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    Ugh...I was looking forward to having an auto-escalate bid of +$1 on @wolfe_man's bid. ~Dog
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    IMO: Both will provide excellent protection. However, you're basically asking to compare the lightest mask out there with the heaviest. Disclaimer: I do not have the F3 V2. Personally, I'd go with the All Star mag. It's super light and super comfortable. The jaw pad is really comfortable in any weather. I really like the idea of the plastic plate in the bottom pad to help disperse the energy of an impact. The top pad is just a regular LUC pad. The sightlines out of the mask are just okay. The bars are more like blades, so they're really thin but longer than your typical mask. IMO, it takes a game or two to get used to the view out of this mask. That said, I really like the way it looks and you would be in good hands with this mask. The F3 will provide excellent protection as well, possibly better than the All Star mag. Not to say that the All Star doesn't provide protection, but F3 is widely considered some of the most protective equipment you can buy (except the CP, YMMV). The F3 is heavy. Someone is going to reply to that and disagree, but it is a heavy mask. That said, it's designed to be worn tight. This may or may not be comfortable to you, and you may need to practice taking it off without taking your hat off as well. I've also been told the visibility out of the F3 is a little different because you have that floating cage that sits so far away from your face. But this mask is very protective and would be a good choice as well. At the end of the day, as with anything, it's all personal preference. Both masks feature cutting edge technology and both are very very good options. The All-Star will be lighter, probably more comfortable, and protective (and looks better ). The F3 will be heavier, worn tight, and very protective. You won't go wrong either way. Personally, I'd get the magnesium. @JimKirk will tell you to buy both on Ump-Attire and return whichever one you don't like at their expense! @MadMax will tell you the same thing I told you, but 10x longer. Good luck and happy umpiring!
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    Thanks @Stk004!!! I needed to be able to add another emoji for your hysterical dig on @MadMax! Lol
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    My stock answer: "when I see a strike, I'll let you know."
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    I don't have a frame, but Tony can powder-coat your mag to a really nice matte black for $40 + shipping costs to/from his shop. As a side note, what are you wanting to get out of your frame if you sold it outright? Thanks!
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    The pads are Wilson’s. I had to buy a whole mask to get them, but it was pretty cheap. Rawlings does make a royal blue though.I haven’t seen them in person, so I don’t know what shade they are. These Wilson pads match the Bermuda blue from TOC really well. The Bermuda is the best color they have ever made, IMO.
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    Pre game in a 10U LL game I had one of the coaches say. ":Gonna be a big zone tonight right blue." I said "Barn door" The other coach said "Oh thank God" LOL..
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    Any rule in FED or OBR that mentions the word "lodge" - particularly the ones that mention a player's equipment....I see the word 16 times in FED and seven times in OBR. None of them fit the description, or spirit, of the play described. In the OP "lodges" between the (presumably) chin of the mask and the top of the chest protector is no different than "lodges" between his chin and sternum, or his arm and his side, or between his legs...it's being held between two properly worn pieces of equipment, it's not "stuck" there. It's not "in" the equipment or uniform. Otherwise, you'd have to rule a ball "lodged" if the catcher blocks a pitch/throw between his legs and is holding it between his two shin guards.
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