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  1. I have ordered four times from them to Canada. Got them all. Last one was about 1-2 months ago, and the order had not even been processed for a month on my account then out of the blue, got a shipping notice. Got it about 1-2 weeks later. About average for me when buying gear from the States. Everything was there. I know I have to be patient when ordering, and I have never been stiffed.
  2. I use this on my caps in a tub of water. Then put my cap in a cap rack rapped in towels to dry. It works well on the caps. Grapefruit is good. https://www.eucalan.com/ It is a delicate items soap that does not need to rinsed out. I also put a little in some water and soak a sponge in it to clean my uppers on my shoes. Afterwards, I wipe the shoes off with a shammy. I’d go with wiping it with a sponge first before soaking the pads for 15 minutes. Be nice to test it first.
  3. @jonathantullos, Sorry to hear that you have come to this decision. I do not know if this will help, but I am an umpire who stopped umpiring for 20 years, a lot of it from similar experiences to you. This is what I know helps keep people in black and charcoal. a support group of umpires who you work with; knowing that you are not alone. the group always wants to get better and learns from each other; everyone, no matter their age or experience, are open to new ideas and incorporating them into their on-field practice that group openly take on the roles of mentors and create a cross-generational community that engages both young and old. the group picks up each other when times are tough and express how important each person is to their collective development and growth an Association that actively tackles behaviour and treatment of umpires with the leagues they officate; they work with leagues to create specific guidelines on players and coaches behaviour and gets the leagues on board with these guidelines of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. finally, its not about handling problems the way someone else does, but handling a problems on the field the way you handle problems. I guess I'm saying is: do what makes you successful on Sundays with your congregation. how are you a leader when you give your sermon, and be that natural leader you are on the field. Do you yell at your congrgation? Or, do you act calm, share your wisdom and explain your decisions in a thoughtful manner? Bottom line is: be the reverend on the field.
  4. Nothing like reading something out of context. Reading the second page first of this thread and after reading the thread the day before and I thought, what does some hot mom have to do with an ejection in a 8U game.
  5. Just want to second @MadMax great feedback on the XV. I have had my XV for just a little over 2 seasons and I love it. From the insights people have shared on this forum, I slapped a Delta-flex harness on it. If I were to get a backup cp I get an XV with probably a Ray-flex, to support my Canadian brother @Razzer. I actually have given an Ray-flex as a gift and it’s cool that you can customize it. I would do this in a heartbeat. As Madmax has said, this cp works great when you contour the frame (I forget what Max calls it, but I’m sure there is a chuckle in calling it a carcass because that doesn’t sound right) to your body. As Max has said, you have to form the shoulders to fit you so you protect your collarbones. Max makes a great point of using a heat gun. I have worn it around the house, and my body heat did get some form to it. A few hot summer games will get it formed to your body too. With a triangle harness tightened properly to get the cp tight to your body, it will form to you and give you first-rate protection at any level.
  6. Watching the ball into the glove is important for me for two reasons: one is timing, two is it is more information to have to make the correct call. To watch the ball into the glove, it makes sure that a plate umpire is watching the ball go through/not through the strike zone. Most developing umpire call balls/strikes too quickly because they are calling the ball before it enters the strike zone. That is why they struggle with low pitches and breaking pitches. They have decided the pitch before confirming it went through the strike zone. To develop the skills at calling a better game, we are taught to “track it to the glove.” It ensures that we track the ball all the way through/not through the strike zone. With all the information, then an umpire makes the call. Further, I see the catcher’s gloves as confirmation or proof of our call. If a catcher sticks a pitch 6” outside that’s a ball. The catcher proved it was a ball. If a catcher sticks a pitch where the glove is on the outside corner, it confirms the umpire’s decision it was a strike. If a catcher, pulls a close pitch into the strike zone, it confirms the umpire’s judgement it was a ball. Even with breaking pitches, the glove assists in the tracking the rotation of the ball and it’s movement. If I see the glove, I can imagine the arc the ball travelled. If I see breaking ball that starts outside and the catcher sticks it thigh high six inches in the strike zone, I see the imaginary arc of the pitch catching the corner. The bottom line is this for all calls: the more information you have, the better the call. Tracking the ball into the glove gives you the most information to know whether it was a strike or a ball.
  7. As someone who wears glasses, I cannot express enough how the visor improves my ability to track a ball. I will never buy another mask without one.
  8. I have wide 8 1/2 feet. Bought an 8 1/2. Had them for two weeks. Fit great. There is a online store for Walters shoe care. They have a leather cleaner that works on both real and synthetic leather. Works great on cleaning the upper.
  9. Best of wishes of a speedy and full recovery. Hoping you are back doing a plate meeting soon.
  10. Thanks @Majordave for the review of the plate shoes. Finally broke down and bought a pair of 8 1/2 plate shoes. As I have wide feet, I did not go down a size. So has first class customer service. Between the shoes and my bulky Samurai G3 shins, I feel impenetrable. Need to save for the shins that So sells. Living in the Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest, did not have to wait long for the shipment. I think I am becoming a Mizuno junky. Both shoes, socks, shins, shorts, belts, indicator, back up lineup card holder, back up mask with tg have the roadrunner on it. (well that is what it looks like). Might have to do another order for some undershirts, but that is another day.
  11. Well after many orders from the States and no problems with orders going through customs, my order from UA just got dinged for $34 by Canada Customs. Pain is that the order is with Majestic shirts you cannot get anywhere else. Another casualty of Trump’s trade war. Interested to see if other Canadian brotheren encounter similar changes too.
  12. BCBrad

    Steve Palermo

    Class act by your hometown. Remembering the era he came up in, Steve was one of the umpires of a new generation of umpires (well at least new umpires that didn’t have cool nicknames like Satch, Augie, Shag and Dutch). Just remembering as a new umpire in my early 20s (stay away from doing the math), his professional practice on the field was something to model. You just wished you could be as good as him.
  13. @grayhawk, that’s a great idea. I have been wondering what to do when my hexpad umpire shorts wear out. That gives me options if the pads are still in good shape.
  14. This came in a couple of weeks ago. Second order of the year, both took about 2-3 weeks to arrive and shipping to the west coast of Canada. Really light mask and I think I would never buy a mask again without a visor. Cant recommend it enough.
  15. BCBrad

    Is this BOO ?

    You said it yourself. Once there was a pitch to B2, B9 became a proper batter. Since B1 is on base, B2 is now the proper batter. No Boo. When you have such knowledgeable minds who on this thread have given you the right interpretation of this play (minds a lot more gifted than mine) and you doubt rather than inquire, you seem not wanting to learn, but wanting to be justified for something you may have gotten wrong. All I know is if I screw up a rule, I would want to learn to get it right next time. The people here have a wealth of knowledge to learn from, I treasure it as an umpire, hopefully you can too.
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