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  1. This is not some special exclusive. I saw these in the 2022 Wilson catalog two months ago. All retailer should be getting them around February-ish… Purchase Officials just decided to do a pre-order… Probably just trying to generate some buzz. Platinum is discontinued as well as the the triple knee black shinguards and the gray shinguards.
  2. Known about this for a while… The gray pad is supposed to be low profile and memory foam. The other protector is going to have the same padding as the original…don’t quote me on that on.. This has been in the works for about 4 to 5 years it’s just taking them alot of time for some reason…
  3. The pads will be the standard memory foam pads that came with Nike or Adidas masks. Without any brand logos…
  4. Channel the Japanese Umpire in you with this Chris Hickman BUNDLE… SSK Japanese Plate Shoes NEW size 28.5 Mizuno Black Ball Bag NEW $175 shipped to the lower 48 states only….Good luck https://photos.app.goo.gl/xZGYfx9kMMta47B9A
  5. … I just can’t believe we’re talking about flipping coins here…😩😩
  6. So I know who the guy is who is selling these masks… He is an NCAA post season umpire. He can be trusted...
  7. So I see this is your first post… Welcome to umpire empire. For umpires there are three different styles of pant. Base, combo and plate. Any plate pant that is currently being manufactured by smitty, fechheimer or Gerry Davis will easily accommodate most umpire shinguards. Combination pants are iffy and base pants are just standard slack width and will not work with leg guards. Hope this answers your questions and welcome aboard...
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