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  1. Wow, what an insightful article. "Joe West sucks, anyway, here's what random people on twitter have to say."
  2. I've noticed a lot of guys in my league don't call this but I wanted some clarification. On a jump spin pickoff attempt to 2nd, do F1s feet need to land simultaneously? If his pivot food lands first, then I am led to believe that would be a balk because he did not step off directly behind the rubber. I attached a picture to help illustrate.
  3. Not for sale anymore, sorry
  4. I never let my mask leave my hands in fear I have a partner like that...
  5. I always keep mine very loose. I don't see how having more energy transferred into your noggin is a good thing
  6. Icon with the leather mag pads, forgot how comfortable they are
  7. Someone's selling those plate shoes in a size 13 on facebook I think.
  8. Looking for these brown +POS pads, but also if you have any other +POS gear you're looking to sell, I'm interested.
  9. at last count I have...5. guess I have some work to do.
  10. How often do you verbalize an out at first? Obviously if it's a whacker that's a given, but on an easy toss to first that clearly beats the runner, do you say anything? I used to stay silent and just give a fist but more recently I've just been saying a crisp and loud "out!". Just looking for opinions.
  11. Thanks for the information, is there any way to tell an earlier from later batch? Really thinking about getting my hands on one but maybe it would be stupid to try it in a game. Would probably look good with the leather mag pads.
  12. Just wondering what you guys think of older mask styles. I frequently use my old FM25 and am happy with it but understand why others might not be. Also wondering if anyone knows about the All-Star DXP 2500, the old carbon fiber one. Found one for sale at a good price but wondering if it's worth it. I read on this site that they would shatter sometimes on a hit because of heat changes or something.
  13. "Throat guard is designed to protect your throat" That video did help me realize though that I had mine on the wrong rung for a bit.
  14. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I use normal work socks, I don't feel any abrasions with the stock straps of my ix3 shinguards, been doing this since I started and haven't had any issues. I did buy a pair of tights but have yet to use them.
  15. Never done a game without one. Don't see the need to take a chance and end up dead. I use the 6" champro and 6" wilson. I like the shape and snaps of the wilson more but hate the logo so it's blacked out. Might try painting it.
  16. Ha, I guess it's karma, but I took two hard shots off the left foot tonight (downside of scissors). Glad I have some decent shoes.
  17. I was wearing steel toed normal shoes in LL but bought regular plate shoes when I moved to higher levels, glad I did
  18. Good idea, I'll try that
  19. I know the icon/nike frames are very popular here so thought I would ask. I'm using the stock icon harness which works for me, but it sits very low on my head to the point it is uncomfortable on my ears. Same with my FM25, so I moved the harness to the ear guards which works fine. Any tips for bringing a harness up when there are no other attachment points?
  20. With this amount of games, how many shots would you say you take off the shoes? In my about 50 plates since I started umpiring I don't recall a single shot down there.
  21. three hit batters in a row in the 1st inning...should be interesting
  22. If Arik doesn't want them I'll take them
  23. I have the grey ones on both of my masks now, I really like the look. Honestly not sure if I could go back to the non mag pads at this point
  24. I have some black All Star LUCs (not the mag ones) if you're still interested
  25. I had to umpire for about 6 months out of a 2000 Ranger with the tiny extended cab. Never again!
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