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  1. Who says it wasn't hard enough! "I would do exactly what my supervisors wanted me to do." Is the easy way to get out of any hard question
  2. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=29690985 I'm not one of those fans (umpire not a fan ) who thinks every inside pitch is being thrown at the batter, but this one looks pretty intentional to me. I won't even try to put myself in John Libka's shoes, because this is a level light-years beyond me. Plus its MLB so it has all the egos and grudges intertwined into everything. But what do you think about this? I feel like the pitcher could definitely be thrown out after the second one.
  3. Now you know how her husband must feel.
  4. Wow that's great! I'll definitely keep this in mind for future CPs. Thanks for posting! Also, nice to see Wilson got rid of the giant W and started using a police flag instead! Definitely improves the look!
  5. For me, I actually like all-black better. But I couldn't care less if my partner had white on his shoes. And charcoal grey all day.
  6. Wow, just wow. For me at least, he's gone as soon as he slams the bat and walks out there with his fists clenched.
  7. Young_Ump

    Fair or foul

    Where can I find the MLB Umpire Manual?
  8. @SeeingEyeDog (Great username btw) As requested: That's Todd Tichenor in the Nationals - Blue Jays game Tuesday.
  9. I've had the same issue with the Wilson Memory Foams in the heat.
  10. But I thought people were moving out of California, not to it.
  11. Don't ever do it. Our job is to officiate the game, which requires impartiality and fairness (in the broad sense of the latter). An FYC is the complete opposite of that.
  12. The same CP is listed at $90 on Ump-Attire vs. $55 on the link you posted. The rest of the website is stuff like lotion, handbags, and backpacks; no other umpire gear. Plus its not a retail business, because the address listed on the website is for a house. Their website was only created a month ago, and PayPal is their only method of payment. IMO it seems pretty unlikely to me that a home business would offer only one umpire product (unless you want to count the deodorant) at a steeply discounted price. Sounds too good to be true to me.
  13. However, maybe the cause of their shock isn't always acting, but sometimes because the previous umpires didn't do their job and enforce those rules.
  14. @mac266 I do the same as you do, if leagues have the same base rules (OBR or FED) but slightly different modifications for each.
  15. You said the kids were already off the field. I assume you mean only the defense? In LL if the batter enters the dugout he forfeits the opportunity to advance on the uncaught third strike.
  16. Looks like the new All-star gear is going to be out there soon. https://www.outwestofficials.com/collections/chest-protectors/products/all-star-cobalt-pro-series-umpire-chest-protector https://www.outwestofficials.com/collections/shin-guards/products/all-star-cobalt-pro-umpire-leg-guards Others know way more about protective gear than I do, so I won't say anything about the functional aspect. But I think the CP looks awesome!
  17. (The OP is in bold) The runner who was stealing made it to 2nd without the catcher even throwing the ball. Then the DEFENSIVE ASSISTANT COACH started yelling for the runner to return to first. He was yelling at the opposing team's player (who was 8 or 9 years old!), but I intervened. Good job shutting this down. Don't let an opposing coach talk to the other team's players. The ASSISTANT coach (in my area, appeals must be made by the head coach; this is probably true in most places) stormed out of the dugout and started shouting Restrict him right there. I know you did it after a little bit (good job), but for me, as soon as an assistant storms out of the dugout, put him right back in it. When that same team was on defense again, the head coach (NOT the assistant coach I had restricted to the dugout) came out with a catcher's mitt to warm up his pitcher. The catcher was still getting his gear on. As he walked past me, he mumbled, "You could learn a thing or two" under his breath. From reading your post, I believe this is the first time the head coach had said anything yet. If so, I don't think saying that under his breath is an ejection. However, don't ignore that statement. I don't know exactly what I would do when that's mumbled under his breath but I don't think its something that can be ignored.
  18. Also, being discolored on the inside doesn't mean that they're breaking down, that's just going to happen (sometimes not that long after you've started using them) to leather pads.
  19. Young_Ump

    First One

    @mac266 was this the video you were thinking of? "Umpire Ejection Tutorial - John Gallante" https://youtu.be/W_FtBx9wRKs IMO "What did you say?" doesn't have to be baiting, if you say it the way @BobUmp described above. Saying it in a non-aggressive tone can be used to give a coach an exit.
  20. I wear sunglasses all the time, and before reading this thread, I always took them off for plate meetings. I don't think it really matters to most people, do it however you want to. I've just always done this without thinking about it. Even pulling up to a drive-thru window (or ordering from a person with an i-pad outside at Chick-fil-a) I take them off, so this is just something I always do.
  21. How does calling the top of the knees versus the bottom of the knees on a kid (I assume, since you said LL) make any real difference?
  22. Duplicate threads. @Thunderheads (or anyone) could you merge these? https://umpire-empire.com/topic/74438-does-the-run-count/
  23. I was like 8 at the time...
  24. $40 no bids. Might be an idea if you've thought about trying out a HSM. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mizuno-Pro-Adult-Baseball-Catchers-Mask-Helmet
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