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    Product is not finished yet. We are meeting with them next week to go over things before production begins. Full and accurate details to come when the time is right.
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    @wolfe_man and the rest of you are “purty smart”. The main thing I see is most items are below the cost manufacturers sell to retailers (like us). We never go below cost unless the product is an absolute dud or we are way overstocked on extreme sizes (say a S or 4X). It would be in our best interest if this was legit to buy from this person, but no way would I trust this person somehow had an in with All Star, Force3, AND Wilson. Hard pass.
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    That was my first "tell"... these are below what you would pay to buy these direct from the wholesaler to sell(retail) to me! These are truly unbelievable prices.
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    Details from link: All Star Cobalt™ low profile, contoured hard-shell Umpire Chest Protector. 3.7mm thick HDPE pre-curved armor plates with hinges conform to many body shapes. The removable extension adds another 3.5” of seamless protection for taller Officials. Pre-curved shoulders allow CPU to hang on and not slip down the body and provide superior collarbone protection. All armor plates have memory – bend them to form a custom shape. Shoulders guards can move outward by 1/2 inches for larger Officials. Removable shoulder gap cap for an even lower profile fit. Patented central cooling channel with removable and washable chest pads (or swap in a second dry set for long tournament series). The original DeltaFlex™ harness is included.
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    Jim do you price match? Asking for a friend (Arik).
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    Here’s another tell. We would sell a lot of Wilson Golds or Wilson bags at 99.99 if we truly wanted to clear them. Why we would we offer them for $66? Or $75 leaving money on the table? If it walks like a duck...
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    Thanks Jim. I was hoping you'd chime in.
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    Ridiculous. Please tell us you are joking. What age group? What rule set...not that it matters? Never heard of that. Fed rules read: “i. on a dropped third strike, he gives up by entering the bench or dugout area, ” Requires it be the third strike. Regardless you (ump) tell the kid "Hey that's only two, you still have one more, give it a ride."
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    This is runner INT. F4 is protected from OBS because he is fielding a batted ball. When R1 hinders him—even unintentionally, and contact is not necessary—it is INT. The ball is dead, the runner is out. The BR is awarded 1B, unless R1 intentionally made contact to prevent a double play (the Fed rule is different on this point). For collisions on the bases during a batted ball, it's always either INT or OBS, never a no-call. You're asking about 9U, so everyone involved is still learning, including the umpires. That's fine: that's a primary goal of instructional baseball.
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    Maybe it's a holdout from my playing days...I remember very clear the day at practice when my coach said, "Before every pitch, think to yourself...what am I going to do if the ball is hit to me and what am I going to do if the ball is not hit to me?" That mindset guides me as an umpire, too. Before every pitch, I am thinking through options, "What am I doing if it's down the 1B line? The 3B line? Fly ball? Ground ball?" Pause, Read, React is always going to serve you best because you cannot prepare for every scenario on every pitch. Quickly thinking through some possibilities is part of how I prepare my brain to Pause, Read React. As always...YMMV. ~Dog
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    To me it's just like the players are supposed to do--think about what their role is if a ball goes here, or if it goes there--it's the mental preparation that gives you an edge.
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    Not only that. But all this stuff at a significant discount is suspect to start.
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    Yes. An it is the last harness you will ever use. Because Ray ( @Razzer) does the best quality work you will find! You can either order it stock from Ray or Ump-Attire.com. or you can order it custom for a few bucks more (name, sleeve number, association insignia) directly from Ray at rbumpire37@gmail.com I would say "your mileage may vary." But with an Umplife harness, you won't.
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    Going over the situation pre-pitch is taught at school and at clinics. You need to know the count, outs, position of the runners, and what your rotations and responsibilities are on each potential outcome of that pitch.
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    Good practices. Calling the batter out on a dropped 3rd strike, ( And we've all done it), would be more of a timing or not tracking properly type of issue. And your best looking punch outs always seem to be on strike 2.

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