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  1. I understand that it's not stated in the rulebook but that's what I've been taught in this association.
  2. I think in the one pic I was telling the kid protecting the bullpen to put a helmet on
  3. Girlfriend felt like dabbling in photography tonight. Did a doubleheader both games behind the plate (partner had a concussion), so plenty of photo opportunities. Hope you enjoy
  4. I think I'm sold on the Honigs, they look safe and good to hear they're comfortable.
  5. That's what I was wondering, they look nice but I think the price is just too much to justify. How do you like the Honig's calfskin compared to the leather mags?
  6. Currently have been using the leather All-Star mag pads, but have been thinking of trying out Honigs or maybe even Belgard down the line. To anyone who's used them, how do they compare to the mag pads?
  7. @Thunderheads Please lock this up.
  8. Show us! Here's my lineup: Adidas Icon with black mag pads and Zett Adidas Icon with leather mag pads and 6" Champro
  9. bump, price lowered to $45 shipped
  10. Diamond IX3 shins, bought in 2019 and used for every game I've worked since then. In good condition, everything is there. I took the toe plate off but if you want it I still have it. $45 shipped in the lower 48, these are $60 from Ump-Attire without shipping. Will make a package deal if you want some of the mask pads from my other post.
  11. Somehow this is considered "journalism"...
  12. New grey pads sold. Open to trades, bundles, and offers.
  13. Five mask pads for sale. Price is SHIPPED in the lower 48. 1. Grey mag pads, almost brand new, no fraying or discoloration, 9/10. $45 Sold 2. Another grey mag pads, well used. Some fraying on the straps and feel more broken in. Used by me about 5 times but probably around 2 or 3 years old, 5/10. $30 3. All star FM25 LUC black pads, almost brand new, 9/10. $25 4. Adidas Icon blue pads, have never been on a field, 10/10. $15 5. All Star FM25 vinyl pads, came with my FM25, probably used by a catcher before but still pretty clean, 7/10. $15 If you want more than one, we can make a bundle deal. Also open to trades.
  14. It doesn't surprise me higher level guys don't like that, but I've had no issues so far with evaluators doing my normal rec games and some high school with it.
  15. I've always done the point, started off with the finger gun but transitioned to just a normal point. Personally, I look where I point because A. it looks better and B. I delay my strike calls long enough (2-3 seconds) so I see the pitch, check the field to make sure nothing is happening, then point and look. For lefties I pivot and point out to my left side, a la Jim Joyce.
  16. @Thunderheadsplease lock this up
  17. Looking for any standard, hollow steel frame. Adidas Icon, +POS ZeroG, Wilson aluminum maybe, I don't really care. In either black or silver. Frame only, no harness needed.
  18. I don't use facebook much but it does seem pretty controlling. Seems like you can't even mention MLB guys/their mechanics or you get muted. Thanks for having more freedom on this site
  19. What does "on the naughty list" mean? I've bought Ray's CP harness but don't know much about his overall practice.
  20. Just to let you know, you can email yourself the photos, then make them smaller on a computer application like microsoft paint. If you add a picture there, at the top right there is a button that says "resize" which you can change the resolution with to make it fit on this site.
  21. Very insightful Max, you seem like a great umpire and I really appreciate what you've contributed to this forum, it's helped me a lot since starting out a couple years ago. I have a question for you though, I am starting college this year and intend to get my 4 year degree and then go to pro school. If that doesn't work out then at least I have a degree to fall back on. Currently I am mostly assigned 13-18 year old travel ball, men's league, and started doing JV this year. Partners I've worked with have said good things and some have put in a good word for me with higher ups in the organization, so I'm hoping that will encourage my assignors to give me some better games this upcoming year. In these few years before pro school, what do you recommend I do to prepare for a possible career in professional ball?
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