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  1. Evening everyone, I have some shirts that I do not use anymore and would like to try and sell. Asking to help with shipping, $5. Large Navy Blue Smitty Long Sleeve Shirt - Never worn, originally bought for when I work the plate, but I never wear navy and its also too big for me. Asking for $20 or best offer. https://ibb.co/eO77Dw Medium Black Smitty Convertible Jacket - Worn for a year, only used during the spring high school/college season, not during summer or fall ball. Asking for $30 or best offer. https://ibb.co/d5Hk0b Medium and Large, Black and Light Blue, Honigs Shirts. - Have had both light blue and back for 2 years. Have only worn the light blue a handful number of times. Again, only used during the spring high school/college season, not during summer or fall ball. Also, these shirts were only put in the car on days I had games, to prevent them from fading in the sun. Asking for $15 each or best offer. https://ibb.co/fwmv0b LB (Large) https://ibb.co/dgyxDw LB (Medium) [there is some dirt stain from the waist line, I don't know what to do to get it out, but ill sell it for $10] https://ibb.co/kCVYmG Blk (Large) https://ibb.co/kaYxDw Blk (Medium) Medium Black Officials Choice Pro Style shirt. - I have had this for 2 years, used only during high school/college season. Asking for $10 or best offer. https://ibb.co/gG1Cfb I've tried uploading photos, but its constantly giving me an error. If your interested let me know, I'll try to send them in PM or email. Thanks JP
  2. You can't call a batter out for INT once he has been called out for strike 3.
  3. R1 and R2. 3-2 Count. No outs. The pitch is an uncaught 3rd strike. B1 immediately starts for 1st. After both feet have touched the ground outside the batter's box, he unintentionally kicks the drop 3rd strike. R2 is stealing on the pitch, R1 is not. A) The batter is not out on strike three. The defense must throw out B1 at first on the dropped third strike. R1 and R2 remain at their advanced bases. B) The batter is out on strike three. R1 stays at 1st, but R2 is allowed to stay at 3rd. C) The batter is out on strike three. R1 stays at 2nd, R2 stays at 3rd. D) The batter is out for interference. Both R1 and R2 must return to TOP bases.
  4. From what I was told, the original purpose of the chin guard on the mask was to make it easier for the catchers to grab and to take it off. It was stressed to me to put a throat guard on mine since the one on the mask does little to nothing. I thought about the 6in but, I thought it was more of a hassle than the 4in.
  5. Top (silver)- Diamond Aluminum with Wilson memory foam Bottom (black)- Wilson Aluminum with Team Wendy Pads & Wilson 4in throat guard
  6. Just to add to this, the runner is not out immediately for passing (delayed call). If the ball is caught, it's nothing. If the ball is dropped/uncaught and BR still has passed R1, then BR is out, the ball is alive and in play, and R1is liable to be tagged out.
  7. I think this is something you pregame. When I worked with split crew in the hs playoffs this year we discussed and agreed that with R3 and less than 2 outs, if U2 goes out, U3 lines up for the tag at 3rd, U1 takes BR to 2nd, and PU stays home. Maybe Cooper was shocked Cedstrom went out or forgot that he was out and had a brainfart?
  8. Looks like he was going to align himself 2BLX, with base, ball, runner then realized too late (caught off guard?) that BR was trying for 3rd. Had a late read that the play was going to be a "crash type play" instead of a "swipe tag". So, he tried to adjust to the foul line to develop an angle to see the play and just got there too late. Maybe if he positioned himself at the point of 3rd base, like 1BLX, and then he possibly could of took a step to the foul line for the play he had or a step towards 2BLX and positioned for a swipe tag?
  9. http://m.mlb.com/video/v1035830983/?c_id=mlb So, from one angle it looks to me that he was trying to pull the bat up to try and bunt it more than him trying to avoid being hit in the face. Anyone else see it? I love Knights reaction to a pitch off his shoulder.
  10. I find it funny that at the beginning of the year when these first came out a lot of people were bashing them and the way they look. Now, they are growing and everyone wants them! They should wear navy or gray when the teams wear throwback uniforms.
  11. Just a thought, maybe the player (sub) that was replacing the ejected player (DH), wasn't listed on the line-up card that was agreed upon at the beginning of the game. A possibility is that the PU was informed by the HM that he didn't have a player listed, but was going to use him as the replacement hitter, so he went to inform the VM, then the VM complained and said he can't do that, so he goes to check with the BU. He goes and tells the VM no he can't do that (assuming thats what it is), goes and tells HM you can't do that and the HM complains, so he goes and talked to his partner, then decides he will go do a rules check, and then tell the VM he is going to do a rules check. He goes into the dugout, researches, comes back tells his partner what he finds, tells the VM, then the HM, then the HM complains, so he talks with the BU, goes back to the VM says they will allow it, tells the HM they will allow it, VM wants to protest, so the result is the game being played under protest. Again this all just trying to think how or why this would play out. Listed below is the MiLB ruling on the situation. MiLB umpire manual Pg 29 4.1 Lineup Cards- It is recommended each manager write the name of each eligible player on the face of his club's batting order card in addition to furnishing the starting lineup. League regulations may require ALL eligible players to be listed on the club's batting order card before entering the game. If not required, the manager's failure to list an eligible player does not prevent that player from entering the game, nor in such failure grounds for protest, as the listing of eligible players is simply a courtesy.
  12. My curiosity about this is shouldn't it be bases loaded, with 1 outs rather than 3 outs. Could you argue that it put the offense at a disadvantage because they are thinking the ball was not caught, thinking they have to, they all attempt to advance. Because, if U2 had came out aggressively with "thats a catch, thats a catch!!" (not attempting to bash the umpire, happened real quick) maybe the runners don't attempt to advance, everyone stays where they are, and R3 is not called out for failure to retouch? Thoughts?
  13. We warn benches because we think the pitcher may be throwing at the hitter, we get bashed because if "we think" he threw at him we should of just ejected him. We eject the pitcher because we felt he threw at the batter intentionally, we get bashed because there is no way that he was throwing at the hitter. We don't issue warnings, a brawl breaks out and its the umpire's fault because they failed to take control of the game. We issue warnings, the umpires are too much involved in the game and trying to make it about themselves. They should let men settle it out like men. We ejected a player or coach for arguing balls/strikes/safes/outs, we are too much involved and players are entitled to say whatever without repercussions. We don't eject, were pushovers. It doesn't matter what we do, there are going to be people that disagree and say we made poor judgement and there are going to be people that agree we made the right decision. Just like with every safe and out call, ball and strike call, and malicious contact.
  14. On Monday I had the opportunity to umpire an exhibition game between the Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks vs the Texas AirHogs that play in the American Association. 9 innings. Final score was 11-2, AirHogs had 17 hits. The first base coach told my partner that I was very consistent. Awesome experience.
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