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  1. It's judgment of course...but yes, my understanding is the federation requires possession of the baseball to legally block the entire base.
  2. I haven't read the other responses yet, but if I had to guess, I'd say that your plate shoes are a 1/2 to a size too small. I had the same thing happen to me many years ago. I didn't realize that my shoes were too small until I got a new pair of plate shoes and was forced to size up due to inventory and all my troubles went away! Sorry you're dealing with blisters. If it helps, and a new pair isn't in your budget, I used band aids and athletic tape torn in half the long way and wrapped my irritated toes until I could afford a new pair. Good luck.
  3. johnnyg08

    Play Ball

    I'm happy with him sticking to epidemiology.
  4. Thanks Jim. I was hoping you'd chime in.
  5. IF and only IF you risk this...pay with PayPal. Good luck
  6. I wish the photos for the CP were a little better.
  7. Congrats! You might be one of the only umpires in the country who (wants to and) is umpiring high school baseball this year.
  8. Their customer service is usually really good. I've ordered from them for years. One of their websites is infected with malware though...so be careful...if you get popups to "renew flash" get out of dodge on that one.
  9. Thanks for posting the 2nd link. The top one didn't work for me.
  10. I think all of the scenarios being discussed involved bases empty scenarios..IOW do we have a legal pitch? OBR provides an exception for removing the hand from the ball on a pitch (of course) maybe x.xx a(10)? I'm not sure there is a dispute about this being a balk with runners on base. Is there? :-)
  11. ha ha...that's great! Also...notice the batter sat on it and roped it. It's a gimmick...nothing more
  12. Some part of his body is moving. That's not a pause. (We are agreeing) some people are seeing something that isn't there.
  13. Not everything that looks weird is illegal. The reason we tend to not see most gimmicks is because they are gimmicks and they don't work. Things like this require us to know the specific requirements of the windup and what the pitcher is permitted to do...it's not necessarily how we feel or what we think which is where a lot of umpires get into trouble with the MSU rule book.
  14. We must be watching different videos. If a stop is what we're looking for, that video doesn't have it.
  15. Agree. It's a gimmick. I can't find rule support that makes it illegal, therefore it's legal for me.
  16. As a former player, I see this working maybe once. Maybe. I don't believe there are any issues with legality. In the end he gets to this point and it's like any other pitch from the windup. It's not that big of a deal from a hitter's standpoint. He still ends up in the "traditional" or normal delivery position. Lastly, I feel bad for his DH.
  17. Merged for pleasure. Thanks @Maven
  18. I think this play is more situational management. When the coach comes out and says: "He can't do that" In cases like this, I believe that a good umpire will respond with more than a "He's good." or "Yes he can" How do you respond and maintain your credibilty?
  19. Maybe I'm too long in the tooth to have fun anymore? Is it wrong of me to just be in the camp of simply running the kid and moving on with the rest of the game?
  20. Yeah, another OBR rule change that we will not be enforcing. Silly at the amateur level.
  21. Here's my take: Penalty 1 seems pretty clear that we can call out R3...the runner they're playing on. The rule includes the batter...but it does not exclude a runner. Just because it mentions the batter, doesn't mean all other offensive members are excluded. (At least how it reads to me) In my mind, it seems like if certain offensive members are excluded, it would be easy to write that into the rule. Example: "All offensive members except any runner." There are plenty of rules in the book that need cross references or are used sometimes, but not others so I'm not completely sold on the argument that there are rules for batter and runners and this covers everything else.
  22. Jesus...same here. This video is the LAST time I want to see this play. No matter the call on this play...somebody is headed to the showers. Tip of the cap to this crew (timing of this being early in the season likely mattered) but to manage this situation w/o an ejection. End of year conference tournament, regional, etc...I think this entire thing plays out differently.
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