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    Counter: The ball was so hard hit that F6 has plenty of time to make a throw to first without drifting toward right field and he doesn't need to drift because R1 is so far from the base.. And, R1 is in his sights. So, the only reason F6 drifted was to intentionally hit R1 with the ball. Eject F6. Fee free to judge otherwise ...
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    I had something close to this happen in a HS Varsity Quarterfinal Playoff Game. I was plate, and final score was 1-0 Home team to advance... At the time it was the bottom of the 5th, 1-0 HT. 0 out, runners on 2nd and 3rd. Both teams struggling to puts hits together against the two starters. First batter, they attempt a squeeze, but the BR bunts a little pop-up up down the 1B line, and the catcher dives and catches it in foul territory, with both runners able to scramble back to their bases safely. Next batter, second pitch they attempt a straight steal of home and 3rd: the pitcher does not step off but throws a fastball high and inside (the difference from the situation above). The batter does not attempt to swing but pivoted his body in the box a bit to avoid a HBP, then stands his ground motionless as all hell breaks loose: I check for illegal pitch -nope looked good to me- he set and stopped legally before he started the pitch I check for the catcher maybe trying to move over the plate before receiving the pitch for catcher's interference - nope, the high and tight pitch made sure he was off the plate and in his legal area to receive the pitch I freeze in my position, no time to remove my mask... Catcher attempts the tag in front of the BR, and the R3 alters to come in behind the BR, between basically me and the BR and... The BR pushes his butt and front elbow out to nudge the catcher trying to adjust to make the tag.. Catchers just misses tagging the runner, but i call the interference, rule the R3 out, and return R2 to second... The HC of HT must have saw the interference or thought he was tagged, but asks for me to check with the crew for any balk (no stop) on the pitcher. I get the crew together and use the time to let the crowd settle down, poll the crew on both balk/no balk and my interference call and rulings, get the coaches together, explain the ruling (no balk, R3 out for out #2 and R2 back to second) and move on back to baseball, which also has the HT throw out a tagging up R3 at home in T6.... Here is a pic of the play (courtesy of a news website), just before the runner adjusts behind the BR and just before the BR gets his elbow out to prevent the tag from the catcher... he's already starting to interfere at this moment... Second pic is the out at home on the Sac Fly..
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    With what MLB umpires have told me, if you’re not wearing it - I would sell it NOW. 2020 is the year of LOW-PROFILE upgrades in the equipment side of things & also in umpire uniform apparel. If MLB umpires aren’t wearing Force 3, what’s their other brand of choice?? #LowProfile
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    I think he’s saying that he’s using those shoes for 2020
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    If the revival of zombie threads was at the top of my list of concerns on social media I would consider my life charmed. Is this really a concern that makes any one unhinged? C'mon guys!
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    Too bad there's no button for X% stupid posts.
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    Finally. I've been waiting nearly 7.5 years for someone to add that. I'd just about given up.
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    Did I really just watch that? I can send you my resume Jim ...
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    I always worry about the width of Nike shoes. It seems they always run a little narrow.
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    Another site I cruise though locks threads after 7-10 days of inactivity on that thread... really annoying when you do not visit daily and have something to add to the discussion. I agree with @Kevin_K, is this really an issue to have to be concerned with?
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    I would agree in FED but I believe the retired runner would be out in OBR. His only protection from unintentional interference in OBR is to continue to run the bases normally. In fact before the change to the slide rule at a forced base Wendelstedt used "running the bases normally" as protection for the retired runner to continue the slide at the base.
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    This makes me think of a recent HR blog I read about Millennials using the term "Ok Boomer" https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/ok-boomer-harmless-or-harassment-29782/
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    Hiya! I just completed my first year as an Umpire. I did all levels from Little League up to High School Varsity. I'm a member of the Greater New Haven Baseball Umpire's Association in New Haven, CT. My children are all through High School and I was looking for a way to stay involved in baseball, so I decided to get into umpiring. The players were great and the coaches were pretty good. The parents in the crowd could be a little rugged at times, however, I really enjoyed my first year and I'm looking forward to making all brand new mistakes in my second year. I think I'm in for the long haul. I found this site when I was looking for information on a rule (High School substitutions) and decided to join up.
