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    Well, TWs work fine for me in the cold. Anyhow, the Wilson Memory Foam pads work very well in cooler weather. Lots of guys on here like to use leather pads in the spring and then shift to TWs in the summer.
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    I carry no less than two, and sometimes up to four, masks with me to every game venue I work. My main pads are TWs (I have 3 sets), but I also use All-Star MAG-LUCs on my FM4000, and navy LUCs on my (lone, thank goodness) rarely-used Navy mask (for when I call games in those states east of the Mississippi River, American Legion, or CDP). So, not only do I color-coordinate, I also temperature-coordinate, to a certain degree (ha! pun!). Cold temps? I use the LUC -equipped masks. Normal or hot weather? TWs is where it’s at. Consider, too, that if you wash TWs on a routine basis, and allow them to air dry, they’ll stay softer. The buildup of salt, from your sweat, actually stiffens the pads.
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    For me the best all around in all weather plus good protection has been the all star LUC pads and the Honings pads.
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    I’d say probably in the $125-150 range. Maybe a little less
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    It was wrong for him to switch crews and it was wrong for him to text you like that. Did you screw him? Sure. But instead of using it as a chance to help you learn, your partner pouted and then sends you a scathing text? That's BS. I suspect if I went to my partner and he replied with "It's your call," I would more forcefully ask, "DID. HE. GO?!!" and put it right back on him. Then we would have a conversation after the game to help him better understand 2 man mechanics and working as a crew. It is the responsibility of more advanced umpires to help those coming up. Guys that don't see it that way are just hurting the brotherhood.
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