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  1. I'm a numbers guy, and I can assure that there is NO WAY we can effectively extrapolate out the death rate from the numbers we have in this country and world right now: 1) testing is a complete mess, and will probably be for a long time, at least in this country. Random samples over the population in locations, counties, cities and states are NOT being performed, and may not even be in the planning stage. So the numbers are skewed to testing only people who A) have more than one symptom B) have some sort of medical risk, like pre-existing conditions, where knowing if you have it as early as possible may save your life C) are in an area that actually has enough test kits to hit all these "most likely" people 2) In my experience here in NY, with friends and coworkers who have symptoms and are stuck at home suffering, and going on these EMS calls, so many people have had more than one symptom and have been TURNED down for testing. Also, if one family member has tested positive, the entire family stuck in the same house is told to quarantine, but they ARE NOT tested, even when they wind up with more than one symptom themselves (assume you all have it, they are told). There are infection transmission rate (how contagious) versus mortality rate (how deadly) charts available off of reputable sights that compare COVID-19 versus other epidemic/pandemic diseases. Currently, COVID is less deadly than ebola, MERS, the Spanish Flu, and even Swine FLU, but more contagious. However, with the current numbers it is no where near as contagious as Measles or chicken pox or small pox. My small, not intelligent, not scientific, feel is that if they ever get REAL data going in the USA on this contagion (which will only be via a combo of direct testing and anti-body testing in a scientific and massive scale), that it may wind up that MANY more people have it, had it, or at least were exposed to it and beat it unknowingly by creating antibodies and keeping themselves symptom free. If my hunches are close to reality, then the death rate will drop dramatically, and if it drops below 1%, then it would be in the realm of a bad flu season. Now, that also means it proves much more contagious than your bad flu, which would STILL mean that protections MUST be in place to protect vulnerable populations for years to come, or at least until vaccines are commonly available. This is what was needed to be done with vulnerable populations against pneumonia going back a few decades (my Mom used to always tell us to "wear another layer" or"get out or your wet clothes" or come in now, its too cold" because we would "catch pneumonia") until viable antibodies and, now, viable vaccines, are available. Perhaps there will be heavy restrictions that directly affect/protect the vulnerable populations for many months/years to come, which may mean some areas re-closed down after opening up, etc.. So, yes, I think some things will change: more working from home, the ability to manage remote workers effectively and viably, hopefully less "required travel" for work, wearing masks and coverings in public, especially when you have a cough or sneeze or runny nose (in Korea, where I travel often, it is considered rude to sneeze or cough in public and not have a face covering - this has been the norm there since SARS in 2009??? ish). Maybe post game handshakes are eliminated for a few seasons. I can see many people not attending large concerts and sporting events for a long time, so revenues would be down for those types of businesses. I can see many people, especially older people, not using air transportation for a long time to avoid the cramping at airports and in airplanes. Maybe soon some other country or countries will initiate the proper testing regimen first and be able to try out easing restrictions and focusing resources. Then hopefully we can learn from them and follow their lead to get back earlier than the pace we are following now..
  2. I'm in.... Summer travel league playoffs elimination, play at the plate in bottom 7th to tie the game Next, Showcase Tourney in the Fall, chilly day, sporting the plate coat..
  3. I'm a volunteer FF/EMT out on Long Island NY. It is a S%%%storm as far as stay home orders/closings/panic buying/etc.. They told us 2 days ago that if the numbers/calculations are correct, our area will go to the S&%&^$-er in 2-14 days. At that time they will pull us in by shift, segregate us by teams of two for crews, and assign us times of coverage until they run out of us due to the illness. But, of course, this is IF the numbers/calcs are correct. That is a big if, because the whole testing/test kits/ federal and state response was screwed up earlier this month and in Feb, and they just don't have solid data. So today starts that SH""*&*&^%storm window. As of right now, call volumes are "normal", no spikes as of this moment. I will be truly scared when calls start going back to back, we pull up at a house and have 5 patients instead of just one, and if we go the hospital and they have us deliver to tents instead of the ER rooms. I am currently in my paid job place, since it is designated an "essential" industry location for NYS. They have not pulled usin for shifting yet. Later, I head to the firehouse for my normal time slot, and we will be testing the crews in donning and doffing the "special" PPEs. I will update here every few days, or if/when the S$$T hits the fan here on LI. Stay safe, brothers and sisters, and follow all the guidelines as best you can. MAYBE this huge wave of contagia will roll over without overburdening the hospitals and other vital resources. maybe not. I think I will get an idea over the next 12 days...