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    I really hate it when people tell me what I should be outraged about. The social change that has occurred in just the past generation or two surpasses the combined social change that occurred the 2000 years before that. I'm not going to complain if some things still aren't exactly where we'd like them to be...they'll get there...even if it means if we have to wait for some depression and war babies to die off. My daughter is fine and studying chemical engineering in university. She has her opportunities. She's also about one of six white females in a program filled with men of all colors, and Asian women. I'm a pragmatist and have taught my daughter to be as well. She played club softball and has learned the merit of fighting for your spot on the team and in the lineup. She's also learned that as a female engineer she will sometimes get picked ahead of men so companies and managers can feel good about themselves to be inclusive...and she also knows that along with that opportunity will come the fact that she's surrounded by men that will doubt her abilities because of her gender, and will ogle her ass all day long. And in every scenario she's had to date, she's proven her skill and value, and has become one of the guys, and one of the team. I'll take pride in the fact that my daughter is a strong, independent woman who has chosen her path, and will continue to do so. I don't have time to be outraged 'cause some other guy's daughter can't officiate a March Madness game.
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    I’ve get asked more and more, “Scott, I’m looking to upgrade my equipment for next season? What should I get?” My answer, “I prefer the low-profile Force 3 equipment & apparel.” Have you talked to anyone at the MLB or MiLB levels about any protective “upgrades?” Yes, I have. Manufacturers have told some MLB guys, “Scott gave us several suggestions, what do you think?” ......the pro guys have been more than ecstatic about what they’ve been told. My personal opinion: I’d jump on the low-profile Force 3 equipment but if you’re not wanting Force 3, personally, I would see what’s going on. I believe you’d be upset that you bought a piece of protective equipment & then NEW items came out. In a few months, umpires are going to say, “It’s about time!!”
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    Well, one thing that’s for sure. This will keep a lot of lawyers busy and wealthy for a long time.
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    Yeah, why the HELL are we still wearing wool hats? I mean, we've ditched the wool pants, right?
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    I paid way too much for it ( I bought as a gift for someone that didn't want/need it ), so I'd probably put it on the open market to try to recoop some of my cost. I'd be embarrassed set a price on it, and will probably let the auction world set the price at some point. I do remember when +POS composite masks went for north of $200. Now you can't give them away as wall art. So I don't want to get caught like that.
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    Heavy compared to the others, yes. Heavy as in "you're going to have a hard time with it", not a chance. This is the one that I love, but primarily for a reason not shown here - it's notched so that you never have to look at it - you can "feel" the balls, strikes, and outs while it's still at your side. I had a friend borrowed mine and said something about it being heavy. I told him if that was the case, he really needed to work out more.
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    So you're saying it's time to unload my Riddell while there's still a market for it?
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    You mean i get to wear all my normal gear to have 'the look' as a plate umpire, but with an invisible sixteenth inch force field, emanating from the chest protector to my whole body that vaporizes any ball or bat, and only any ball or bat, when it hits the force field, for total protection from any bodily harm. If the ball would still be in play, runners would get 1 base for the vaporization. eeww wee, I cannot wait. In the future, could we get a, (push button on the chest protector), player vaporization button that extends out 6 feet in case teams want to try and bump/bill peck/helmet/ smash us? Could the fill in's have that range extended to 12 feet with special protectors for use in Yankee games.
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    So, I guess the story from an old guy that I met, who went to the school years ago with the story of, Red Wing steel toe safety shoes, with golf spikes added from the local shoe shop, is out of the question, as well as the return of the Vann's plate and base shoe, but hopefully with a better metatarsal guard coming back, is out of the question. Guess the Dutch Rennart bar mask is not coming back either.
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    Reebok didn’t pull out, they were directed out by their parent company, Adidas. This move coincided with taking Reebok out of the NFL and NHL, and reducing their catalog to CrossFit. While I wouldn’t, myself, wear Reebok Zig Plates or Field Magistrate Plates (or any Reeboks or Adidas, their lasts don’t fit me), I appreciate their simple effectiveness of design and execution. Also, by having multiple options of plate shoes available on the market, competitively prices, it helps keep all the models prices reasonable. It’s a shame that another manufacturer hasn’t acquired Reebok’s planform and produced their own line (like Smitty did with the NB 460v1’s). Guys, baseball may still use belts and button-up jerseys, but there’s no reason we have to stick to patent leather shoes!
