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  1. That sucks. My son eventually gave up as well as the banker kept discouraging him--I think he didn't want to do the work for the small amount.
  2. So now this is just running a red light or speeding as opposed to Russian roulette? Please at least be consistent. Makes debating very difficult when you continue to flip flop. I could cut and paste your continuous comments where this is the most serious thing ever and now the equivalent of a traffic violation? Really? yeah let’s fine someone for what you say is intentional/negligent murder...that will stop it in its tracks.
  3. That's what I thought. You're proposed "grow a pair" plan is EXACTLY what we are doing. Telling folks how to behave without any enforcement. You obviously slipped on the keyboard when you typed "enforceable" boundaries. There is no enforcement without punishment.
  4. Ill answer that....or better yet tell you why this is ridiculous. Yes it would be asking too much. Police are here to react and respond to crime, not babysit idiots. So under this "grow a pair" plan do we put a cop in every establishment (of course after we all add 20-300 times as many officers and vehicles to cover every area)? Who pays for all of these extra police, police cars and jailers? In case you haven't heard cities and states are going bankrupt. Of course we can just print more valueless money. Do police haul everyone without a mask to jail? If so, how long and where do we house them all, because in my city alone that would be an extra 75,000 folks under arrest and in jail--daily? That's a lot of police needed for enforcement. And make no mistake without the threat of jail any "grow a pair" plan has no meaning--and I doubt it would anyway. Do we call the police if someone is not exactly on the 6-foot-X while in line? What if they are 5 feet 10 inches? What about kids with parents not wearing a mask, do we arrest the parents and put the kids in foster care or do they go to jail too? Do we call the police if someone coughs, sniffles or "looks" like they have fever? If they are under arrest and test positive does the municipality now covers the cost of "treatment" including ICU if needed? How about all of the folks arrested negative that get it in jail? What if they turn out negative, do we still jail them for not wearing a mask? How so if they pose no risk to anyone else, only themselves? Great idea, lets make a bunch of laws (or as you like to call them, enforceable boundries) that are unenforceable and every knuckle head will ignore anyway. There are about 330,000 in the US. Under this "grow a pair" plan 1/2 would be in jail and 1/4 would be in foster care or wards of the state.
  5. I apologize if I have not been clear. I certainly don't want a single person to die, let alone 1%, 3% or more. My only point is that this is not a Hobson's choice. Each person can decide how to proceed as they see fit when analyzing their real/perceived individual risk. For you that may mean riding this out at home, as you have the ability to do that AND the resources and I have no problem at all with that. And, from what I understand of this you have ZERO chance of getting this if you have no contact with others. For someone else that is maybe not an option. Take a 28 year old single mom that works at a restaurant, with no savings, that hasn't been able to work in 75 days. She has no real choice but to "take her chances" or literally end up on the streets, penniless. This is real, a friend's daughter was in this exact situation, but luckily he had the ability to pay her rent, car payment and get food for them for over 50 days and counting. I also want to be clear that I am not saying this isn't real, or a real killer of folks. It obviously is and only a fool would deny that. Although it is a flu, it is not just another flu. However, the percentage at which it kills, is up for great debate and quite frankly completely unknown. The problem we have is that there are those that "go back to normal". I see this at Home Depot, the grocery store and on and on. Folks in terrible shape (200 lbs overweight) taking no precautions at ALL. Kids crawling over carts, people in their 80s with no mask, I could go on forever at the stuff I see, and Im sure everyone here sees it as well. I choose to wear a N95 mask and gloves when in public, not in my car as I'm not afraid of giving it to myself. I do this not because I LIKE it, but I believe the available research shows it protects me and others. But, I will NOT apologize, feel bad, or be blamed for unknowingly giving it to someone else that doesn't care enough about themselves to take their own precautions, or in most cases no precautions. That's on them, not me or others. Like I said earlier, if you choose not to buy a throat protecter and get hit in the throat by a foul tip, that's your fault, not the kid at bat. As for the political debate...I have absolutely no interest in that. It does no good....and its prohibited here.
