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  1. Jimmy is right...the Platinum isn’t for everyone. I personally do not care for its design or fit however the Gold’s design fits more body types....
  2. If they keep firing these Korean Umpires you might start finding their gear listed on Craigslist Seoul...
  3. It’s a Riedell Pauwer.... seriously, not real
  4. That looks like champion plastic with Riddell stickers… Not a real Riddell.....
  5. https://www.strapworks.com/Plastic_Swivel_Snap_Hooks_p/pshs.htm I have been buying from them for years… Very reliable
  6. 122 blows. 121 is the only true Mizuno!
  7. The Fech is a much better pant...hands down. What I did was took the middle belt loop off..Took the excess material off the length and had my tailor make extra loops and put them on the back… The cut of the base pant is very nice.....
  8. This full zip cold weather jacket was a Ump Attire exclusive a few years back. Thx
  9. OK, here’s the scoop. The shirts and jackets are the same for 2020. They will get one brand new jacket by Nike. It is still undetermined if the shirts will have no logos or have Nike logos… Will have to wait-and-see..
  10. Let me know if anybody has a pair in good shape…
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