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  1. For sale Never Used Wilson Dynalite mask with tan pads. Asking $45 shipped. Negotiations welcomed. PayPal accepted. PM with interest.
  2. Size large. Worn once. Excellent condition. MAKE OFFER. Buyer pay shipping. PayPal accepted. PM with inquiries.
  3. Two things to never skimp on: training and uniforms. I know it sucks putting in the money, but that's the nature of the beast. Look at it as an investment. If you get it now, you save later.
  4. I took blow dryer to heat it up and then curve it. After that I took a bungie cable around bottom plate to keep that shape permanently.
  5. For sale: Japanese Mizuno mask and Zett black throat guard. Make offers (covers shipping). PayPal accepted. No dents,dings,etc. Used twice. PM with interest.
  6. I use the Douglas CP and shins. Best out there and I've tried everything.
  7. Make offer. Buyer pays $10 shipping cost. Size regular (12") Honigs Elite CP. MODIFIED: Gap protection and inside auxillary pads removed for lower profile look. Used twice, like new. Accept PayPal or Cashier Check. PM with interest/inquiries.
  8. I use an original black Douglas and black Douglas shins.
  9. I do not like any of the changes in the ALPB. The Trackman has if anything shown that human element is needed to call pitches. Hope it actually let's people appreciate the discretion we use on those "gray areas" of calling pitches.
  10. VAUmp, are you still looking for plate gear? I have a Honigs chest protector and 15" shin guards (Honigs) I'm trying to sell.
  11. Selling never worn, brand new medium/large Wilson Gold. Make an offer!!! (buyer pay $15 Shipping). PM with serious inquiries only please. PayPal or cashier check accepted.
  12. I have used the Wilson Aluminum for two years. I've taken shots and no I'll effect. I really like it.
  13. A few thoughts... -Use written warning and restrict then if you have to eject do so - don't call coaches out if the dugout especially to look at lines in dirt. We don't want them doing it to us, don't do it to them. It's judgement. Leave it at that. -I wouldn't tell coaches to swing the bat or a certain zone you are going to have. They will figure it out. Doing this at plate meeting may create tension before anything happens -I know it frustrating but try not to umpire with emotion. Coaches are already emotional and unrational during arguments. We need to defuse it if possible. Being at their level does no good. just my 2 pennies...
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