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  1. I switched from hammer to point a couple of years ago, as I got more experienced. It wound up that it helped me slow down my timing, and my strike zone/B/S calls got much more consistent, and of course better. I started with looking to the side of the point when no one was on, and not looking to the side with runners on. That was fine, BUT some of the coaches I would see a lot at the older levels could pick up on if I was off a little in my mechanics, which would translate to questions. So I started "switching it up" a little, by waiting on making my strike call. For example, with runners
  2. Heard this COVID-related one the other day from another umpire, so not mine, but its winning the "best heckle of the COVID year" award so far: After a close play, a parent in the RF stands yells out "Blue, just put the mask over your eyes!" I bet he was dying to yell that one out all game...
  3. Yeah, this stuff is the hardest to manage, because every interaction is different - different people, ages, situations, etc.. I think, given the result, you will probably in a similar situation next time, adjust your first interaction to maybe keep it from escalating (maybe). I suggest when they ask a question (legit, like a rules interp such as isn't that a balk?), you broadcast body language for "listen mode" (maybe hands in back pockets, and one or two steps in their direction so they know they have your attention and you're thinking about their question), and then wait two or mor
  4. We're behind the pitcher. It is a great opportunity for me to really work on my field mechanics. The past couple of years I was working really hard on my plate: I would offer to take as many plates as i could get (and there are a lot of guys out there that would gladly "let me" take the plate when we would be assigned together). Now, of course, the rotations and positioning are different than non-COVID, but the timing, the pause-read-react, the out/safe/catch/no-catch mechanics are all the same and I can work on them every game, regardless of position. The communications are even more cr
  5. If it helps, I have been running Fire/EMS/Rescue calls through the whole pandemic. It got a bit hairy here on Long Island for about 8 weeks there, where it was surging to the point that entering the ER we had to steer our patients around COVID people sitting in chairs in the corridors and entrances to the ER, right to ER nurses and docs that were dressed like there were HAZMAT techs at a nuclear accident. Luckily it never got overwhelming, and the chiefs/heads that be came up with some great policies that help lower the risk of us first responders catching the cooties, without breaking the ban
  6. About four weeks ago, and it MAY have been the same guy, I saw a KBO official doing the same. He got CREAMED on a foul ball to the face - They stopped the game for about ten minutes checking him out, but he stayed in. It was like watching a car accident where you see it coming but can't look away
  7. BobUmp

    First One

    No youtube that i can think of.. I think I saw what you are talking about a while back. If I remember, he was a lot quicker to eject than i have been in my career so far. But also i think while he is quick on the hook, he approaches it professionally, and not red as$$. Generally speaking, we should NOT have to just take a simmering level of crap from players and/or coaches continuously all day because of either a perceived or real inconsistent strike zone or a possible missed/blown call. Fans/parents, well, let's just ignore them, unless they are a danger or distraction to the players. But I a
  8. BobUmp

    First One

    Wow, pretty good EJ for first one (this season, or ever?)! Really, a good one to remember and get some good experience out of.. You learned your probably could skip the first "I don't want to hear it' and go straight to "no arguing balls and strikes", and still be effective Also learned this guy planned to get tossed, to stir/wake up the team or whatever. And you obliged, that's good, because he would have gotten nastier and nastier and it would have degraded. I am learning that when games start getting out of control on the scoreboard, there are a (small) set of coaches t
  9. I'm a numbers guy, and I can assure that there is NO WAY we can effectively extrapolate out the death rate from the numbers we have in this country and world right now: 1) testing is a complete mess, and will probably be for a long time, at least in this country. Random samples over the population in locations, counties, cities and states are NOT being performed, and may not even be in the planning stage. So the numbers are skewed to testing only people who A) have more than one symptom B) have some sort of medical risk, like pre-existing conditions, where knowing if you have it as early
  10. I'm in.... Summer travel league playoffs elimination, play at the plate in bottom 7th to tie the game Next, Showcase Tourney in the Fall, chilly day, sporting the plate coat..
  11. I'm a volunteer FF/EMT out on Long Island NY. It is a S%%%storm as far as stay home orders/closings/panic buying/etc.. They told us 2 days ago that if the numbers/calculations are correct, our area will go to the S&%&^$-er in 2-14 days. At that time they will pull us in by shift, segregate us by teams of two for crews, and assign us times of coverage until they run out of us due to the illness. But, of course, this is IF the numbers/calcs are correct. That is a big if, because the whole testing/test kits/ federal and state response was screwed up earlier this month and in Feb, and
  12. It really is an interesting design concept for the pads.. it should work better than the F3 spring system, in theory. I don't know if I can safely say that it would work better than the TW technology and design, though, but I would be interested in any studies from either military or football that may have tested this and/or TW vs impacts.. it COULD (if designed correctly into the pads) be the top protection against impacts for these types of masks, IF it can dissipate those "angled" shots from foul balls/errant bats etc that TWs can definitely handle, AND the air bladder??? design covers the
  13. Have you tried contacts? Even if you have progressive lenses to work at a computer/read/etc., just 'regular" non-progressive contacts prescribed for reading the eye chart at the distance will cover everything clearly up to about an arms' length away, say 2-3 feet. And the last three feet would also be compensated, just not "perfectly" where you could read the rule book in low light for instance, but you could certainly read your indicator in low light, write on a lineup card, or track a baseball. This would cover the distances you need for baseball. You could even play and hit/catch with non-p
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