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  1. I am from North Central Jersey
  2. spiritump

    No Call?

    When I say "doing what they are suppose to do" others call it "Tangle -Un Tangle.
  3. spiritump

    No Call?

    both players (catcher/BR)were doing what they were suppose to do. Good no call.
  4. I the throw to first is the appeal-- I should of said no need for a verbal appeal
  5. Run scores--no appeal needed for the out
  6. When a umpire calls for the coach it should be understood that he is calling for the head coach. As a umpire there is no need to speak to a assistant coach, speaking o the umpire is the heads coaches job not the assistant.
  7. Find a camp run by a college assigner. Go there and ask the assigner if you are good enough to work games for him and if not what do you have to work on. You said you wanted to get back to the level you worked before , that was college so why not go back to that type of camp. Best of luck to you
  8. I wonder does the school he works provides a interpreter when he works ?? Also if he has a peanut issue, are they not allowed to sell them in the park??? Enough already
  9. Do you ever look in the rule book????
  10. The coach had no right to talk to you. The game was over and you where leaving the field. You did right. Next time do not let the coach walk with you , nothing good can come from it.
  11. Tell your partner. To grow a pair
  12. That is why the SUA is the joke of New Jersey umpire associations. How many years did they fight to keep heather gray pants.
  13. In Fed and NCAA there I the F.PS.R. there is no need for the neighborhood play. MLB it is a safety issue but in the other codes the F.P.S.R. takes care of the safety issue.
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