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  1. I'm using a gaitor that's doubled over. Worked fine this summer and fall during games.
  2. Yes, I agree on shipping time. It was crazy week, but nonetheless, I should have shipped sooner. As I said, my apologies for the delayed shipping.
  3. Sold. @Thunderheads please lock it up. Thanks.
  4. Make reasonable offer. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal friends and family, Venmo and Cashapp accepted. PM inquiries. 1. 12" Douglas West Vest excellent condition. 2. 16" Douglas black shin guards. Very Good condition. Metal hooks have some rust.
  5. I personally would rather have a LS shirt. But if it's that cold or raining, wear it. The thing for me is if you wear one on plate tuck it in. If you dont like the elastic on bottom, you can always get a plate jacket or get a regular umpire jacket and have elastic removed by seamstress to use on the plate.
  6. I use the Smitty polyspandex. Have the legs taken in by a tailor. Before the polyspandex I used the Honigs Polywools (the quality run, not the last trash they put out).
  7. No problem. I appreciate the input.
  8. System 7 line...Not Cobalt.
  9. I'm looking at the System 7 shins and CP. I was wondering: 1. The smallest size in shins is 17. I'm 5'7" and usually wear 15 or 16s. Are the shins playable enough were the knee cap area will essentially act like a thigh cap? 2. Is the CP bulky like the West Vest?
  10. And after the game, the league rep does not need to speak to you. That's the assigner's job. Get off the field ASAP
  11. @ChrisUrbz Thanks for the Douglas shins. I posted looking for black Douglas shins and Chris delivered. Quick delivery and a pleasure.
  12. I use compression shorts and long black socks
  13. I give a homerun mechanic every time
  14. Always go to a taylor for hems, not the retailer.
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