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  1. If he's an outfielder 2 bases from the time of the throw. If he's an infielder 1 base from time of pitch----by baseball rules
  2. I firmly believe this. In our association we will always send an experienced umpire with a young one, always.
  3. I would say the former. If you have a shift with F4,5,6 all on the left side of second and there is a lazy fly ball hit to where F4 would 'normally' play I have nothing there. I like what @JonnyCat was taught. In my scenario above F4, in his current infield position, cannot make that catch with ordinary effort. In that situation I would not, because it cannot be caught by and infielder with ordinary effort. I would say if you do you are rewarding the defense with an unearned out.
  4. I was reading back on everyones reactions, updates and observations and this really stuck out. I remember the same thing....everyone acting like long-lost friends. Now we all cannot stand each other. Strange how divided we became in just a couple of years. Not only over covid (masks, shutdowns, vaccine, on and on) but so much more. Strange how things workout. 😪
  5. aaluck


    Actually I think U3 was out leaving U1-2 in a slide--hard to tell for sure from the camera angle. So he should have the BR into second. But the point you make is valid Why is he standing in the base path?
  6. aaluck


    Here is where the REAL problem usually starts. If the TD backed up the umpire (rarely happens), then no problem. However, if the TD didn't and allowed them to continue the game (with the same--if the guy was stupid enough to come back, or different umpires) the parents and coaches now think this is acceptable behavior and that the UMPIRE did something wrong. Id love to know what happened next.
  7. aaluck


    Three 'free'. After that change required. A visit to make a change does not count against your three visits.
  8. aaluck

    fair or foul ball

    Under NFHS rules if it did strike the bat unintentionally and then roll fair do we have a fair ball? I seem to remember this from a test question at some point. Thanks
  9. aaluck

    Balk Call

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one to do that. Since then I am very slow with my call, great lesson learned. It still, to this day, requires me to 'hold myself back'.
  10. Got a feeling they are hoping for a HR.... not a single
  11. I will tell you that when they came and played at the AAA stadium here, more folks went to that one game than about a week's worth of AAA ball games.
  12. Nice job!!! There are quite a few guys on here that have been fortunate enough to have our sons on the flied with us. Great feeling when you see them interacting with adults and being the 'bigger adult'.
  13. This is nearly the same situation I had last year (or maybe year before). If I remember correctly the point was made by a few on here that once its called a strike, here foul ball, it stays a strike. In our situation we did the same thing in the OP and put the runner on first. Since that time I have made it a habit that if I'm not sure what got hit or what hit what, the only thing I call is "time", not strike, not foul ball, etc. Go meet with partner and make a decision from there.
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