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  1. I was wondering if a pitcher can step and throw directly to third base while runner tries to break for third base while pitcher hasn't started his motion yet. Third base is unoccupied at the moment of steal. Or does the pitcher has to step off before throwing to third.?
  2. So let's say "infield fly" with runner on first and second. Shortstop catches the ball and then he tags the runner between second and third while runners is heading back to second base after he left second base on contact batter this also would be a double play?
  3. Indeed the runner left on contact and already was on his way to second base when the shortstop caught the ball. First baseman just touched his base and I both called the batter and the runner out. So if I'm reading it correct the runner only has to be tagged when he left the base at the moment that the shortstop catches the ball. Thanks for all your feedback. Much appreciated
  4. We had a situation during our previous game where the shortstop catched an infield fly ball called by the umpire. Runner standing on first base. Shortstop catched the ball and threw the ball directly to first base where the runner was heading back to . So ball was quicker to first base than the runner on first. I know the ball is still alive after an infield fly and that runners may advance on their own risk. So in my opnion runner on first was out and this was a double play? Was this the right call?
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