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  1. I suppose you could but, they are made of foam and foam will very likely float on the surface and not get very clean. I would hand wash them, rinse them well and dry them in the sun. This is what I have down with my TW and All Star LUC pads.
  2. I would love to pick up a Zero-G as a back up for the season if I knew I would get it in time........
  3. I have worn a Douglas for approx. 10 years along with an S7. I have never missed the gap protection. But, I would never have a Douglas without the T hooks. Makes all the difference getting it snug enough. The plates shape better and it doesn't float or move. Also, upgrade to a F3, UL, or S7 harness. I agree with @wolfe_man at this price point it should come "fully loaded" but I am sure these are almost a distraction for them considering the low volume.
  4. I have tried a couple times and never got the product. I tried everything to no avail. Good luck.
  5. boyinr

    New Surgery

    He is very likely Freaky Fast.
  6. We barely missed you Mr Farve.
  7. Take a magnet from your refrigerator. If it sticks to your frame, it is steel. If it doesn't it is something else.
  8. You have it figured out. The most important thing we leave behind is the next generation. They far out live most all of the legacies.
  9. The one that I bought that was identical to that was steel. It's a great mask and very lightweight.
  10. Great transaction with @EAA_umpire_Sam. Great buyer. Thanks again Sam.
  11. @Thunderheads. Lock it up please.
  12. Adidas Icon. Like new. Just refinished by Tony/Mask It. Mint Condition. $110 shipped on a PP F&F transfer. I can package this together with a lightly used set of Team Wendy pads (black), a Champro 6" throat guard, and a Diamond harness for $150.
  13. We were at the game. It was highly entertaining. Started on the AB before. Carried over to the next one. From a Braves point of view it was about the highlight of the game.
  14. I typically spray them with Fabreeze after the game then hang/lay them in garage to thoroughly air dry over night. Hand wash the padding at the end of the season.
  15. This is the best solution. All you have to send them is the plate. They turned mine around in the same day. $25+ shipping included the t hooks. I tried to get them to send me a new plate and save on the shipping there but, I could never make it clear enough.
  16. Shouldn't it be as east as a magnet? If it is Titanal (aluminium) or steel the magnet will tell the story. My Adidas is hollow steel.
  17. Not I. I worn these most of the summer on dry games. and found them to be a great shoe. I checked mine out and there is noting there that I can feel.
  18. Anyone try this shoe yet? My NB460 V3 have ripped where the plate attaches to the toe after about 50-60 games. I am going to take it to a cobbler but, I don't hold much hope to be able to stop this from tearing further. Hate to spend another $150 on this model again. I liked the fit and the lightweight but, not as durable as I had hoped/expected.
  19. My vote is for a Douglas with the tee hooks and one of the neoprene harnesses (all star, force 3, ump life). I do understand that makes this a $250 cp but it is the best balance of low profile and protection IMO. I am a similar size 5-8, 180. I also have a S7 that I wear. I can wear a M shirt with the Douglas, but with the S7 it's a L shirt Personally, I would rather hear "dang he took that shot to the chest and it never bothered him one bit" than "dang no wonder he is hurt, it doesn't even look like he's wearing a chest protector". I'd look like robocop if it guaranteed I would never get hurt. I have never been in a situation where I wished I was less protected. Regardless of the level, I wear the exact same gear. That's my choice.
  20. Congratulations!! I will be there for some of the games. Not sure which ones yet.
  21. I have had my Diamond 33" bag now for 8+ years and have never regretted buying it. I love knowing that with one bag I have everything I need.
  22. I will start with the two that I commonly see and have experience with. The Diamond iX3 (non Big League pads) and the pads that come on any Champro frame including the magnesium.
  23. Great transactions with #1 seller @wolfe_man. Also a great transaction @jwclubbie.
  24. SOLD. @Thunderheads please do your thing and lock it down.
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