  4. It really is an interesting design concept for the pads.. it should work better than the F3 spring system, in theory. I don't know if I can safely say that it would work better than the TW technology and design, though, but I would be interested in any studies from either military or football that may have tested this and/or TW vs impacts.. it COULD (if designed correctly into the pads) be the top protection against impacts for these types of masks, IF it can dissipate those "angled" shots from foul balls/errant bats etc that TWs can definitely handle, AND the air bladder??? design covers the full range of possible shot magnitudes we would take. So my two concerns before buying would be: 1) how does it match up to TW in impact abatement? 2) can you wash/dry these with the same ease as TWs (washing machine, then air dry)? Finally, i am not sold on the mask as far as looks go (and possibly weight).. If the pads were sold separately, i would buy a pair now and throw them in an icon or ZERO-G, and give them a tryout. For the 170 buck price tag with a mask look I am not fond of, MEH, I will wait for some more info on my two concerns...
  5. Have you tried contacts? Even if you have progressive lenses to work at a computer/read/etc., just 'regular" non-progressive contacts prescribed for reading the eye chart at the distance will cover everything clearly up to about an arms' length away, say 2-3 feet. And the last three feet would also be compensated, just not "perfectly" where you could read the rule book in low light for instance, but you could certainly read your indicator in low light, write on a lineup card, or track a baseball. This would cover the distances you need for baseball. You could even play and hit/catch with non-progressives. The other advantage is the contact moves with the eye, unlike the glasses, so tracking a baseball is better with contacts, theoretically.
  6. This one was quite interesting, thanks for sharing.. At speed, first time, I'm grabbing interference on the BR all the way. I am SURE that is what I would have called on the field at the time.. I would have needed to get together with the crews to discuss if we had two outs or one, and, if one, whether it was the R3 or the BR.. Again, at speed, and if my partners had no more info to give for whatever reason, I would have probably grabbed a DP, R3 and BR BECAUSE my first "gut" feel at speed was he "intentionally" delayed leaving the box, either by stupidity watching the play, or by genius knowing there was going to be a play at home (with everyone yelling FOUR!), and prevented the catcher from making a tag on R3 and then possibly him.. But, on replay, I notice the catcher looking around and behind him, so based on replay, MAYBE the ball was very hard to track and both the BR and catcher lost it and thought it was not on the field of play. So maybe it was unintentional.. I don't do NCAA, so by FED rules (Rule 5 Immediate Dead Ball Table) , I think I can grab a DP either way, since the penalty for interference with a fielder attempting to make a play by a runner is that "the interferer is out, and so is another runner if interference prevented a double play on the latter. other runners return". No difference in intent, the penalty stays the same, so a DP I think is the best call for this OP. The key here is I would be interpreting the rules by designating the BR a "runner" not a "batter" for this OP, since he hit the ball into fair territory, and the interference was on the throw attempt after the ball was fielded. If he was a "batter", which I think in FED he would be if the throw was an initial throw (or pitch) by the pitcher, the rule 5 Delayed Dead Ball Table would then apply, in which case "the runner is out, unless two outs, then the batter is out". Again, in my interp of this OP, this does not apply, and the penalty for the BR as a RUNNER applies, in which case I can legitimately grab two outs.. For FED guys, does this sound like decent logic? Man, this was a thinker! Again, thanks for sharing!
