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  1. Brandon7

    Published book

    Hi all! Thank you to all who've bought my book. Thanks for helping me pay for college. I appreciate y'all, and I'm looking forward to the spring season once again. For those of you who want to, the link to my book is found above. Thanks for your support. Brandon Walker
  2. Brandon7

    Published book

    If you don't have a kindle, I have included this website to help you. https://complicatedtosimple.com/how-to-read-kindle-ebooks-without-kindle/
  3. Brandon7

    Published book

    @The Man in Blue Thank you so much
  4. Brandon7

    Published book

    @The Man in Blue Thank you. Just went in and fixed it.
  5. Brandon7

    Published book

    Thank you to all those who gave their experiences and thoughts on my umpiring book. It is now available on Kindle. I would appreciate it if you guys at least take a look at the preview, and if you want to, purchase it. Trying to pay for college, and work on new projects. I hope you guys like it, and let me know what you think in the comments. I've posted the link to my book here for you to look at. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082LNKC5R/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=YER+OUTTA+HERE&qid=1576075084&s=digital-text&sr=1-1 Brandon Walker
  6. Seeing that baseball season is over in my neck of the woods (Southeast Idaho), I want to get better at field mechanics, specifically getting a better angle in B and C (I tend to travel with the ball, and sometimes find myself out of position on certain calls). I am not aware of any umpiring clinics in the area right now, but I welcome the chance to improve. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can work on these mechanics with no live baseball/clinics to my knowledge to speak of during the offseason? Thanks so much
  7. Hey all. I have a specific request from you. Do any of you have any pre-game rituals? For me, I pray for guidance before every game. But I know everyone is different. I'd love to hear your rituals for the prologue of my book. Thank you! Brandon Walker
  8. Along with your umpiring experiences for my book, can those who reply also put how experiences from the topics above have translated into your day-to-day? This is the basis for my book. I really appreciate you, the umpiring community for your experiences and your willingness to help make others better. Thank you again.
  9. Hey guys. This week I'm umpiring a 13u game in Idaho. I am going to be the only umpire on the field for this game. I have worked one man mech. before, but I am always willing to learn new techniques from more experienced umpires. I also have a lot of trouble calling balks when I am behind the plate. Any suggestions on this as well? Thank you.
  10. Please keep the experiences coming! I am appreciative to those who have already responded. The landscape of umpiring is a wealth of stories. Thank you for the stories and all you do.
  11. @yawetag Thank you for the tip. I'll take a gander over there. I love the diversity of this crowd, with all their experiences. Thanks again.
  12. Lou, This is EXACTLY the type of experiences I'm looking for. Thank you for the help and a pretty great story. Once, I was on a 7u game by myself in Colorado, and I see one of the best pitches I have EVER seen out of this age group come right down the pipe. Belt high, just beautiful. Catcher inexplicably moves out of the way, and the ball hits me straight in the nads. Everyone in the stands starts laughing as I go to one knee. Gahlee, that was not one of my finest moments! For those out there, I would love more experiences on the topics listed above. Thank you.
  13. Hi All!! My name is Brandon Walker. I am a student at BYU-Idaho, and I umpire baseball here in Idaho, and I previously umped in Colorado. I am in the process of writing my first book "YER OUTTA HERE!: Life Lessons from Behind the Plate". I am writing about different aspects of umpiring, and how it has impacted my life outside the diamond. The book will have 13 chapters. I would love to hear experiences from you, as well as how these umpiring experiences have helped shape your lives outside of baseball. These experiences can be either GOOD OR BAD. Both are welcomed. If you respond to this, please include your name, because I may contact you further for more information. I will let you know as I continue to write and as I get closer to publishing this book. I appreciate all of you and the hard work which we do. Someone's gotta do it, even if it's an often thankless job. The 13 topics are: 1) Authority 2) Take Your Time 3) Being in Position 4) Explaining the Call 5) Sometimes, You Don't Know 6) Talking it Over 7) You Can't Please Everyone 8) Ejections 9) Forgetting the Last Call 10) Always Learning 11) Hard Calls 12) Getting Hit 13) Sometimes, You're Wrong. Thank you so much to the umpiring community. Brandon Walker
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