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  1. I know the icon/nike frames are very popular here so thought I would ask. I'm using the stock icon harness which works for me, but it sits very low on my head to the point it is uncomfortable on my ears. Same with my FM25, so I moved the harness to the ear guards which works fine. Any tips for bringing a harness up when there are no other attachment points?
  2. With this amount of games, how many shots would you say you take off the shoes? In my about 50 plates since I started umpiring I don't recall a single shot down there.
  3. three hit batters in a row in the 1st inning...should be interesting
  4. If Arik doesn't want them I'll take them
  5. I have the grey ones on both of my masks now, I really like the look. Honestly not sure if I could go back to the non mag pads at this point
  6. I have some black All Star LUCs (not the mag ones) if you're still interested
  7. I had to umpire for about 6 months out of a 2000 Ranger with the tiny extended cab. Never again!
  8. pretty sweet. I might try picking up a Belgard mask or pads after I get paid for this season
  9. I've done that before as the PU when the coach is asking about a BU call. Pretty embarrassing with my experienced partner but at least I learned from it.
  10. I have a 2010 explorer and they're probably about the same price as that honda. It gets 17mpg which is ok and has room for all my baseball junk so it works for me
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333989133837?hash=item4dc34dbe0d:g:T08AAOSwFw5gki7Q interesting japanese gold and platinum
  12. thanks for the offer, already in the mail though
  13. nevermind, he's a good dude and threw some extra money in. still wouldn't do it again but not a terrible outcome
  14. trying to work it out now but I may have just gotten screwed. oh well
  15. wow I understand why a lot of you guys don't do international shipping. 67 bucks to puerto rico!!
  16. Didn't think about that, but my car has very black tinted windows (former government vehicle), to the point you can't see in the back at all unless you put your nose right against the glass, so not sure how that affects it.
  17. I've seen some guys do it differently so I'm curious. For a while I had all my stuff in a duffel bag, and uniforms hanging from the two coat hooks in the back of my suv. I decided to ditch the bag recently and just have it laid out in the back. My car is pretty full lugging around everything for my job, gear for playing baseball, and umpiring so I'm wondering if there's a better way.
  18. I'm guessing your mode of transport is via tractor trailer?
  19. I decided to hold onto it, sorry. I think theres a couple on ebay right now though
  20. I tried to sign up a couple months ago, but it seems like my approval is still pending. Maybe I should try again with another email address
  21. Scissors


  22. Really starting to like the grey pads and sun visor look
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