  7. I am a mask junkie - Luckily, I prefer steel or AL over titanium, so it has not been a financial hard hit over the years. I try to buy one mask and new mask pads at least once a year. i will throw out old worn pads, but generally i will keep the frames, just maybe take them out of the lineup. I let a frame go every once in awhile to a fellow association member. MAYBE i will actually sell off one or two in the near future. BUT right now, I have FIVE in rotation: 1) "ICON" steel frame with Tan TWs for any color any level - My go-to daytime setup when the weather is warm enough for TWs 2) Nickel colored (powder coated) Plus-POS Zero-G (looks like an ICON) steel frame with Black TWs for all colors except Navy, all levels - My go-to evening/night setup when the weather is warm enough for TWs 3) Charcoal colored Plus-POS Zero-G steel frame with Black TWs and 4 inch Plus-POS TG for all colors except Navy, all levels - foul weather go-to (looks good with the foul weather jacket for one of my Associations) when weather is warm enough for TWs 4) Black Wilson AL with Tan Wilson Leathers and 6 inch Wilson TG for all colors all levels - my go-to in daytime setup weather too cold for TWs (the type of weather where the couch cushions feel awesome) 5) Old Wilson Steel Frame with throat (rake??) chopped, painted Soft Iron (a cool dark metallic), with Wilson Black/grey wrap around leathers and a six inch Mizuno TG all colors except Navy and all levels - Looks great in the evening/ night games when its cold out, like with a Plate Coat and Gloves Once we turn the corner on weather, the two rigs with the Wilson Leathers get put away until fall, and I add a Black Plus-Pos Zero-G steel frame with Tan TWs and 4 inch Plus-POS TG to the mix (I like the tan pads/black frame look) Finally, I have two rigs not in the lineup, but I pull each out for at least a few games each year: both are Diamond AL frames, one has Black TWs and 4 inch TG, and I will use it in crappy weather (wet or crazy hot/humid) over the summer, and one has All-Star Leather Navy/tan pads and Navy Honigs harness and 4 inch TG i will use if i pick up any Junior High school ball games (almost all the "new" guys at that level only have Navy, still the "required" color, and most of them rarely do any base work, so I take the plate and let them get some base work in) Yup, i am a mask junkie (heck, GEAR junkie)
  8. PM sent for the Navy Plate Coat
  9. I'm 99% baseball, and of that probably 75% tourneys (after HS ball is complete). I have: 1) 7 year old Reebok mags low tops that I love, and last year, leather-lustered up to the point where the parts of the shoe that show from the pants look brand new and patent-leather shiny. I know they are on their last legs, so I save them for upper-level (above 80 FB) turf-only games. Funny thing is I have had at least three flattering comments on them from a coach and some players last season on how good they look, and they are so comfortable, yet they are really my "ratty-ist" pair once you get past the patent-leather-look facade. 2) I have 1 year old NB that I wear for all other upper-level games (dirt, mixed, and bad weather) that feel really good and are solid protection, I think. I have not leather-lustered them, because they are "new" and have a decent shine after care on them still, but i do plan to hit them with leather luster eventually, perhaps this year for HS playoffs. 3) I have patent leather 3N2 that I use for lower level ball (less than 80 mph). They are super comfortable, like sneakers. I did take a shot with them once in the tow box that I felt uncomfortably ( I was surprised at a fall ball 13U game to get a kid with a low 80s sinking FB and a catcher that was outmatched), and they seem lower quality. So since I don't see an enormous amount of lower level ball now (probably 10% of my games or less), i am able to keep these things operable and in good shape for two years, going into my third. So I think the 3N2 would be Ok safety-wise for the pitch-speeds you are dealing with, but in my experience they probably will not last as long as the NB, depending on the number of games you plate each season and if they are on turf or dirt. They do have 3N2 version that are matte (not shiny patent leather)
  10. I signal/no signal based on the situation as it unfolds: Simply, something quick with no confusion, then less signals (maybe "yes he did" with a point and a strike signal, then an out signal when he is quickly tagged after the catcher retrieves the drop). If there is any confusion or doubt, then i signal at least verbally and will also signal no catch with a safe sign. For example, Doubt whether the ball hit the ground, and the catcher shows me the ball in his glove as the BR just stands there: If i know it hit the ground, i will verbalize "NO", and maybe even "no, hit the ground" and then signal safe (no catch) with my arms. This will probably lead to an off-to-the-races play. Same situation but after i verbalize "No" the catcher immediately attempts a tag, then i am skipping the safe signal and judging tag