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    This is false. The manufacturers will say this, but there isn’t a single study, or a testing series, that has statistical proof. Instead, what has compelled them to abandon titanium in favor of either magnesium and aluminum, or (hollow) steel is cost... specifically cost of replacement. Aluminum doesn’t bend (at least in mask form). Magnesium certainly doesn’t bend, and if cast, won’t break at the joints. By contrast, hollow steel does bend, but is remarkably cheap to produce and to weld. Mask geometry contributes something to the protective equation, but when a mask is compromised, what do most customers / users do? Replace it! And when they pay a premium price for that mask, there is an implicit, valid belief that they should be supported and serviced by the manufacturer reflective of that premium price! This is why Nike never sold the Icon Titanium here! Wilson lost a substantial amount of money on two products in their baseball catalog – the Platinum -edition Titanium mask, and the Shock FX HSM, especially as marketed to catchers. Both premium priced, both with inherit flaws, both representing considerable, complex costs for production, but both were subject to repeated return and/or replacement claims. And with how much influence Wilson wields on the umpiring community, how do you “persuade” them to cease using a particular item? The point of sharing all this with you, though, isn’t the mask – it’s the pads! It’s the pads, pads, pads! Not one of these major manufacturers is doing anything to take the pads to the next step. Sure, All-Star is now placing a distributor plate in the jaw pad of the Magnesium mask, but why isn’t this being replicated to all pads? Why isn’t someone brokering a deal with Team Wendy, or another foam innovator? Lately, with improvements made in machining, the pads are precision cut, and cleanly stitched, but why isn’t this more widespread? Scott, if your contact at Adidas wants to be a part of radically changing and improving the market, then they need to court some new ideas on pads... ... and you know how to contact me.
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    While not impressed with his decision making during the game, pissing off a huge defensive player, and then chasing him after he rips your helmet off, just made Rudolph worthless.
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    Can I let you know in a few years?
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    Nope, as long as he legally steps back before making any motion to throw or feint. At that point, he's just an infielder. But be sure he legally steps off backwards.
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    Ok, I think the talk of a permanent ban is just a wee bit of hyperbole here. Garrett flipped out and crossed WAY over the line, but 6 to 8 games seems sufficient. It's an extraordinary violent game...and we expect these people to just shut it off at the blink of an eye? That's not an excuse or an explanation or even a minimization, but it's not like he just walked up to Rudolph and committed an unprovoked assault. Rudolph was immensely frustrated at basically throwing away the game and playing like ass, Garrett was amped up and overly aggressive in bringing him down on that meaningless play sack, Rudolph got all upset about it and yanked helmet's first, Garrett escalates it further by pushing him down, Rudolph takes it further by pushing him away with his foot in Garrett's groin, Garrett yanks the helmet off, two Steelers linemen start pushing him away just have Rudolph charge back in like a maniac, and then Garrett goes full psycho with the helmet hit and all hell breaks out. If he would have just dropped the helmet and punched Rudolph, it's a couple games max - and it was 3 Steelers on 1 at that point. Some of the pearl clutching going on by ex players is laughable - notably, Jonathon Vilma - the central figure in Bountygate, deliberately trying to concuss opposing QB's - acting like he's never heard of such a thing. Heck, it's not even the only helmet swing I've heard of this year - just that this one got on a national game on Fox. Again, it's not an excuse or a minimization - it's just that this isn't some beyond the pale, unimaginable thing. It was a sports fight that someone flipped out and went way too far. I think the other punishments are just about right. Totally understand Pouncey doing what he did, but it's a bad look. Thought he'd get 2 games, but 3 is fine. Ogunjobi got off a little easy for his weenie cheap shot. Wouldn't have minded 1 game for Rudolph, but the greater punishment for the Steelers may be having him play anyway.
