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  1. I haven't umpired in a few years now but I remember that an infield fly is like anything else except that the batter is already out. I read OP to say the ball was caught, so why isn't this a valid appeal? Editing to add: I read OP as a tag-up appeal... It's possible that isn't what OP meant which would change my comment.
  2. So here's how I think of it it: I'm not looking for a swing, I'm tracking the ball. If I happen to see a swing then great, I'll call it. If I see a swing it was certainly there. Just because I don't see something I wasn't looking for doesn't mean it wasn't there, that's when I need help.
  3. On the jump turn the pitcher has not disengaged. Treat him as if he is still in contact and apply all relevant rules based on that.
  4. I had to give up officiating when I moved from the classroom to administration but being a teacher was perfect for working school ball. I wouldn't work games for my school but 9th grade and JV games in that conference were fine (with no standings or championships there was no reason to question neutrality). For Varsity games I would work out of conference, I do y know how plausible that is where you live here it's quite simple. There were many times where I could work a JV game and then a Babe Ruth game that came on the field after. Not sure that this is any advice, but proof that teaching isn't a problem while officiating. Btw let me know if I can offer any support as you move into teaching. We're all in this together.
  5. This is no different than if the second baseman threw the b-r out at first. It's not a hit until he/she reaches first base safely.
  6. pnewton

    Wrong Ejection

    You are incorrect, there is no such rule. Why have more than one umpire if they are going to have to 'get help' anyway?
  7. pnewton


    Impossible to be sure without seeing it myself. Umpire makes judgement as to what would have happened without the obstruction, this one clearly judged that the runner would have been out at home anyway. I am currently in no place to question that judgement. Putting the runner back isn't an option. Btw, if there was a play being made on the runner at the time of the obstruction it would change the way this is officiated (assuming LL still used the OBR obstruction rules, it's been a long time for me).
  8. pnewton

    Fair or foul

    Foul ball. Ball was first touched over foul ground without having passed first or third. The fact that it touched the plate is meaningless.
  9. A foul tip (sharp and direct to the catcher, and caught) is a live ball. Assuming this one was strike 3 the catcher should know the situation and not throw. The umpire should also be clearly verbalizing that the batter is out. Pretty similar in scenario 2, but with umpire clearly and repeatedly communicating "strike 2!"
  10. No, the third out was made on a batter before safely reaching first base.
  11. OP says it was touched over fair territory, with they played standing in foul.
  12. Video? As described it is strike three. Possible something else happened? Possible there was only 1 strike at the time and this was strike 2?
  13. Batter-runner (any any other runner for that matter) must avoid a defensive player attempting to field a batted ball. Fielder being in the line between the bases doesn't change that. If that contact was malicious then yes, batter runner may be ejected.
  14. Cancelled games: if 1 hour notice then nothing, if less pay half fee. Rain delays: nothing extra or special Working solo: fee and a half Incomplete games: full fee
  15. 1: I believe this is illegal in Fed (I don't work fed games) but is legal in OBR. Pitchers must declare if they are in windup or not, but that motion itself isn't illegal. 2: It is a balk to feign to first base while in contact with the pitcher's plate, so yes, that's a balk.
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