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  1. tjfairlie

    Ejecting a fan

    Don’t engage with fans. Stop the game. Go to the coach and tell them to take care of the parent and the game can resume once its been handled.
  2. Hi everyone, Been lurking for a few years, mainly because I would get a kick out of telling my sons coach he was wrong after he spent 5 minutes arguing with an umpire. Now that my kids are off to college I thought I’d give it a try, just to stay around the game. I’ve only done about a dozen games so far, mostly 9/10 year olds. Having a great time and no drama so far. Although last week I did get four pitches into a game before someone realized I hadn’t put my mask on (so yeah, that’s my starting point 😶) Sunday will be my first game with a partner, a 14u travel game. Looking for
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