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    I don't know that the forum software would even have this capability (or why the author would add it without a specific request like this), but ideally, you could have an extra step in there that if a thread has been over a year (or whatever) without a reply, you have to click a button that says you know this, and are resurrecting on purpose before it lets you type a reply. Barring that... I say leave it. It's not like it happens frequently. There have even been a couple of times I have intentionally re-started a previous thread (and made note of such in my response). And we should (if we don't already) have a "new members" section that mention this. (Not that it was a new member last night, but in general to keep the annoyances to a minimum.) And for what it's worth I hadn't ever seen the resurrected threads from last night - they were from before I joined.
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    If you're referring just to little league, if they want a book kept for their team, it must be in the dugout. I've even seen a talented coach keep it in the 1B coaches box. The premise being that Players & Coaches are not to mingle with spectators (that, you'll find in the rule book). Now break it down, .... if you can't talk to anyone OUTSIDE of the dugout, where do they need to be in order for you to check your subs, lineup changes, batting order, etc?
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    Tick-Tock....wait for it....waaaait for it.....I have zero issues providing you info in this forum; it’s too much to reply to 100+ followers the last few days from here that have emailed me privately. If you’re looking to invest money on new shoes the MLB guys are wearing, I’d HOLD OFF if I were you - or, wait & see when sales start in the next week or so (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.) You MAY just find a deal that’s convenient for you. (Wink wink) THANK YOU for the well wishes too! I miss reading your posts & suggestions in my former role. I’m embarrassed by the stories you’re being told why I left: just remember, our parents always taught us not to believe everything you you hear from only one side. Have a great weekend! SK
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    The runner's base path might be a direct line between the bases but it might not! The runner makes his own base path. Once a fielder has the ball and is attempting to make a tag the runner's base path is a direct line from where he is to the base to which he is advancing/retreating. He cannot deviate from that line by more than three feet in an attempt to avoid the tag.
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    Welcome to the site! There's a lot of good information available here. It's gotten slow as the seasons are ending, but I think people still lurk quite a bit. As a warning, the "love" levels from some people are set more on "tough" than anything else. But there IS a certain amount of thick skin one needs, anyway, so jump in. As long as you're making NEW mistakes, and not repeating OLD ones, that's probably better. Bringing the overall numbers down is another good goal to have. Again, welcome!
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    In 2019, Alan Porter became the second MLB umpire to officiate both the Little League and Major League World Series in a two-month span. We've heard from past guests about the big league fall classic, but now we hear from a bona fide LLWS umpire. Rich Fronheiser (RichMSN) joins the show to discuss... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    This is an issue that far exceeds today's issues with everything on video and social media. Accountability for actions has been out the window for years in all phases of society. Coaches are afraid to discipline their players in travel leagues because their team is a revenue producer and are afraid mommy and daddy will pull their kids. Maybe a social contract needs to be signed by teams before entering leagues/tournaments with a zero tolerance stipulation in place. I know the baseball tournaments we do in Western PA the rules state "umpires have final say" and if that is not listened to, they are excused from the tournament. that includes players, coaches, fans. I have yet to excuse a fan because I am fortunate to have good site directors at the fields I work at that will address it before i have to.
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    I’m looking to get a bigger one. I’m still freaking growing.
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    I know you're being sarcastic, BUT... It amazed me reading various places online about right handed batters this or that... It was giving me a headache from the stupidity... And it wasn't just one person it was everywhere. Yes they have an extra couple of feet vs a lefty, yes a direct line will never put them in the lane. OMG it was killing me.
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    Any of these Adidas -produced Icon -shaped masks are not titanium. Instead, they’ve been showing up in one of two constructions. The majority of them are a really well-made hollow steel. Instead of being a large, thin-walled tube that gets dipped in vinyl cladding (as most of the Nike Icon hollow steels were), these are a narrower tube with thicker walls, and when lightly powdercoated with what amounts to a sealant, looks a lot like titanium. The welds are neat; much neater than the Nike Icon steels, primarily because the Nike completed masks were dipped, and the dip would obscure ugly welds. However, I adamantly maintain I had a different variant in my hands in the past 2 years. Looks exactly like an Icon, but instead of hollow steel, was solid wire. In order to achieve similar lightweight-ness as aluminum and titanium, steel must be hollow. So, if it’s solid, it’s gotta be titanium or aluminum. We already established that these are not titanium, so could it have been aluminum? Doubtful, because pure aluminum masks usually have brittle welds (prime to pop). So, what’s an aluminum alloy that allows for more steel-like ductility and more effective welding? And, something a European company like Adidas would have access to? Titanal... invented and controlled by an Austrian company. So, my writings and suggestions that these masks might be Titanal are speculative, but are deductive based on the available evidence and factors.
