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  1. I didn't wear one until one of the last games of last season. Pitch hit the batter, deflected and hit me in the stomach. Could've been a lot worse but chose to wear my mask after that.
  2. Hey all, I'm interested in the V2 if anyone has one. V3s are ok too, but the price is still pretty high for me. I have a west vest platinum in great condition, used only two seasons with an umplife harness if anyone is interested in a trade.
  3. I've seen a couple conflicting things about this. We've all seen a play at the plate where the runner doesn't touch home and the catcher misses the tag. At lower levels (I do rec and am starting HS), should this be a safe call and wait for an appeal or just a no call and wait for a scramble? Also wondering about plays on the bases too.
  4. Finally!!! This will look great with the deerskin.
  5. I have the grey ones. I just picked them up a couple months ago so I'm gonna hold onto them. Got them from @wolfe_man.
  6. They're very comfortable for me. I have both deerskin and the LUC pads and I prefer the deerskin. The grey looks pretty cool though.
  7. Best experience for me was this past June, visiting team destroying home team, 9-0. It's my 2nd plate of the day and getting late so I was tired and the zone was getting wide. Bottom of the 6th, and they pull a rally outta nowhere. And 15 minutes later, I'm walking off the field with a 10-9 victory. Little League can be amazing sometimes.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the helpful answers guys! I've never had a steal of home on a pitch yet in two years of umpiring, so I wanna be ready for it in case something crazy happens.
  9. Just saw this video and am wondering what would've happened if the pitch were called a strike but the runner still ruled safe. In this situation, a strike would end the game. Can anybody point me to a rule? This is definitely something I need to study up on. Thanks!
  10. @wolfe_man Would you sell just the grey pads by themselves?
  11. Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear I made a good choice with the mag. I have the black frame with leather pads and think it looks absolutely great. I'll be sticking with it then
  12. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/617HILTnqgL._AC_SL1000_.jpg I've seen a couple of MLB guys using these All-Star frames with various pads. I already have the All-Star magnesium, just wondering how the view/feel compares.
  13. Personally I like John Gallante. He has a few good cage videos, along with mic'd up instruction videos.
  14. Is this still available? Also what color are the pads?
  15. Anybody know how they do their umpires on old timers day? It is a 4 man crew but they're not MLB guys considering they take the mask off with two hands and they don't wear numbers. I do like the added detail of the Rennert stance behind the plate though Picture from 2019.
  16. Ok so keep it more discreet, got it. Sounds like a less confrontational option. Yep, Fairfax County.
  17. Ok, I guess I thought it was a bigger problem than it was. If it does get to something personal, for example "Hey blue, do something," should that be addressed directly to the fans or ignored like any other quips from the stands? Is there ever a point where you should address the spectators personally? Thanks for the advice.
  18. Thanks for the advice, I've never had this situation before so I didn't really know the best way to go about it. Would it be better to talk to the coach right away or wait between innings?
  19. Here's what happened: 12U Little League game with the home team crushing the other team pretty hard. A lot of pass balls and stealing home. One voice from the crowd says something like "You gonna just keep letting them run coach?" A couple minutes go by with another pass ball and same voice says something along the lines of "Have some class, tell your guys to stop running." After the play was over, I call time and address the away spectators and say "You cannot talk about the opposing teams coach, we're not doing that." The coach came out and asked what I said to the fans and I told him, and he said he'd keep an eye on the parents. They kept ragging on me throughout the game, but there was nothing else towards the other coach from what I could hear besides some groans. Anything I should've done different? Keep in mind I could not see who was saying it but it was the same voice, and I'm still in high school so I'm not really the most intimidating person, though I try and put on my "stern face" and voice lol.
  20. I do youth baseball so I've only seen about 2 homers in my couple seasons umpiring. Should a homerun mechanic be done every time one is hit, or is it just on a close ball near the edge or maybe a close fair/foul? I'm talking about the spinning finger pointed straight up, but if there's a different mechanic let me know. Thanks.
  21. I was in a zoom call with Jordan Baker over the winter and he mentioned that he doesn't use an indicator. I've seen him take it out before an AB and then just put it in the ballbag, so that probably contributed to this.
  22. Nice! I have the deerskin and have been wanting to try out the LUC so now I can.
  23. Wish we could still have the red blazers!
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