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  1. In OBR, if the obstruction was the reason the runner missed the base, the runner is protected from the appeal on this particular play. The obstruction must be the actual cause for the missed base in order for the runner to be protected.
  2. Other guys can probably point out any mistakes in handling this one with much greater depth, but I'll say this: the griping was allowed to go on for far too long. Were you right to eject? Absolutely; but it probably should have occurred quicker.
  3. CricketChapman

    Force outs

    You could say that again...
  4. I think the more appropriate reason that's generally a balk is because it is considered a feint to first.
  5. Not going to lie, when I first started umpiring in my teenage years, I'm almost certain there were some Saturday mornings I was...hmm, a little woozy, when I went out to work 10 year old rec ball games...
  6. http://m.mlb.com/video/v899004383/?query=interference Tough sell here if this game is more competitive at the time of the play. Is BR truly hindered by F1? Vic is one of my favorites, but I'm not sure this is obstruction. And of course, the brilliant minds at MLBAM mislabel this "Interference."
  7. CricketChapman

    tag up

    Maybe we could sticky this play and the "Is a tag on a force a force?" play at the top and instruct folks to read before posting... Because it seems 25% of the questions in this forum are about one of those two plays.
  8. In reality, David finished batting (walked), the defense said nothing, and Frank came up and batted. Also, it was the top of the second and not the bottom - my mistake on that. Here is the best I can recall the conversation between myself and the defensive head coach: HC: "Hey Chris, I think they just batted out of order." Me: "Okay, John. Let me see your book." *I looked at the book, saw the proper order, and asked the runner on first his name, he replied, "Edward." I then asked the batter his name, and he replied, "David." Me: "John, you're right that they batted out of order, but it's too late to appeal now because you already threw a pitch to another batter and legalized Edward's at-bat." HC: "Dang. Okay, that's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks, Chris." At this point, no one on the offensive team said or did anything. Remember, this was a rec ball game, I've umpired both these coaches' teams many times over the years, and they know I generally have a reputation for being on top of things. However, the next time around in the order, before David was supposed to bat in his rightful spot, the offensive manager asked me if they were supposed to follow the order listed in the line-up or the order they had used the first time around - I told him to use the line-up order.
  9. Very similar to another post: 15U Babe Ruth rec ball, I'm PU. Bottom 2, no score. Batting order is David, Edward, Frank. Edward leads off and singles to right. David comes up to bat and two pitches later, the defense brings it to my attention that Edward BOO. I tell defensive HC that the first pitch to David legalized Edward's at-bat, which he accepts without questioning. Here's the hypothetical part I want to confirm with U-E: David proceeded to get on base. The defense could then appeal that David BOO, correct? I was thinking this the whole time, but this being rec ball, I figured there'd be no way the coaches would consider it. In reality, David singled and Frank came up to bat with no appeal for BOO.
  10. CricketChapman


    Gil, do you know if MLBN uses the same camera setup and data as Pfx/Gameday? It seemed their on-screen tracker was much more accurate than Fox's or TBS'.
  11. http://m.mlb.com/video/v450525083/pitstl-umpire-gets-hit-by-line-drive-up-the-middle/?query=umpire UI here. I don't know the commentators, but I was impressed they knew the batted ball was dead because it hit the umpire while he was in front of the infielders.
  12. http://m.mlb.com/video/v385366683/?query=balk Despite the video title, I suspect this was a base award for a pitched ball becoming lodged in F2's equipment/mask; there are no Balks listed in the box score. Was anyone watching the game who can provide more info? Note: I didn't listen to this video with the audio on.
  13. Let's disregard the security guard throwing the ball... Based on the video, does Hamilton tag second base after catching the ball? If he does, R1 may have been forced out for out two, but the force is then removed on R2 so the tag of third base means nothing (the tag of first obviously means nothing because BR clearly touched first). Vanover's explanation is incoherent.
  14. http://m.mlb.com/video/v351069583/?query=oddities I didn't listen to the audio, but based on Ausmus' reaction, I'm guessing this was an RLI call.
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