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  1. Contrary to what you think, Im being serious. Is the batter called out since its the third out?
  2. His foul ball made the count 1 and 2 but the third out was the base runners inteference.
  3. Runner on first, 1 and 1 count. 2 outs. Pop up towards first, Runner inteferes with fielder causing third out. Ball ends up foul. Batter ended with 1 and 2 count but 3 outs. Is the batter up first next inning?
  4. No the foul ball made it 1 and 2
  5. What if the inteference occurred with 2 outs on a pop up that is declared foul!
  6. With 2 outs, and intefence on a base runner to cause the 3rd out. Does the Batter bat first in the next inning.Thank you
  7. Pop Fly towards first base, runner leaves first base and is heading back to bag and crosses in front and makes contact with first baseman. Ball lands in infield and rolls foul. There was only a runner on first and one out. Is the runner out the batter or both or neither? Thank you
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