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  1. Fourteen years of calling high school baseball. I've never had a batter get a hit when a balk was called. At least that I can remember. The old argument of changing the balk rule to match up with other codes is not justified. Best to keep it simple throughout the country. My opinion of course.
  2. That doesn't make sense. A fielders choice would count as an at bat but how would it effect his on base percentage?
  3. Forest Ump

    First EJ

    He must of said call it both ways...
  4. Forest Ump

    First EJ

    This is very effective. 1st incident of B and S grumbling. Ignore (unless really egregious) 2nd incident of B and S grumbling. Stare with mask on at offenders. 3rd incident of B and S grumbling. Remove mask and firmly announce, "That's balls and strikes. If you continue to argue balls and strikes, you will be ejected. And that's a team warning. After that, give em the hook.
  5. I agree with all of this. I'll even tell them not to throw balls at me. And if they roll em at me, they stay on the field until someone picks them up.
  6. LOL, very true. I got tossed from a men's D league softball game for telling the umpire, "That call's horseSH*#". When he tossed me, I told him I wasn't calling you horse SH*#, I was calling the call horse SH*#. He said I was ejected for using profanity.
  7. I'll just comment about the play. That's U3's call all the way. He doesn't have responsibility for the backend, should not even look over there. He should be in a position, deep B, to get the FPSR violation.
  8. You really have to go out towards the hill, get stopped, see the illegal slide and then sell the $hit out of the call while stepping more towards second base. By the time they figure out what happened, it looks like you've really closed the distance to make that call. They aren't going to believe you if your some distance away, like up the line or staying near home if a runner is at third. That's why I said in my first post that it better be blatantly obvious if you make this call from a distance. Disclaimer: They never believe us anyway no matter what we do.
  9. From the NCAA Rule Book: Note 2: On a force play, with a two-man umpiring system, if the plate umpire does not have a potential play at the plate, he should move toward the base to observe the runner going into second or third base. In this situation, the base umpire must follow the throw and may not see the true effect of the lead runner’s action. I've highlighted potential play at the plate. If you have an R3, you will not be coming out into the infield. You can still observe the slide at 2nd by moving to the right. An illegal slide would have to be blatantly obvious for you to make that call from there. In which case, your partner would have seen it. You are also responsible for overthrows.
  10. Forest Ump

    Mouth Balk

    Plus (for those keeping score at home) The slimy spit ball is thrown out of service to the home team dugout and another ball is put in play.
  11. Don't let them steal first. Leave them in the box. Prepare to defend your call.
  12. OK but you're buying drinks afterwards.
  13. Our position on the field is based on the probability of where the next play is or the best coverage will be. When the bases are loaded and the infield is in, I go to a deep B position, same position as U3 would use in three man with R1 only. This spot gets you out of the way. It puts you in a great position to see all infield action. It allows you to easily adjust for the next play at first on the BR after they throw the ball home to get R3. This is an "advanced" mechanic and I wouldn't recommend it to newer umpires.
  14. Forest Ump


    You have to scroll down. I listed the Fed rule and then the BRD interp. I do agree that a warning should precede this balk call. I also believe that it's a no call with a runner at 2nd or 3rd because he can see a right handed pitchers hand. I also believe that a strong argument can be made that this move is more deceptive than a hybrid stance.
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