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  1. To be honest, while I wish the Douglas was a little more breathable, I don't mind that it hasn't been updated. I love the fit of it and it really is pretty low profile. The plastic is thin but durable, and the foam is protective without being bulky. Much better than my platinum. But I really wouldn't mind an even thinner foam that's lighter/more breathable, but I'm very happy with what it is.
  2. Thanks, I love these pads. I have a shovel coming in the mail too 😁
  3. Yep lol. I prefer tan but I've realized that my safety comes first at this point. I'm not messing around with pads because I like the way they look. I have taken one good shot and didn't feel it at all so that's what matters.
  4. Reviving this, Adidas with brown Belgards and Zett.
  5. Yes, I honestly just don't want to pay for the shipping.
  6. Don't really care which, just looking for a nice Japanese belt. I have a 32" waist.
  7. Interesting approach. This year I feel like I had a perfect game going into top of the 7th in a men's league finals game, but I started to lose it in the heat on a turf field. I might start writing things down too.
  8. @tpatiencehas convinced me the Belgards are worth a spin. Anybody got some they're willing to let go of?
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/233799327677?hash=item366f869fbd:g:MeEAAOSwdhNfwU-A Absolute steal on these plate brushes! 😆
  10. Nice Honig's calfskin leather pads, classic look, very comfortable and soft on your face. Used for three plates and are in nearly perfect condition, top pad has a couple lines where it has been bent into the mask frame. $30 shipped in the lower 48.
  11. True, it seems like popularity is more important at this point than correct rule analyses. It's a shame. I don't understand what's going on with that. Gil has mentioned it directly several times in videos "I know my voice is terrible, sorry", but won't directly address what's going on. I understand keeping your personal life to yourself but if you keep bringing it up and then ignoring questions about it, that's confusing.
  12. That's a shame, CCS doesn't seem like a very open forum for actual discussion these days, not sure why they wouldn't engage in discussion with you over a rule interpretation. The videos recently have been less analytical and more sarcastic as of late too, with all the little comments and sound effects. Not a fan.
  13. Yeah I've liked using them and they feel very protective, on my icons though they tend to ride up and obstruct my vision a bit. I've had to put some zip ties covered with electric tape on the frame to hold them down but it works. Feels much more protective than the standard LUC pads.
  14. Maybe I'll cough up the money for them over the offseason. The mags are bulkier and a bit heavier but for now they'll work for me
  15. Well here's an update, went with the tan Honig's leathers. I wanted something a little lower profile than the mag pads. Took a bar bender foul to the chin tonight and really feeling it. Will probably go back to the mags now.
  16. No, just tell them to put a helmet on and there is never an issue
  17. I understand that it's not stated in the rulebook but that's what I've been taught in this association.
  18. I think in the one pic I was telling the kid protecting the bullpen to put a helmet on
  19. Girlfriend felt like dabbling in photography tonight. Did a doubleheader both games behind the plate (partner had a concussion), so plenty of photo opportunities. Hope you enjoy
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