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    I went from +POS low tops (still the best looking shoe ever made), to the shiny GD's, to the NB450's, and all its relatives. I still long for the 450's, as they were the last of the steel toed, real leather plate shoes. Sad.
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    I thought we were over the patent leather look. I did spot my old ones at the LL field, in the umpire dressing room, this morning. The kids will wear them every once and a while. They were great, when the only other option were the old +POS oxfords. But since then more athletic shoes have taken over. Gerry can wear them because works 4 man, and rarely has to bust out from behind the plate. The rest of us need to move.
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    HEY!!! BEER GUY!!! ONE COORS......ONE COORS LIGHT WHEN WE LEAVE THE FIELD OVER THERE Dear Lord, Please let the mountains be Blue.
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    It’s one that Jason Klein (of Force3) sent to that Vulture personally... the story goes, it was one of the first (obviously, as it is a 4-spring V1) and is black on all-black pads.
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    Better than what, please? What are you currently using, and how did you sustain this concussion?
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    Force 3 Defender Version 2 is outstanding.
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    ***Edited and restructured for ease of reading and clarity The New Ump’s Apparel n' Equipment Guide (Vol. 2) Created By: BlueRanger, July 2018 Note: I want to give a huge thank you to the numerous members of Umpire-Empire.com whose posts have contributed to the creation of this guide, including, but in no way limited to MadMax, BT_Blue, blue32, umpstu, Majordave, tpatience, Warren, and many more! The Basics - Quality, quality, quality - Make sure you order from a site with a good return policy, like UmpAttire.com - Make sure to properly measure your body for equipment sizing before ordering - Buy equipment according to the level protection required for the highest level you will call. (Ex: If you call 13u+ tournament ball and high school ball, then purchase equipment that will protect you well from HS pitching.) - It is better to spend money on quality equipment, and avoid preventable injury, than on medical bills and new equipment every time something breaks or wears down. - Do not use catchers gear for umpiring! =========================================================== I have broken this guide into sections and subsections according to each piece of plate equipment and clothing you can be expected to purchase. AND REMEMBER: IF IN DOUBT, ASK!! =========================================================== Masks Material Most modern umpire masks are made out of steel, aluminum, magnesium, or titanium. Steel: cheap and replaceable in case of bends Aluminum: won't break or bend, cost-effective Magnesium: if weld-less, won't break or bend, pricey to very expensive Titanium: rarely breaks or bends, thinner bars offer improved visibility, expensive Pads Often sorely neglected, pads are what make or break the mask. Stock pads are almost universally garbage and should be replaced with "Tech Pads" Team Wendy Pads: highly advanced pads containing Zorbium, which significantly lowers the force of impacts Wilson Memory Foam Pads: advanced memory foam pads, smoothly compress on impact to reduce force Should you find tech pads not to your liking, make sure that the pads you do choose have enough volume and do not excessively crush on impact You should replace your mask pads every 2 years, regardless of how frequently you umpire Throat Guards I cannot strongly recommend enough the importance of attaching a throat guard to your mask. I have seen too many people get caught in the throat by wild, bouncing pitches, even in my brief time as an umpire, so please don’t add yourself to the ranks. It’s also important to make sure your throat guard is long enough that, when it’s properly attached, it swings and smacks the upper part of your chest protector when you’re in your stance. If in doubt, get the longer one! DO NOT attach it to the bottom of the throat extension, as it is almost completely useless in that position. Instead, imagine your mask with the throat guard cut off, and attach it the lowest bar. Mask Fit Always wear your mask loose on your face, if you wear a traditional mask. This helps to prevent your head from absorbing the full impact of a shot, reducing the chance of injury. A good measure of appropriate looseness is to put on your mask and then bend over as if reaching for a ball on the floor. If your mask hangs off of your face enough that the lower pad is floating in open air a few inches from your face, then you’re good. Chest Protectors Soft Shell Soft shell CPs are primarily