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  1. Hello guys....First time back in the Forums since last year...First Varsity game today in Bakersfield, Independence vs Liberty...Finally a game after lots of rain in California! Good Luck to everyone this season....
  2. I wear 1, in our High School games, baseballs are at a premium, lucky if you get 4 to start a game, usually only 3, so I use the Ump Attire XL, keep my pen, indicator and brush in there, plenty of room for me........
  3. Just ordered these off eBay for $60.....I have NB Plate shoes and like them...These will replace some Nike leather Pre Game MVP turfs I have used for a few years.....Anyone have these and do you like them?
  4. I use a red or blue mini ink pen so my notes are a different color than the black on the cards from the coaches....keep it the little slot inside the Ump Attire XL ball bag instead of the shirt pocket for the reason clasonater mentioned...foul ball, broken pen, ruined shirt.....
  5. I switched mine to the smoke colored lens....the red lenses were a little too flashy for me lol.....
  6. It can get pretty hot here in Bakersfield so they understand...This I think will look better than water bottles jammed in to the fence, besides, putting your water in the dugout with High School players, you never know what they will put inside it...I have heard some Icy Hot has made its way onto an Umps jug spout before.... LOL
  7. Found this water jug at Dick's Sporting Goods....64oz insulated...Has fence hooks built in to the handle....Will be nice to keep water off the ground and out of the dugouts.....$25
  8. Seriously....These are nice mats, definitely good for changing in the parking lot in the Central Valley when it is 115*
  9. After using some old Oakley M Blades for years, just got a pair of Evoshield Evoscopes Matte Black off eBay from bpathletics...They come with those red lenses and a set of smoke lenses....He had them on a Best Offer listing, he took $59 plus $5.95 shipping, I like them, very similar to Oakley Half Jackets...They are still $99 at Dick's Sporting Goods so I think I got a good deal on them....If you look at the video about them on the Evoshield website, they look to be pretty tough.....
  10. Used some ancient Oakley M Blades forever, just bought a pair of the Evoshield Evoscopes in matte black...They come with the red lens and a pair of smoke lens...got them on eBay from bpathletics...He had them on a best offer, got them for $59.00 plus $5.95 shipping....I like them, very similar to the Oakley Half Jackets....They are still $99.99 at places like Dick's Sporting Goods...
  11. Have a Wilson Shock FX 2.0 HSM, have used for 3 years...Really like it. I also say buy the best equipment you can afford...I like my Wilson West Vest and Platinum leg guards...New Balance plate shoes and Nike Air Elite Pre Game turf shoes for the bases....Good Luck!
  12. Just received my UmpLife Lineup Card Holder from @Razzer....Very nice! Think it is going to work out nice...Thanks Ray!
  13. Thanks for info....Since you have been through it, I might wear you out with the "Have you felt this before?" questions LOL....
  14. Thanks guys for the encouragement....I think running on it will be the toughest thing to get over, and like Aging_Arbiter said, I think it is more apprehension than anything...I have a great doctor who has been really supportive of me getting back on the field...He said go have fun and realize your knee is better than it was when I was hurting and hobbling around the field the last season I worked...Our head instructor said the pivot is a problem, he does college and says some guys who have had knees done don't do the pivot anymore and don't have any problems or catch grief from coaches....I have Wilson Pro Platinum Shin Guards, they have two knee caps....You suggest going to some with three?
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