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  1. Let me know if anybody has a pair in good shape…
  2. Yes, 3 loops pretty close together. I had the center loop removed and has my tailor add 2 additional loops.. looks more like a typical pant design....
  3. I have one. I like it. $28 bucks.....it is machine sewed my Ray himself. Quality is great. Give it a try.....
  4. They are nice. The color is SLIGHTLY lighter. The cut is much better than Smitty. The adj waist band is a better construction. The price difference is up to you....
  5. I am guessing he wants to buy a black one......That's why he is probably selling.it.
  6. if nobody buys PM me your address and I will send you a new breast sticker....
  7. The GD pant is better quality and a better fit.
  8. I just got mine. Well worth the money.
  9. Sorry guy...I misspoke...they are made in Honduras....
  10. made in america.... Kentucky or Ohio
  11. Here is the scoop. Fechheimer is making the poly-spandex pant for the MLB guys. They are made from the same pattern as the GD poly wool pant. Gerry will most likely be selling these in 19. They have an adjustable waist and the color is slightly lighter than Smitty.
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