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  1. Let's make that trade! I have a Titanium silver one! Nvm. I see you turned a Ti down.
  2. But we both know a particular assigner that has said to take them off.
  3. Bought my Out West Plate Coat last year and wore it twice. I've put on a few pounds and ordered a new one so I'm selling mine. Pics available via text. Make me an offer.
  4. 42 Short. I’m thinking about going back and ordering a 44.
  5. I’m starting to think it’s I’m impossible for guys (5’7, 185 athletic build) like us to get that low profile look as if we don’t have one on. I wear the Champion and look like a linebacker too.
  6. Yeah one powder coated and one not.
  7. I second this. I have a couple. I don't really wanna let mine go but may be willing to for the right price.
  8. Has anybody sent anything to Maskit lately? Their site isn’t working and I want to send my Nike in to have the throat guard chopped so I can add my Samurai TG.
  9. Anybody ever chop a Nike Throat Guard and put one of these!? I’m considering chopping both on my Nikes but I’d rather see how it looks first.
  10. I got my plate coat from Out West today and am impressed. It is very nice and fits well outside of the lengthy sleeves. I’m 5’7 and the sleeves and body are long even on the “short.” I plan on taking it to my tailor on Monday and having the sleeves adjusted. Outside of that, I’m happy and excited to break this thing out. Coaches and fans get excited and know we mean business and actually care about our profession when we come out looking professional in our coats. If you desire to look as good as you umpire then I’d definitely recommend ordering one of these from Out West.
  11. Anybody else gamble and order one of these? I’ve ordered one and am hoping to have it for opening weekend.
  12. Where's that tie into this question? The book I'm talking about is a supplement to the rulebook.
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