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  1. This might just be the single worst message of “support” I’ve read.
  2. Warn, Restrict, Eject. The rulebook is your friend. Look at it this way. By allowing it, you are assuming the liability for their behavior, What is it worth to YOU and your family to allow them to be there? Your car? Your life savings? Your house?
  3. I will say that IMO, the toughest levels to learn at are the younger levels. ANYTHING can and will happen. They are inconsistent and unpredictable. It will teach you to not anticipate or take for granted any play. Working alone makes it doubly harder. I will offer to also find a mentor to talk you off the ledge/out of the tree after s really rough game. Welcome to the club.
  4. Picked up a pair of these last week and wore them for the first time this week. These are the real deal!!! Bought through Purchase Officials with our association discount. Light and comfortable. Shine up nice. I agree the laces are junk. I swapped the inner soles out (I always do). May not be great on muddy fields. The fact that they seem 1/4 lb lighter will be nice on those back to back summer plates. Haven’t taken a hit yet. I was mostly concerned about the catcher stepping on them.
  5. IMG_0323.MOV I had the very same thing happen last summer in a college wood bat game. The force of the impact generated enough heat to melt the nylon jock to the NB. I walked the ball back out to the pitcher. Peeled the jock off, sanded down the rough area and its game time. I see no reason to change or upgrade. I did buy a new NB this Spring as the rubber trim on my is coming loose after 10 years or so.
  6. You could remove the rivet, apply the JB Weld, smooth it off, redrill the hole and use a binder screw to reattach the D ring. Or just say “it died with its boots on, doing its job until the end” and buy a set of F3s.
  7. IMO This is all about the money. It’s the precursor to being able to wager on ball and strikes. Think of the revenue to be made with 300 betting opportunities in a 2-1/2 game.
  8. I don't like it and I am not sure he is getting the max benefit from it. But, I'll do me and he can do him.
  9. I do think that it makes it swing/hang easier. Especially on the MAG as the bars are not round.
  10. I recently replaced mine and they were 1/4”. I moved the straps to the back and used a rubber washer in the front. It’s a much cleaner look IMO.
  11. This is something that I developed for someone. It folds into 4 sections. This one is in Excel if you choose to edit it. Use it if it helps. Game Tracking Card.xlsx
  12. Yes. Very much so. I believe they are now the supplier to MILB.
  13. My 33" Diamond has become a pain due to the zippers and such. I had it for more 10 years in and out of a truck bed. No complaints but, I was looking for something different, so I went with the ebags Mother Lode 29". I know one of the things that I will need to get over is, the Diamond literally held a weeks work of stuff (pack it up on Sunday evening and it was good to go), I carried almost two of everything and had a dedicated shoe compartment. If it helps, I typically hang up shirts, pullover/jackets and pants. With the Diamond I have a plastic tub in the bottom with clean underclothes, tees, socks, jocks, tights, hats and room for base shoes. I used the top for plate gear (2 masks) and plate shoes on the end compartment. The cover stored all the indicators, stopwatches, plate brushes, hand warmers, etc..... My question is how do you pack this? Gear on the top or the bottom? Where do you put plate and base shoes? I see the top and 2 side accessory pockets. What goes in there? Looking to get started in the right direction with some solid advice from some experienced users.
  14. I gave away a mask last week to someone in need. That left me with pads, harness and a TG with out a home. @Stk004was kind enough to help me out of my jam by selling me a sweet Wilson low profile TI. Seeing its first action today.
  15. Great transaction with @Stk004. Even held the shipment so my package didn’t sit on the porch. Buy with trust.
  16. From the Federation website https://www.nfhs.org/articles/decertification-of-33-inch-stinger-bat-missile-ii/
  17. I have used everything from Wilson Wrap-arounds, Wilson Two-toned, Team Wendy's, and All-Star FM25 LUC's. I have not used the FM4000 MAG pads in this frame. I gave my Diamond BL away yesterday to a guy lost his all his gear yesterday (container bin fell out of his truck ☹️). I will miss that frame but, he was a friend in need.
  18. All I use is LA’s Totally Awesome from Dollar Tree. Diluted 1:5 in a spray bottle from Lowe’s. One $1.25 bottle lasts all season. Hit it with a scrub brush. Wipe with a rag. Good to go.
  19. I like the S7 frame better than Wilson AL. I find the vison to be better due to the shape of the frame. I also prefer the stock LUC pads to the Wilson Memory Foam pads. i would not immediately feel the need to upgrade the pads. FM4000 pads are a nice upgrade. IMO, you are just starting out you have a lot of expenses. Save the upgrade for after you’ve banked a little cash. Just add a 6” throat guard and attach it to the bottom frame not the extended chin.
  20. I have been wearing the Hokas for a month for walking. I love them. Thinking about the Clifton model for an on field shoe. https://www.hoka.com/en/us/sale/clifton-8/194715600300.html?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc_brand&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItrPNlq22_QIVzv_jBx0aFg-4EAAYASAAEgK8mPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  21. Depends. Personally, I have found New Balance to be a bit narrow and Smittys to be a bit wide. I wear thin socks with one and double up with the other. YMMV. I don’t have any issues with the length on either pair.
  22. https://www.wkrg.com/sports/local-sports/umpire-pay-dispute-could-threaten-high-school-baseball-opening-day/
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