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  1. Not identical, but VERY close. I use it for pretty much the entire college season (and sometimes the beginning of the CBL season) up here in Buffalo.
  2. 7-3-1 covers when a penalty strike may be called (infractions by batter). However, since the coach is the ringleader here, you may be interested in Rule 4-4-1, parts b, c, and d.
  3. Just had my state interpreters' meeting this weekend - NY is a "play and report" state.
  4. This is going to be separate from rookie training, but we are holding a "New Member Orientation" that will include all new members, including rookies and transfers. First time we're doing something like this so I'm interested to see how it works out.
  5. Hi all, My local high school group has been in turmoil for the past few years, and I've recently been asked to take charge of new candidate training, which has been largely non-existent in the past. I have six 2-hour classroom sessions to cover (field training is being handled by another unit in the next county over). What are your ideas for a basic structure to this course? Does anyone here have materials they're willing to share to help me get this off the ground? What are the major points I should cover, and in what order do you typically cover them? I'm a high school teacher in "real life," but this is my first attempt to teach umpiring past one-on-one conversations. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  6. Looks like @crussellii has first dibs, but I'm interested if they're still available.
  7. I have one that I used a couple of times in the cage only - just didn’t work for me but I had already removed the tags. Shoot me a PM.
  8. I'm looking for a sun visor that fits the FM4000UMP - All-Star's website specifically says that theirs won't fit this particular model. Any recommendations?
  9. 9U travel tournament. OBR with local modifications for safety and 60’ diamond. R1, R2, outs don’t matter. Batter hits a clean single to the outfield, scoring R2 and moving R1 to 3B. As the ball is being returned to the pitcher, the on-deck batter runs to the plate to pick up the bat. Because the offensive team was in the 3B dugout, the pitcher reads this R1 trying to score from 3B and throws home. F2 thinks play has relaxed, is not paying attention, and gets drilled in the midsection with the ball. I killed the play immediately and sent BR back to 1B (he ran to 2B on the throw home and resulting mayhem). Defensive coach wanted an out for the on-deck batter “looking like a baserunner,” but I told him I couldn’t think of any rule that would support an out here. Looking forward to the discussion on this one – interested to see if an out is justified.
  10. Justin

    2018 Games

    I envy you all whenever this topic comes up. I get all of my HS games a week before the season starts, and summer travel games 48-72 hours in advance.
  11. I'm selling an almost brand new (used in one game, never took a shot) Force3 HSM. Bought it from Ump-Attire a few months ago, used it for one game and decided it just isn't for me. Asking $130 shipped, willing to drive a reasonable distance (~2 hour radius from Buffalo, NY) to avoid shipping if you would like.
  12. Same in all codes from what I understand. FED 6-1-4 - "A pitch dropped during delivery and which crosses a foul line shall be called a ball...A pitch dropped during delivery with at least one runner on base would be a balk if it does not cross a foul line."
  13. Justin

    2017 RussMatt

    Just found out my brother is playing in this event - #48 for Ashland.
  14. Haven't seen New York's rule posted here yet, so here you go: http://www.nysphsaa.org/Portals/0/PDF/Sports/Baseball/2017/2017 Pitch Count Rules.pdf The big things I notice: - NYS is going with nights of rest rather than days of rest, which is why 1-30 pitches requires one night of rest (eligible next day). - Pitchers may finish the batter if they meet the pitch limit mid-batter. - Balk/illegal pitch does not count as a pitch. - No word on IBB.
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