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  1. Selling never worn, brand new medium/large Wilson Gold. Make an offer!!! (buyer pay $15 Shipping). PM with serious inquiries only please. PayPal or cashier check accepted.
  2. I have used the Wilson Aluminum for two years. I've taken shots and no I'll effect. I really like it.
  3. A few thoughts... -Use written warning and restrict then if you have to eject do so - don't call coaches out if the dugout especially to look at lines in dirt. We don't want them doing it to us, don't do it to them. It's judgement. Leave it at that. -I wouldn't tell coaches to swing the bat or a certain zone you are going to have. They will figure it out. Doing this at plate meeting may create tension before anything happens -I know it frustrating but try not to umpire with emotion. Coaches are already emotional and unrational during arguments. We need to defuse it if possible. Being at their level does no good. just my 2 pennies...
  4. I suggest the Wilson Gold shins. if they are too bulky, try the Platinum ones. I like the Force 3's but they don't have a size that fits me.
  5. For me its squats, stretching and lots of cardio (bike, jogging, elliptical).
  6. Save you're money. I had a pair and took foul balls/missed pitches off the toe box and I stung. They also fall apart easily and they were taken care of properly. Had my pair for not even six months and the material on outside of shoe started coming part. Some say this is a softball plate shoe...I used them in softball as well with same results. That's just me. Some guys live them.
  7. New, never used Wilson Gold Chest Protector. Size M-L. NAME OFFER (cannot take less than $100) plus $12 shipping. PM me if interested. Money order and PayPal accepted.
  8. I second the Champion hardshell. Here's my thinking about gear, I would get stuff that's serviceable at any level you work. You will save money in long run and not have to worry about getting crap as a younger umpire.
  9. Ump0000


    The key to signals are give them correctly, consistently prior to the ball in play. Pre-pitch prep your areas and verbal communication once ball is in play.
  10. Looking to sell Diamond mask with black leather Wilson wrap around pads. Used once. Logos blacked out. Asking $40 OBO plus priority shipping ($12). PM if interested.
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