  6. Don’t know where to start...so I won’t. We have to agree to disagree. The difference is you insist that the 97% accommodate the 3%. I say the 3% accommodate the 97%. It’s like arguing the ‘rules’ with a coach that hasn’t read them.
  7. We all understand that folks are going to die from this. That sucks and we all hate it. That being said we know that as of this morning about 5% of CONFIRMED cases result in death. I would say that in real numbers of folks that have had it (asymptomatic) and were never tested, or had minor symptoms and were never tested, is about 2-4% result in death. And again, that's terrible. We also know from the CDC that MOST deaths (as much as 3/4 of all deaths) are in folks over age 75--so now we are down to about 1/2%, or less, if your under 75. The problem (as I see it) is we cannot continue to shutter in the 97% to protect the 3%. The 3% should be protecting themselves, with all of us following the rules set forth. We don't do this in any other situation or circumstance. We don't shut down high school football because 3% of the players will sustain injury (yes I know thats not death). We don't take all cars off the roads because 3% of drivers will be injured or killed by accident. We don't outlaw alcohol because 3% of the folks that drink will become alcoholics and die from complications therefrom. We know that masks, gloves and hygiene are a complete defense to this C19. We know this because we have healthcare workers treating positive folks and testing negative. We know this because we have folks working on/with the live virus testing negative. We also know that if your under 75 you'll probably (yes probably, not for sure) be just fine. We need to get out of the mindset "it's not about you, its about EVERYONE else". No, its about 3%, that's not everyone else. We need to get into the mindset that "if you are over 75, or have an underlying condition you need to be extra cautious". On a final note. I was in my workshop all weekend listening to the radio--couple of different stations. Every other commercial was a PSA on suicide prevention. We have to focus on the 97%, not the 3% (or more accurately 1/2%). The 3% will be just fine if they adhere to the precautions. Video the baseball game and email it to grandma.
  8. Yet this is the dilemma. Ill take my son for example. 20, strong as an ox. Works at Sam's Club and Door Dash (since there is no umping to do). He wears a mask, washes hands constantly, has a pocket size bottle of hand sanitizer with him and another big jug in his truck. So, I believe he is being as responsible as humanly possible. BUT, he could be infected and asymptomatic AND give it to someone else--including me, my wife or daughter. This is the problem with this whole thing. We can all be as safe as possible (or responsible as you correctly state) and still not prevent the spread. This is why I take such exception with those that say if you pass it to someone else (despite taking every precaution humanly possible) it is your fault if they get sick and die. I won't live in fear. I have made changes, huge changes, to my life, but I still go to shop, work at the office and conduct daily activities. And yes, I will umpire baseball and football this year if there are any games to ump.
  9. Scheduled Date for "Resumption of Play." (Plan of Action #2) We moved our proposed season start date to June 1st for "resumption of play." A franchised league should seek guidance from their governor's office, local governing authority and public health officials before starting youth baseball activities. This was sent from Dixie Baseball today. So, apparently they are starting baseball June 1. The problem we have here is that our mayor still has the parks shut down for now--nowhere to play. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.... Will they have a concessions stand--thats how they make enough to pay us? Will they limit the number of spectators? Will they only request one ump to do the whole field to save money?
  10. What I have seen on various videos, including the one above, is a bucket of balls behind the mound. Balls are sanitized to start the game, when they leave the field and between innings replaced into the bucket. Umps do not touch them. Umpires are not the problem. We can EASILY stay 6 feet from everyone and with the balls in a bucket I would say you have a much better chance of getting it in the grocery store than umping a game like this.
  11. kylehutson and Beerguy55, if you don't want to wear a mask that is your right and I do not disagree. I probably will wear a mask. BUT please do not cite the WHO as a credible source of anything--and I don't think that is political, if so I apologize in advance. I am happy that baseball has started in your area. Hopefully it will here soon as well. As stated before, I'm ready to get back to as normal as possible, with extra precautions. Beerguy55, I'm not saying it is the right thing, or the smart thing. I'm saying I believe it is the necessary thing.
