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  1. https://www.fibrecase.com This company supplies the ATA cases to MLB...
  2. The blue mask looks sharp… Oh wait this isn’t 1998… Never mind😩
  3. You will see NOTHING NEW in 21 in MLB
  4. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t qualify for any discounts or promotions… But slather a little bit in that hole and you will be all set!
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble but under armor owns All Star…
  6. So the information I have is that Wilson is getting out of the equipment business… Just hear me out, anything protective related down the line is going to be Evo shield, which Wilson owns. Wilson will concentrate on gloves… Louisville slugger, DeMarini, Bats. My gut tells me in the next three years Evo shield will design a umpire protector. We will have to see....
  7. No, the way the pads are designed they only fit in that mask…
  8. So I have actually seen this mask in person… Quality is outstanding. I think the Pad technology is the future however this mask just doesn’t work for an umpire. It is super heavy… and believe it or not it’s not a hollow steel… It is solid steel… I weighed it and it actually weighs more than a F3. Because the way the frame is designed, The view bars are higher up so it doesn’t work for an umpire however I’m sure they will come out with something much lighter down the road. They actually put silicone beads on the inside of the harness so it grips. Great quality.
  9. Great point ..... use the search engine on the site...BTW, I am in the market for a new chest protector. Any suggestions? What’s the latest models?* * I am such an ass...
  10. I have it from a very reliable source by 2022 there will be a generic replacement padding from prior masks with the windpact tech. That’s all I can say on the matter…
  11. I think with the GD and Smitty you are going to get some floppyness due to the material… These are not gonna lay heavy like poly-wools. There is nothing wrong with the Smitty Pant.... I just think more care went into making the Fech. The taper in the base pant (GD) is much better than Smitty. GD has a nicer waistband and a better adjustable waist system. When the GD’s are $69.90 I don’t mind spending the xtra 20 bucks… My advise one these pants is to get a 2 inch hem and have the tailor fold under as much material as possible to make the pant heavier at the bottom.
  12. These are GD Fech poly spandex. The middle loop has been removed and 2 additional loops added. Best pant currently made.
  13. “ Hi everyone I’m Mike Lindell for My Pillow®️Mask Pads. My patented fill will cradle every part of your face. Use code ARIK at checkout to get 10% off......
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