made of foam, though some do contain minor internal plastic plates to dissipate impact. These CPs are best used for lower velocity baseball and most levels of softball. DO NOT attempt to use these CPs at higher (60mph+) baseball, as they will not provide sufficient protection. Hard Shell Hard shell CPs, on the other hand, are mainly made of plastic attached to and/or covered in foam, which allows them to safely dissipate more forceful impacts from higher velocity baseballs and softballs. Chest protectors should entirely cover your ribs and your clavicle, if it doesn't, replace the harness or the chest protector itself. Shin Guards Shin guards are like cars: they'll all work, just to varying degrees of comfort. If doing lower level ball, any dedicated umpire shin guards will work fine. If doing upper level ball, it's advisable to get shin guards with better padding and/or higher quality plates. Protective Cups You need one. Period. Get a good one, like a shock doctor, nutty buddy, or other well-regarded brand. Plate Shoes Plate shoes should be worn behind the dish at every level of kid-pitch ball, as not doing so is begging for a broken foot. Many new umpires choose to forgo buying plate shoes due to their cost, and the inaccurate belief that the toe caps some shin guards come with are sufficient protection. Not to mention it looks remarkably unprofessional. =============================================================================== Hats Umpire caps come in three sizes, 4-stitch, 6-stitch, and 8-stitch "Stitch" refers to how many rows of stitching there are on the bill of the cap To start off, you should probably use a 4-stitch or "combo" hat when working the plate to develop good mask-removal technique Once you develop good technique, you may choose to move up to a higher stitch hat, just make sure that the bill stays within your mask You can use any size hat on the bases, though many umpires wear 6-stitch or 8-stitch hats on the bases Shirts Baseball: Unless your association requires specific colors, it's advisable to, at a minimum, have both light blue and black uniform shirts. I also recommended to have cream for the summer heat. Softball: Again, barring association requirements, you should probably have at least powder blue and navy.* *I don't umpire softball, so this is based off of what I can glean off the internet Belts Umpire belts are a staple of your appearance and should not be neglected. Belts come in either regular or patent leather, and should be worn snugly to keep your shirt tucked in, your pants looking good, and your ball bags sharp. Pants Baseball: Unless your association requires otherwise, you should have charcoal/dark grey pants. You should also have a pair of base and a pair of plate pants, as combo pants generally look like wearing gym sweats. Softball: Again, unless otherwise noted, you should purchase heather/light grey pants, have plate and base pairs. Pants come in poly-wool and poly-spandex material. Poly-spandex is more expensive, but is also lighter and more breathable. Poly-wools are usually cheaper, but are heavier and do not have the same ventilation properties. Make sure your pants are pressed to a clean crease Pro Tip: You only need to wash your pants when they smell or are dirty, needlessly washing them too often can cause them to fade quicker. Ball Bags Equally important not only as apart of your uniform, but also as a practical storage device. Should be of good quality material and have inside pockets for your brush, pen, indicator, etc. DO NOT GET A BALL BAG THAT HAS THREE BELT LOOPS AND OUTSIDE POCKETS These bags immediately make you look like an amatuer when you step on the field, not mention they absolutely suck at holding balls and your brush. Softball umpires often use navy ball bags, while baseball umpires typically use black.
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    Read Pam Postema's book "You've got to have balls to make it in this league". She worked spring training games and was a crew chief in AAA. A friend of mine was on her crew and thought she deserved the next step. When I read the book, I got the impression she was given opportunities because she was a women and didn't seem hungry enough until they fired her. Every time she was ready to quit, they promoted her. The book is a good baseball/umpire read.
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    The runner's base path is a direct line BETWEEN bases. As long as he doesn't deviate >3' from his established base path LATERALLY, he he is entitled to run back and forth until he becomes safe at 2b or is put out. Consider this : R1 gets pickled on the OP play. F4 throws to F3 standing on 1B before BR touches. BR is out. F3 throws to F4. R1 retreats to 1B and beats the throw. He is safe. Good base running. Especially if a run scores due to his efforts.
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