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  1. No the defense froze on the balk call as honestly first time any of the kids have had a balk called and a pitch hit. Once the ball went to F7, R1 advanced on the hit and BR ran to first. I should have said defense froze on balk call. No outs were made, but PU then asked Coach if he wanted to accept the play or take the balk. This was a first for me as both a coach and new umpire. At the end of the day I guess it didn’t hurt anything, but just trying to clarify rule. Umpires had it easy in our game, found out in the game after ours HC ejected in first inning, bottom of 7th kid hits inside park Grand slam, only to have R3 hop over home plate and gets called out on appeal. Out number 3 and HT loses. Player ejected, cops called. I mean this is 13U baseball, a trophy isn’t worth this kind of behavior. We lost a close game today and both teams were pleasant, not one call or play was argued. I can say in the past I’ve never really paid attention to what umpires endure in youth sports. I’m sure most of the veteran umpires on here have similar horror stories and it’s only a matter of time before I get mine.
  2. I wasn’t 100% certain but I don’t call out my cohorts anyways. I find myself watching mechanics and paying attention to the my peers to still trying to learn and not watching the game itself. He called a great game and his zone was consistent all game. I have a lot of respect now and coaches could learn so much more about the game if they were made to strap on gear and call sole games.
  3. Coaching my 13 year old team in tournament today our team playing defense, R1 only PU announces Balk, batter hits grounder threw F5 as everyone freezes. F7 throws ball back into F6, to F1. OBR rules, PU tells coach he gets choice of play or balk. Of course he takes play now has R2 and R1. I didn’t think coach had option on Balks. If BR was put out then balk would have be applied. Since BR reached safely, no balk on play. What is correct ruling on this? First time I’ve had this occur coaching and fist year umpiring.
  4. Actually had an umpire in Bridgeport WV doing Pony baseball games with a shield. What was odd was he still had under shirt chest guard on. Older gentleman, noticed he kept his indicator is his right hand backwards. Didn’t do a terrible job, but didn’t move from behind the play and watching him point fair on a ball hit to right field, he had to turn his back to the ball and point with his right hand. Not sure mechanics should be with one of those shields.
  5. Yes I got in late this year in June and I could have had a ton of games. My coaching days are nearing the end as my nephew is 13 so after next year it will be high school ball. This will definitely be my new hobby. Never heard of thit daily news league, will have to check that out. I wouldn’t put myself at that level yet, but certainly with more experience. Thank you for the info!
  6. Are these still available?
  7. Yeah since we in the “Home of Pony League” most teams in this area follow Pony baseball rules. I was thinking LL did allow Junior umpires for in house and I’d even have him work in house lower level games with me like mustang, not that two people are needed, but just to get experience. Our summer chapter for umpires, you have to be 17. I’ll look further into this summer/fall and maybe I’ll find somewhere close. I think it’s a perfect summer job, so hopefully he can get involved much younger than myself. Thanks for the info
  8. South of Pittsburgh in Washington PA. It’s going to be tough to do high school ball because the games start too early and I work until 5pm. If I can get some next season great, but I’m having fun with the youth ball. Some games are tough when both teams struggle, but at least baseball is being played. I’d love to get my nephew involved but at 13 I can’t find anywhere where he can be a junior umpire.
  9. Took my PIAA football test and decided to also take my baseball test as well. Hooked up win a local summer league association and got my first game in June. Probably have done 14 games while coaching two Pony league teams and what a diffent perspective this gives you of the game. Played ball all my life and then coached, and what a benefit Umpiring has been so far. I was never the argumentative coach on calls, but the appreciation I have for all that have done this my whole and before is unexplainable. The things I’m able to teach my players about the game now, goes far beyond what I could have without this experience. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago, but I’m looking forward to a long career of being part of the game. So to all of you all who have sacrificed free time for a little bit of money, dealing with extreme heat, parents coaches, etc. my hat is off to you all. No one sees the big picture that without umpires the kids have no games. Great forums and lots of great advice and tips on here.
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