or no tag. To eliminate any confusion i will signal a no tag with my arms (safe) and also verbalize "NO TAG", or, on a tag, point with my left and signal out with my right while verbalizing "he's out" or "on the tag". Another example, Ball skips to the backstop on a pitch out of the strike zone, BR attempts to check his swing. if i judge that he went, I will verbalize and point with left "Yes, he did" and signal strike with my right, and skip signalling a passed ball, because it's obvious. If i judge that he did not go, I will verbalize the ball, and be aware and ready to quickly grant an appeal to my partner if asked by the defense, to give both sides a fair chance to react if my partner judges a swing attempt. Same situation, but I call strike three on the pitch that was in the strike zone: last season, I would verbalize "Strike Three" with a hammer hand signal (i usually signal strike three with a chainsaw, so i tone it down so i can get out of the way and react to the play of the passed ball), and make sure the batter is reacting. If not i would add a safe signal and verbalize "ball's on the ground". I do this in case the BR was confused from my hammer signal. From this post, i will consider changing my signal to sticking the arm out on called strike threes on passed balls from now on - this would eliminate the hammer and may reduce any chance for confusion. So yes, i believe there is no "written" hand signal because this situation falls into a game management category, but is probably a good thing to talk over with your partner pregame (or bring up at an association meeting) to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  11. Batters interference is a judgement call, so each scenario is judged independently by the umpire, and the rules applied accordingly: In that example you had, my "first-view real-time speed" judgement was Gardner did not offer, and was not attempting to interfere with the catcher by physical interference or even distraction. And, the throw down was successful, so he didn't "interfere" unintentionally. It looked like more of a practice swing based on the timing and body language. So maybe the MLB guy judged the same way. Or, maybe, since the runner was caught stealing he didn't bother to call the interference ?? Now, if a kid actually was practice swinging the same way (not intentional interference) but did ACTUALLY distract or otherwise interfere with a throw and the baserunner was called safe, then I would grab the interference. and I am guessing at some of the levels you (we) are doing, this would be a more likely scenario (because that kind of 'practice swing" probably would cause the catcher to double-clutch or air-mail the throw to second and result in the baserunner being called safe)... Definition of a swing was covered well in previous comments above. Here is the MLB (OBR) rule for batter's interference, with application to your scenario in the video above in BOLD: Rule 6.06 A batter is out if: (c) He interferes with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box or making any other movement that hinders the catcher’s play at home base. EXCEPTION: Batter is not out if any runner attempting to advance is put out, or if runner trying to score is called out for batter’s interference. Rule 6.06(c) Comment: If the batter interferes with the catcher, the plate umpire shall call “interference.” The batter is out and the ball dead. No player may advance on such interference (offensive interference) and all runners must return to the last base that was, in the judgment of the umpire, legally touched at the time of the interference. If, however, the catcher makes a play and the runner attempting to advance is put out, it is to be assumed there was no actual interference and that runner is out--not the batter. Any other runners on the base at the time may advance as the ruling is that there is no actual interference if a runner is retired. In that case play proceeds just as if no violation had been called. If a batter strikes at a ball and misses and swings so hard he carries the bat all the way around and, in the umpire’s judgment, unintentionally hits the catcher or the ball in back of him on the backswing before the catcher has securely held the ball, it shall be called a strike only (not interference). The ball will be dead, however, and no runner shall advance on the play.
  12. BobUmp

    Late Season EJ

    Yeah, thanks. I am on Arbiter for this particular group and can exercise that option.. What I did not divulge in my first post was that the guy did a few other things that irked me, including not answering any texts, coming too late to get a pre-game in, and in the game prior (we had two, he was plate for Game 1), he missed every rotation he was supposed to make, just stuck himself in the vicinity of the plate all game, then blew off having a post-game between games (again, the bathroom excuse). So, yeah, good advice.
  13. BobUmp

    Published book

    Bought it... Good luck on your next project!
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