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  1. We do know. See, I believe it is inappropriate for me as an umpire to ever say "coach/catcher/etc, what are you appealing”? It is his job to clearly state his appeal and my job to rule on it. If I have to walk him through what he is appealing I'm not an umpire, I'm his advocate and that's not what they pay me to do.
  2. Okay. I got a call from a younger official the other day and not sure I know this answer. NFHS rules...12-13 year olds. R2, line drive to first. R2 leaves at the crack of the bat, F3 catches the line drive, notices R2 breaking to 3rd. F3 airmails it over the head of F5 and it runs down the fence. R2 rounds 3rd where his coach yells for him to go back to 2nd. He returns to 2nd but missed 3rd on his way back--not sure anyone saw that miss of 3rd other than umpire. After the ball was retrieved, R2 is back standing on 2nd. Coach appeals him leaving 2nd early--while he is standing back on 2nd. Is this the correct appeal since he is back on 2nd? Should the appeal be he missed 3rd? This young official didn't want to hint that he missed 3rd on the way back. Can you call him out 'on your own' for missing 3rd, despite him being back on 2nd at the time of the appeal?
  3. So are the umps paid during the regular season?
  4. Like everyone else... not bashing but I have a question. Is ESPN paying to televise these games? Are kids/teams required to pay a fee to play LL? Are folks charged to enter? Are concessions free (rhetorical)? I'm just thinking that with an all volunteer league where does the money go?
  5. Interesting. All of our HS sport game fees (football, baseball, softball, etc) are set by the AHSAA so everyone across the state makes the exact same thing.
  6. Are they paying you $55 for a HS VARSITY game? That's criminal. We are at $85 plus travel mileage.
  7. Ejection reports should be two to three sentences at MOST. "The HC was ejected in the B3 because he continued to argue balls and strikes after being warned. He was bulling the young umpire behind the plate." Everything else is irrelevant. Ive been there. My son umpired with me since he was 14, so I know where you are coming from on this. I have also worked with a lot of young guys and coaches feel they can bully them. I NEVER allow this to happen. In fact I will throw them out faster. So I applaud you on this.
  8. That probably cost you the game. But seriously, not familiar with softball. Others here may know about the runners bag.
  9. I can lift it...just don't care to carry it on the field with me. (At least in my hand)
  10. I have that one and you are correct it is built like a tank and will probably last my lifetime. It is excellent quality and worth $18. The problem I have with it is it is HEAVY, at least 3 times heaver than the one below. This is the one I use as well.
  11. This is a good point. In my initial response I'm thinking more of the coach "asking" where was the tag, basically a statement of 'you missed that one'--and usually it is just that. No different than 'where did that one miss' actually meaning 'you missed that one', which can be true from time to time. No response needed here as well. But as you state, in the rare instance an explanation is needed, I will give one. Example: This year we had a rivalry game, very close, very tense with one kid ejected for MC. At a crucial time in the game we had R1 and R2 double steal. R2 was CLEARLY safe at third having slid toward the outfield, only catching the base with his left hand. As the coach turned to pump up his dugout and crowd R2 (which I suspected was coming in 'too hot') continued past the bag, taking his hand off the bag, with the tag still on his leg. I bang him. On that one--before the restriction to the dugout--I explained to him what occurred, as it was obvious he did beat the throw/tag initially. So yes, @noumpereis correct on this point.
  12. Yes. 100% yes. Try different lengths. Each mask will accommodate each protector differently. Make sure it is long enough to hit your chest protector.
  13. I try to avoid all explanations if possible. Balls, strikes, outs and safe. I feel this just opens up a door that can remain closed. If you respond to 'where was that' on a close pitch you'll hear it all game. My response is usually "he was tagged before he reached the base" or "he reached the base before the tag".
  14. Yes I'd say a lot of us. Seemed like a natural progression to me.
  15. This IS a true statement. I'm not saying go in there looking for a fight. You don't have to, in 75% of the games someone is going to 'ask' to be ejected, oblige them. I'm so sick and tired of 'peacekeepers'. These guys simply move the problem to the next guy. The last coach I ejected was absolutely shocked I actually did it--he was so used to saying whatever he wanted.
  16. Absolutely, like you, I would have and they did. BUT here is the flip side. There are folks out there doing this to provide food for their family. They don't have the 'ability' to just go home and this is why these TD need to do their jobs as well. When they fail to do right by the umpires it puts everyone in a bad situation.
  17. This problem is getting nothing but worse. I lay the blame on several factors but first and foremost tournament directors (TD). TDs are the reason I no longer do any baseball in the summer. I now limit myself to HS/College where there are consequences to behavior. I will not name names but what I have found is that these summer 'leagues' are nothing but money makers. The people that run them let the coaches, players and fans act like idiots, because they want the money. Entry fees (teams), entry fees (parents), concessions, shirts, etc. When coaches, fans and players are not held accountable for their actions and removed it escalates to violence. I have told this before but here is a prime example: My son and an SEC (high level games) official were doing a 18u tournament. Kids, fans and coaches cursing them (that's not a fun%^& strike, your fu^&$$ horrible) on and on. In the bottom of the first (yeah that bad) they ejected a coach and a player for arguing a strike. The coach ran to the TD and the TD put them both back in the game. Now, first off that should NEVER be done, but what it does is it sends a loud and crystal clear signal that all behavior is acceptable--and this is what happens. Now, in the above my son (at the time 19, and not sure how to handle the situation) and the other guy walked off the field, as the crowd cheered and waved goodbye! This is what we have come to. I know others may disagree but until we ALL stop putting up with nonsense we get what we deserve. Letting things go just creates a bigger problem for the next guy. My rule: Until I can call time out and tell a coach how horrible he is (and trust me I have witnessed a lot of DUMB, head scratching sh^t) he isn't allowed to do it to me.
  18. Gotta love when they tell you what you can and can't do, don't you.
  19. Third. Two bases from the time of the throw.
  20. aaluck

    Called Game

    That's the way to do it. BU can see what's going on whereas PU is usually completely blocked look at the back of the batter.
  21. Sometimes 'stuff' happens. This was one of those situations. Regardless of what you did it seems like no one complained--which is a good thing. I do agree that the age group is also important to take into consideration, as stated above. At 13, an umpire hollering "No catch!, No catch!" TWICE is the same as saying "throw the ball! throw the ball!" Coaching is also a problem here--he should have been throwing it to 3rd to get the lead runner--but again he's 13.
  22. aaluck

    Called Game

    I agree, but many don't...
  23. aaluck

    Called Game

    This is very similar situation to my hit batter on a 'bunt attempt'. Where the PU called a strike and we reversed it because from the field I could clearly see the kid was trying to get out of the way and not attempting to strike at the ball. If I recall from that thread @Mattand others pointed out that once a strike is called there is no reversing that. Here we have a called strike three--no different from my situation--so I would say game over. Whether the left the filed may be irrelevant if it cannot be changed anyway?
  24. aaluck


    Does anyone know what he has on his hands/arms?
  25. Why? Why do we constantly complicate things that are simple? Quit changing rules that don't need to be changed! We now have fake shake-offs? Another waste of time.
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