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  1. Maybe I'm too long in the tooth to have fun anymore? Is it wrong of me to just be in the camp of simply running the kid and moving on with the rest of the game?
  2. Yeah, another OBR rule change that we will not be enforcing. Silly at the amateur level.
  3. Here's my take: Penalty 1 seems pretty clear that we can call out R3...the runner they're playing on. The rule includes the batter...but it does not exclude a runner. Just because it mentions the batter, doesn't mean all other offensive members are excluded. (At least how it reads to me) In my mind, it seems like if certain offensive members are excluded, it would be easy to write that into the rule. Example: "All offensive members except any runner." There are plenty of rules in the book that need cross references or are used sometimes, but not others so I'm not completely sold on the argument that there are rules for batter and runners and this covers everything else.
  4. Jesus...same here. This video is the LAST time I want to see this play. No matter the call on this play...somebody is headed to the showers. Tip of the cap to this crew (timing of this being early in the season likely mattered) but to manage this situation w/o an ejection. End of year conference tournament, regional, etc...I think this entire thing plays out differently.
  5. The results on the field after consulting with the crew:
  6. Based on how 8-5q is written, it simply can not be refuted as rule support for outs on this play. There is no A.R. or Notes to suggest that there are exceptions to "any live ball area" or "any member of the offensive team" 1. "Any member of the offensive team" In this play we have an offensive member in the form of a runner 2. "Does not vacate any live ball area" The live ball area is the area in dirt circle, the runner did not vacate that area 3. "interfering with a defensive player attempting to field a batted or thrown ball" The catcher is attempting to field a thrown ball in an effort to retire R3. Very simple, if there are exceptions as many say there are to 8-5q...where are those exceptions in the rule book? It is certainly worth the discussion. If the ACC wants to call this play nothing...fine. I absolutely understand the reasoning. My boss says call it this way...I will call it that way. I'm not too proud.
  7. Okay...then the NCAA supports getting out(s) on this play.
  8. I didn't need to be there to know what they did. There are some very competent umpires who do not agree w/ UTD. I'm still not sure what side you're on based upon your post previous to this one. You said: "they got it right" The crew called some type of interference on this play. The crew in this game did not call "nothing" So did they get it right or not? I would like someone to clarify for me how "any offensive player and must vacate any live ball area" only applies to certain "all offensive members" but not other "all offensive members" and only certain "live ball areas" but not other live ball areas. If it were me...I would use 8-5q which I've quoted here a few times. 8-5q states:
  9. Well, if that's the case, the crew ended up with outs on this play. So which is it? If Bruns supports the crew, Bruns supports a call of "interference" on this play and not "nothing" I don't remember exactly what the crew did...but I think they called the batter/runner out and returned R3...or called out R3 and put the batter/runner on first. It was one of those two. The crew did not call "nothing" on this play...so it can't be nothing and something in the same game.
  10. I don't agree. At least in my part of the state, if I'm the only one doing it/enforcing it I come off as a red ass and teams don't like that. It seems like it's different for you. There's a cost to being right.
  11. Not necessarily true...we're discussing a play on another thread where the NCAA rule clearly state "Any member of the offense" only to have people reply that it doesn't really apply to all members of the offense. **The wife stuff is spot on**
  12. My understanding is that at a minimum the NCAA (Bruns) would disagree with screen name "JG UTD Instructor Lee" I can say that I spoke with guys too and they don't all agree with "JG UTD Instructor Lee" Maybe this person will put names to the people he spoke with. But to be as scathing as he was in a play that was very difficult and had lots of moving parts, was tough to swallow. I've seen bigger names in the game make much bigger mistakes and guys like that are right there scrubbing the mud from their shoes. If it was that easy of a play, he (presumably) wouldn't need to write a manifesto explaining how a play is allegedly "nothing"
  13. I would also encourage the NCAA to modify 8-5q which talks about "any member of the offensive team" and excludes zero members of the offense.
  14. We shouldn't be convinced that this play is "nothing" The argument is compelling.
  15. What authority is JG Utd Instructor Lee?
  16. I haven't paid attention to what our state stance is...mainly because it's literally at the bottom of my list. We either have the right baseballs or we don't. My guess is that our state will want us to play and then force the umpire(s) to file an incident report. I'd love to have it be a "no play" all it would take is one story to make the news as the rest of the teams would be compliant within the week. But if I were in charge, I'd play the game and file an incident report because of the other costs associated with the contest.
  17. Work blocks YouTube? Do you work for Microsoft?
  18. Is there room for NCAA 8-5q here?
  19. I think tangle/untangle applies to a batted ball.
  20. Then if that's the case, I don't care if we play or not. It's their issue to take up w/ their governing body...it's not even an umpire issue...at that point it's administrative.
  21. Regardless of the baseballs...I want a contract that states if you're in a no-play state, the umpires will get their full game fees if we can't play with non-compliant baseballs
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