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  1. My goodness. If I still had to hand write ejection reports I don't think I'd toss anyone ever. " In the meantime, Manager Bryant came up from the coaching box and asked me what the trouble was. " It's nice to see that faux-oblivion from coaches and managers is not a new concept!
  2. I love the idiots on Twitter complaining that he didn't get a warning. To paraphrase Maury Povich: "The video clip confirms that was a lie."
  3. I understand contact isn't required, that's pretty universal across rulesets. I was simply describing the play since I didn't have a video to post. It sounds like the rule is effectively the same as the NFHS FPSR in this instance.
  4. I saw the clip in a Facebook group but can't download it to post it here. The runner came running into the base bent over at the waist trying to duck under the throw. There wasn't any contact. I'm not familiar with NCAA rules. Does FPSR in NCAA require the runner to slide on a force play? Is he allowed to run into the base standing up?
  5. I didn't see them on the website but I will give them a call. I haven't been paying much attention to gear the past few years so the magnesium frame was news to me. Good to know!
  6. I have been wearing TW pads on a Honig's steel frame for the past couple of years. If I could find new pads for my All-Star S7 mask I would go back to that because I liked it more (even though the frame has gotten quite dull).. I don't think I've worn leather pads for 10+ years and can't see going back to them with the fabrics available these days.
  7. Welpe


  8. I just checked and it was Roder who, at least at one time, held that a gross miss was not correctable with last time by. Does anybody have anything more current for OBR other than the BRD?
  9. Having lived in Texas and called football there. They take their football seriously. [emoji6]
  10. I understand that generally however I would have sworn I read an interp for OBR that was the same as NFHS and NCAA. Maybe it was from Roder? I'll have to check.
  11. That's curious. I would have sworn it was the same in OBR.
  12. Yeah, they would have told him to climb in the bed. Here's a link since the other isn't working now: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ACFb/2017-toyota-tundra-football-referee
  13. Shawn is in the NFL now.
  14. "So guys Last Time By says 'that last touch corrects any previous baserunning infraction.' Does it apply to a gross miss?" "Hmmm, good point Bob, it doesn't. We should fix this." "I agree Jim, let's leave the rule alone and write a contradictory case play."
  15. This is what is known as a "gross miss" (I think Evans uses this term but somebody else can confirm). The general idea is that on a gross miss, unless the runner corrects his miss immediately, last time by will not protect him on an appeal. In other words, if he doesn't fix it immediately, he never can. And I don't think there's any actual rule support in Fed for this ruling other than the case play.
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