  12. Sounds like a good way to pass the time and get some insight on all of us. Great idea JonnyCat, thanks. About me/family I'm 52, married for 28 years, and have a son (20) and a daughter (23). After college I was in the USMC for two years. Enjoyed it but realized with children down the road I didn't want to spend that much time away from family--6-8 months at a time. Decided to start a second career and went to law school. Finished that in 1996 and been at the same firm, McPhillips Shinbaum, here in Alabama ever since. We employ about 12 folks (typical small business) and worry about that every day, all day, as they rely on us to feed their families and pay their bills. We are allowing staff here 2-3 days a week, staggered, paying all of them full. We DID get the PPP in the first wave which is helping a great deal. Financially I'm doing just fine right now. What the future holds remains to be seen. (Remember JonnyCat's rule, no judging). I am mainly a personal injury attorney and do about 90% car accidents and right now there is NO new business--not that I hope for wrecks, but they are a fact of life and folks need help. (There is no good way to say that, or this). Although we have plenty of cases to keep us busy for the foreseeable future I do worry about what the future holds. Other attorneys here do different things that have slowed down a great deal causing more stress. I have worked here at the office since Day 1, every day from around 9 til after 5. In fact, with no baseball I've spent more time here since March than I usually do in a year. I also officiate football and wrestling. I coached my kids in all sports from age five until they hit high school. My greatest accomplishment in life was not missing a SINGLE game either of my kids played in, any sport. When I was coaching baseball and softball the parks coordinated the schedules so I didn't have games on the same days/times. When my son went off to HS sports I quickly realized I did not want to sit around evenings. I began umping youth baseball, moved to HS and I have done some local college games. I still do/did all three. Last game this year was March 14. My wife is an ultrasound RN and she performs ultrasounds mainly on pregnant women. Normally she would work 3-4 days a week, now she is down to 1-2. Only getting paid for time she is there working. Like kylehutson my daughter is a 6th year senior at Auburn--she will finally be done this summer--loser boy slowed her up a bit, thankfully he's gone...did I say LOSER. She is looking for work as everything in Auburn is closed. Of all of us she seems to be the most scared of this situation. We call her the germinator as she cleans every knob after use. Now living at home/dorms closed. My son is a sophomore at Troy. He umpires baseball and football as well. He started umping (t-ball etc) at age 12 and is the youngest umpire in Alabama to do HS playoff games at age 19. He has been going to college camps since he was 17 and did his first NCAA Division III game this spring--ironically his last game of the year. He is currently working for Door Dash waiting for baseball to start/or not. Now living at home/dorms closed. My position.. I need not say much, you can go to page 12 here and see that. Basically, I'm ready to move forward in a very new and safe way. I understand other positions and respect them. In fact, I think we can all agree there is no RIGHT answer or solution as they all have devastating effects. Can't wait until the day we can leave this and go back to the "Ask the Umpire" forum and discuss baseball.
  13. Valid point, I didn't think about that. However, these folks rely upon others and as such must interact with others, as they have no choice. But this is my point, the nurses or caregivers who had to be there to take care of them cannot be said to have killed them.
  14. This is the last I will say about it....no need to go back and forth and Ill try to use an analogy with our profession/hobby. As an umpire you, through your gear, are responsible for your personal protection. You can purchase any gear you want. If you choose not to purchase a throat protector to protect yourself and get hit in the throat with a foul tip and die, yes the kid at bat killed you, but its your fault. So who's really to blame? You didn't have to leave the house and accept that game. You could have properly protected yourself. We ALL can protect ourselves however we see fit. From no chance of contracting it--by locking ourselves in our home alone, or shaking hands with everyone and immediately licking our fingers. Regardless of the spectrum if we contract and die, yes someone killed us, but its not their fault. And yes my wife is a nurse. However, we have to go on with life--with the new guidelines and safely.
  15. I don't agree with that BUT... You cannot be unintentionally killed by anyone if YOU stay away from me or others. Again, whether YOU get infected or not is up to YOU, not me.
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