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  1. Thanks! This looks like a contender for me. Even though I really like my Douglas.
  2. @The Short UmpireHoping for a review from you 😁
  3. I tried out the F3 and hated it, but one thing I'll say is I loved how long it was. 18" covered almost my whole stomach, it was great.
  4. Takes them 5 years to make some new pads and they can't even offer longer sizes...the platinum I owned didn't cover all my ribs and I doubt the gold would either. I'm not even that tall.
  5. I think the skully will help a good amount. From what I understand light masks distribute more force to your face because they don't absorb as much. Maybe I'm more old school, but I sold my All Star mag because I thought it was too light. I took a LL pitch to the head and it actually rattled me more than a men's league or 18U foul. I think masks have gotten a little too light for safety without a skullcap or one of those Gerry Davis con cushions. However, the Mag pads are really, really good for jaw impacts. I can say that the difference between them and Honig's on a jaw shot is night and day.
  6. They're nice but kind of bulky. The protection is worth it in my opinion. I wouldn't suggest them on your Nike though because I feel like the top pad is too small for such a light mask. That's why I stick to steel.
  7. What pads are you gonna use?
  8. Low tops and normal width preferred, but will consider any options. Thanks.
  9. It was surprisingly easy. Your Schutt would not be however 😉
  10. Black vinyl on my Douglas. Not sure how it'll hold up but I like the look. Only $5 for a roll of wrap on amazon
  11. Been thinking of doing this, read some threads on the topic but seems like there wasn't a definite conclusion as to a brand or method. Edit: Just bought some matte black vinyl stick on wrap from amazon. Will update with results I like the exposed CP look better IMO
  12. I can't figure out a better way to get rid of the logo. Plate coat season is coming up and I don't like it visible
  13. Got my Douglas back big improvement
  14. That's what I'm going to do, also going to pick up the Honig's ball bags I think. Realized I've been using the same Champros since I started.
  15. Usually it's just the brush that comes out, not the balls. It kinda feels like the baseballs bounce around and push the brush out. I'll probably just get a smaller one and put it in the back pocket now.
  16. How do you keep your baseballs and brush from falling out while running? I find myself just holding the bag while I run so I don't lose them. For reference, I use the wooden handle brush which is inside the ballbag pocket.
  17. You should not have let him continue. You obviously took a lot of offense to what he was saying and took it to heart which would not have happened if you had just dumped him far earlier. This just shows the coach that he can say and do whatever he wants to officials, because more often then not they are not reprimanded by the league. I'm sure others will have some more detailed feedback, but at the end of the day you just can't let that slide.
  18. I want to do something creative with a champion but don't have any ideas. Anyone have a power/power inspired cp?
  19. I like both. The seasons over now so it's not getting use as is. The only thing I don't like about the Belgards is a visor won't fit.
  20. @umpstuProof of life + backup mask. I really like the Zett throat guard.
  21. I have it on the black frame now, looks even older school
  22. Sent my Douglas in today to have gap protection, t-hooks, and a black pad instead of a blue pad added. Anyone got any cool Douglas CPs in here?
  23. Any game we work solo is the normal game fee+1/2. So a $70 game becomes a $105 game.
  24. How did he do it? Haven't started but thinking of ideas
  25. I'm interested. Also cool frankenstein, I've been wanting to do something creative with a Champro too. Some sort of Power mock up.
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