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  1. DontSuck1977


    @Richvee To confirm: In strike 3 situations where BI is called but the runner is not retired by the throw. As a penalty were sending the runner back? The batter is out but that's on the strike 3
  2. Guys, I currently with Diamond FDM and I'm looking for larger facemask, Larger flaps, and chin protection
  3. Nothing pisses me off more than guys who steal my calls. Don't take my calls, I hate the guys who blast off foul when the ball is in the dirt or hits the batter in the box, I've got it.
  4. @noumpere I agree and like the application of the one signal approach. Especially when on the plate and working to keep the game moving.
  5. @lawump OK, with runners on first and third in the B position, setup an additional step toward the mound? I like that and will try to incorporate tonight. Im imagining that position giving me a better angle on both bases for pick off.
  6. @lawump @lawump Hi, Is there a place we can grab this information. Perhaps a booklet for sale.
  7. @Richvee thank you for the explanation(s) and to @ricka56 I apologize.
  8. @Ricka56 be an Umpire WTF does that mean... I hope you're not trying to be a douche. I assure you, I made a firm decision on the field albeit right or wrong. Plus.... had I called the balk for this motion, I would have had no issue explaining what I had and why I called it. My issue was that I had heard several interpretations on what is legal and even tonight a fellow official said, secondary sets were allowed which I've never heard. Apologies for the terrible explanation of what he was doing.
  9. Sorry for asking what's probably a dumb question... What's H-2B home 2nd base
  10. DontSuck1977

    balk or not

    I keep it straight telling myself they can only feint to second an OBR and most youth level while they can fake to 2nd and 3rd in HS. I hope this helps
  11. He brings his hands together down low raises them up high, drops them a bit and comes to a stop prior to delivering the pitch. I hope, I'm describing what I saw accurately.
  12. Guys, Pitchers: with runners comes set and steps off but keeps his hands together. I've heard that's a balk other guys have said that its not a balk. Too me, it seems that's it's a move associated with the pitch but than I think is it really move.... he's not moving he's standing there.
  13. NFHS Rules - Summer HSDL - Sub Varsity Level. The pitcher brought his hands together down low, raised them about shoulder height and finally came to complete stop around about the chest area. He kind of stopped at different points however the motion fairly continuous, and he did finally stopped at the end. Did, he balk?
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