say "coach/catcher/etc, what are you appealing”? It is his job to clearly state his appeal and my job to rule on it. If I have to walk him through what he is appealing I'm not an umpire, I'm his advocate and that's not what they pay me to do.
  7. Okay. I got a call from a younger official the other day and not sure I know this answer. NFHS rules...12-13 year olds. R2, line drive to first. R2 leaves at the crack of the bat, F3 catches the line drive, notices R2 breaking to 3rd. F3 airmails it over the head of F5 and it runs down the fence. R2 rounds 3rd where his coach yells for him to go back to 2nd. He returns to 2nd but missed 3rd on his way back--not sure anyone saw that miss of 3rd other than umpire. After the ball was retrieved, R2 is back standing on 2nd. Coach appeals him leaving 2nd early--while he is standing back on 2nd. Is this the correct appeal since he is back on 2nd? Should the appeal be he missed 3rd? This young official didn't want to hint that he missed 3rd on the way back. Can you call him out 'on your own' for missing 3rd, despite him being back on 2nd at the time of the appeal?
  8. So are the umps paid during the regular season?
  9. Like everyone else... not bashing but I have a question. Is ESPN paying to televise these games? Are kids/teams required to pay a fee to play LL? Are folks charged to enter? Are concessions free (rhetorical)? I'm just thinking that with an all volunteer league where does the money go?
  10. Interesting. All of our HS sport game fees (football, baseball, softball, etc) are set by the AHSAA so everyone across the state makes the exact same thing.
  11. Are they paying you $55 for a HS VARSITY game? That's criminal. We are at $85 plus travel mileage.
  12. Ejection reports should be two to three sentences at MOST. "The HC was ejected in the B3 because he continued to argue balls and strikes after being warned. He was bulling the young umpire behind the plate." Everything else is irrelevant. Ive been there. My son umpired with me since he was 14, so I know where you are coming from on this. I have also worked with a lot of young guys and coaches feel they can bully them. I NEVER allow this to happen. In fact I will throw them out faster. So I applaud you on this.
  13. That probably cost you the game. But seriously, not familiar with softball. Others here may know about the runners bag.
  14. I can lift it...just don't care to carry it on the field with me. (At least in my hand)
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