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  1. Your prices are always fair and reasonable. You weighed one of those HS Nike’s just over a lb as I recall Wolfie, slightly heavier than the titanium
  2. Meaning these are used by NCAA catchers and are not sold to the general public via officials sites a la ump-attire
  3. Why do you think Gerry uses blue, to advertise it?
  4. @Fid00 I have the size you’re looking for, Smitty poly wools in your size 34/34 charcoal grey. If you want pictures inbox me your #. I’ll sell them to you cheap. Just pay for the shipping.
  5. You can shut this one down @Thunderheads this has been sold
  6. I concur, Dan Iassogna was the first pro I saw rock that look. Just looks professional and sharp
  7. Then pony up the bucks @BT_Blue
  8. Love the American Flag sticker!
  9. Why are you selling this for over $100 more than retail?! @panda76
  10. @BT_BlueI smell a pirate $1K for a hat. I’d love to know what he’s smoking?. Lol
  11. Some one will grab it eventually. Same here with my Douglas(es) someone is bound to grab it before the season starts.
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