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  1. I have a small size Platinum and was wondering if anyone had any solution to replace or modify to padding in the shoulder caps? I was thinking maybe replacing with neoprene from wrestling knee pads or something. Any suggestions welcomed.
  2. Sold. Please lock up @Thunderheads
  3. Selling all black force 3 mask. Good condition. Asking $80 OBO. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal and Venmo accepted. PM inquiries.
  4. Selling F3 V3 chest protector. Very good condition. Asking $90 plus shipping. PayPal and Venmo accepted. PM with inquiries.
  5. Sold. Please lock up @Thunderheads
  6. Selling brand new Mizuno leather pads and harness. Make an offer. Buyer pays shipping. PM inquiries. PayPal and Venmo accepted.
  7. I just let them dry and use a damp rag to wipe down. Once dry I store the mask in a mask bag and store in dry place in off season. I change pads every year.
  8. @TChildsUMP quick transaction on Force 3 CP. Pleasure to deal with.
  9. This is a Wilson Charcoal. It was supposed to be a step down from the Gold and Platinum. However, the guys I've worked with who use this, seems like it worked just fine for ball above high school.
  10. Sold. Please lock it up @Thunderheads
  11. Was able to get sharpie off logo
  12. 12" black Douglas good condition. May need new harness (straps cut to fit). Asking $80 plus shipping. PayPal accepted. PM inquiries.
  13. Sold. Please lock it up @Thunderheads
  14. Black Diamond Featherweight frame (very good condition) with black Team Wendy pads (good condition). Asking $40 shipped. PayPal Friends and Family accepted. PM inquiries.
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