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  1. Putting together a list of helpful tips for a group of incoming umpires, and wanted to get some ideas from you guys and gals on here. What are things you may have learned over the years that would be good tips or advice for a new umpire. It doesn't have to be all about the game and rules, there are a lot of important things about umpiring that have nothing to do with the rule book as we all know. Thanks
  2. @‌MadMax ,thanks for the suggestion of the Tile, I will definitely be putting one of those in my bag. And yes I did get back my XV....excited to hear if your able to get the delta flex on there, that would make it one hell of a CP.
  3. @majordave Wichita. And they did track down the two guys that broken in and recovered all our gear! Little dirty and my bag smells like cat pee but it's all there...
  4. I have had people break into the car and take gear, and have had my garage broken into. One thing I know for sure, nothing is safe. And I had both chest protectors hanging up in the locker to dry and both sets of shin guards drying on the couch in there, so they really didn't mind bagging it all up in my bag to take it.
  5. Luckly the owner of the complex also owns the only play it again sports in town so if they take it there that should be easy. Not sure about insurance, I think it will get lumped in with the complex clam, but and going to check with my insurance on Monday. The police took a very detailed list of missing items. Most of the food they took was candy, chips, soda and that kind kd stuff. Created much more cost in damage than what was taken from the concession. My gear should be easy to identify if it comes up, not too many west vest golds retrofitted with team wendy pass running around Kansas! G
  6. Working a state tournament and there is an umpires locker room at the complex. This is also where i work most of my summer league games. Typically the umpires that worker out there a lot just leave their gear and uniforms in the locker room which is padlocked. Well last night someone broke in and took all the gear that was in the locker room. They were kind enough to leave all of our uniforms. I estimated my loss alone around $2000. In addition they also broke into the concession stand and stole all the food and the trophies for the tournament as well. Sad this is the world we live in.
  7. ​I want to keep it for sure, I still think it is worth having. I just need to find a way to attach a different harness.
  8. Using the picture @‌kstrunk provided, this is where I got dinged, again only because I just cant get it any higher with the current harness. Every other shot I have taken provided adequate protection when it actually hit the protector.
  9. ​I had it as high and tight as it would go and still got dinged. There is a gap in protection because of the harness, I can not get it as high up as it needs to be,(and its not like im small at 6 foot 3 250 lbs.) I still like it and will still use it, but need to retrofit a deltaflex on it some how. The shot I took was one in a million to sneak into where it got, but still.
  10. ​To be fair, every pitch in T-ball is right down the middle, so if you're balling those you should catch some heat!!!
  11. Just the yellow lenses would work. The prizm lenses work great in overcast sky and dusk but too dark to wear after the sun goes down.
  12. ​@MikeSafari concern about collarbone protection was warranted. I took and absolute shot to the top of my collarbone yesterday wearing the XV and have a fractured clavicle to show for it. An inch farther in and it hits mask, and inch farther out it hits pad, but Ill be damned if it didn't sneak right in between the two. Still finished the game and two more in the field, but wow that stung. First time that has happened in 18 years of calling games.
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-REEBOK-ZIG-MAGISTRATE-LOW-PLATE-UMPIRE-PROTECTIVE-SHOES-/321037703217?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item4abf569831
  14. ​I think you have it backwards. For me the Oakley lenses are what is important, I don't look through the frames. BTW not sure if anyone has tried the Oakley prizm lenses but wow they are amazing, the color contrast they provide is great. my 2c
  15. This is the one I have. Really like it. Has court down timer as well as stop watch. http://www.amazon.com/Oslo-Silver-2-0-Stopwatch-Countdown/dp/B002D3X4KU/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1432665979&sr=8-23&keywords=stop+watch
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