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  1. You're right. Because it was edited out. Watched a manager who is not mic'd up argue on a video clip is a WOBW. I guess for me, I post clips to elicit discussion. FWIW, the call on the field was RLI and the most important learning on this play is that the runners return to their TOP bases.
  2. Well, I promise I'm not trying to be difficult...but the video is titled Runner Lane Interference. I promise, I'm not being a smart ass.
  3. The elements of the play seem pretty clear to me. Not sure what else you're wanting to see? Maddon pleading with the umpire for 45 seconds?
  4. I think it's a good clip to support another version of CI....even less traditional swings like this.
  5. Interesting play. Thanks for sharing. Here's a shorter clip of just the play for those wanting "Just the facts" and not all of the other commentary.
  6. We need to get this every time.
  7. johnnyg08

    2021 MLBUM?

    Any leads on the 2021 MLBUM? In the past I've purchased them from ABUA but now much of that site seems like it's loaded with malware which is unfortunate. I know ump-attire currently has stock of the 2021 OBR and will have stock of the 2021 MiLB manual. Thanks. If you have a private lead, PM works too.
  8. Please allow me to rephrase...while fees across the state are different as they are in my state...in those local areas, are the fees the same for baseball & softball?
  9. And if I read above...in Ohio, the fees are the same correct? Thank you for chiming in!
  10. You have the name of an association in your profile (NEKOA)...are all of those members baseball umpires? Or are softball umpires also members of NEKOA? I'm not asking about how you're paid...don't take this the wrong way...but if you don't have anything to contribute to this thread other than telling me that you don't know how anybody besides yourself gets paid, or that you don't know what an association is even though you have the name of an association in your profile, then I thank you for your contributions. Have a nice day.
  11. Is your baseball association separate from your softball association?
  12. Sure...but the question is general....does baseball make more than softball?
  13. Thank you. These are exactly the stories I'm seeking. Appreciate your insight.
  14. I'm trying to gather data from around the country around this specific topic. Please include any relevant information in the discussion thread.
  15. Lost some credibility with the fanboy admisison
  16. Still looking? I have a Black, Honigs 44R that I'd consider moving.
  17. Last year was such a blur, it felt like the movie Back to the Future.
  18. Wow, those are significant. Thanks for the update!
  19. Yikes...for sub varsity...2.5 hrs should be drop dead time. Eeeek!
  20. Also I agree...it's pretty likely that they paint the lines at that level.
  21. Yep...here it is...2019 MLBUM: Fair Ball Definition of Terms: When in contact with the ground, a ball must be in contact with fair territory and not merely over fair territory in order to be adjudged to be fair
  22. I think it was an interp from MLBUM. I don't have my stuff handy to verify right now though...in fact it might have been my post a couple years ago bringing it up.
  23. Correct. Welcome to the thread
  24. For $10 it can be yours https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/MLB-OBR-2020/2020-Official-Major-League-Baseball-MLB-Rulebook
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