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  1. I'm late to the party, but... ALWAYS establish who the head coach is at the plate meeting and make sure they understand they will be the only ones you will be communicating with. Then you can give the HC some slack and don't put up with anything from the ACs. If you are good with the "That's up, out, down, in" call on a close pitch, you don't need to communicate anything else to the bench. If it was close, as was stated earlier, maybe it was close enough to grab a strike.
  2. I've had the Honig's cage for about 4 years now and love it. I wear a 7 3/4 - 7 7/8 hat so I have a big melon and I've never had any issues with this mask. Be sure to add the Team Wendy pads. The 6" throat guard is also a great idea as mentioned above - @acpar72
  3. From the opening video with Hunter Wendelstedt welcoming us to the clinic to the high level of excellence demonstrated by the instructors both in the classroom sessions and on field drills, this clinic far exceeded my expectations. My brain still hurts from all the great information that was shared - but it's a good hurt. Also a great opportunity to meet many other umpires who share our passion for umpiring. The whole experience was more than worth the time and money invested.
  4. ... put the tool ex-pitchers up there who don't think a pitcher has ever done anything to deceive a base runner.
  5. There is very little LL in northern MO. Maybe in the rural areas but anywhere that kids can play tournament ball, they do and that means USSSA. Bigger fields, leading off, better competition. I'm a fan of LL as well but the old adage has to apply (at least before you get to regionals) in that you get what you pay for. I think the talent for LL will continue to dilute as long as other associations continue to grow.
  6. He looked kind of dazed leaving the field. Glad to see he did the right thing and left the game to take care of himself.
  7. So was he catching his balance or signaling "that's nothing" on the way down from his jump? If he's signaling, that's impressive!
  8. I love the incredulous look on Mr. West's face when Pagan tried to keep going after the EJ. Duh, you pointed the bat... You gotta go.
  9. I'd be sliding inside more. I think some guys call it the Super Slot around here. I'd probably have my right knee lined up with the inside edge of the plate (right-handed batter). I had this situation a few weeks ago and had a foul wiz past my right ear. I've used it enough that I still have a pretty good grasp of the outside edge of the zone so IT HELPS! Much better than 2 weeks off. Heal up soon!
  10. Do you offer incentives for umpires bringing in other perspective umpires? For my association, you get a break on your dues if you bring in someone. I would also hit the high schools hard. My son started when he was 14. Over the past few years, he's brought 8-10 of his friends into the association. He's 18 now.
  11. I'll never tell a catcher to scoot up. If I ever did, I'm sure there'd be a CI coming soon after and then it's going to be perceived as all on me. Otherwise, for the ones that like to frame EVERYTHING. "The more you move your glove after the catch, the less it's going to be a strike." For 12s and below, I'll be trying to get them to stick pitches and dig the low ones if possible. I make it a point to be talking with both teams catchers when I do this so there's no perception of bias. 13s and 14s I'll talk to some depending on the level. Two weeks ago I had a 13AAA catcher that w
  12. I understood everything when I was 20 years old...
  13. Deal with it early. Sounds like this kid was getting away with way too much - and for probably way too long in the season because other umpires weren't dealing with it. The budding prima donna probably needs a lesson by way of an early exit from the game. I think we'd all try to keep a 12 year old in the game but if they're working this hard to leave, no sense in putting it off on the next guy. My line for when a catchers is holding the ball is usually "the longer you hold it there, the smaller the zone is gonna get."
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