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    In addition to this, NJSIAA is carrying over this year’s dues and fees to next year.
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    I did use cue cards one game with my team to get a point across - too many incidents of missed signs...so, I did this one game to ensure there were no excuses. Funny thing is, for the first half of the game the other team wouldn't believe the signs. One other time i gave my signs, the batter did the "twirl the finger" universal sign language for "do that again please"...after three attempts I finally said "for crying out loud, just bunt".
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    Do what I did. Buy a gym bag with a shoulder strap from a thrift store for a buck or so and cut them off.
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    Because you are out of position for a swipe tag and pulled foot calla t first -- and those two happen more often than the next play at third.
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    My last year in Los Angeles, I worked a MSBL double with an older gentleman. My game was a 10am start and 70 degrees outside. I wore my normal Wilson Gold. His game was a 2pm start and 105 at game time. He looked at me and said "I'm going to use the outside protector if that works for you." I told him to do his thing. It was going to be like the surface of the sun for him back there. He the told me we were going to run a no rotation game (or as he called it "old fogey mechanics"). Of which I also didnt have an issue. Lol
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    It’s not a slap in the face at all... Did you complete the 2020 online NCAA Meeting/Clinic? Did you receive your 2020 CCA Manual? Did you receive your 2020 NCAA Rule Book? Did you submit to your post-season background check? Did you take the 2020 NCAA test? Do you still have access to the NCAA Arbiter Central Hub? They are still posting videos and information even though the season is done. If so, the NCAA fulfilled their obligations for your dues for 2020. The NCAA offering a discount for next year is an incredible gesture.
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    For LL, I'd still use the raft. It's maximum protection and cooler on those hot days. We all know most catchers at that age can't catch anything - and several don't want to even be back there at all.
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    I’m like the first Ford cars... I can match any partner as long as they have black.
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    My honest opinion: The only state that even might have a shot at a season is Iowa, since they don't start until summer anyway.
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    One day, I stopped by the mailboxes and this guy asked me if all the mail was in. I said yeah, I think so. Thought "wtf is he asking me?" Then I looked at my umpire uniform.
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    I'm noticing the brown belts, too. Fugly. But I've still got a stockpile of Elbeco's, as they go with the raft.
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    The text I quoted earlier from the 2018 MiLBUM can also be found in the 2017 MLBUM. However, I did not quote the whole thing. That interpretation goes on to say (same section, same page)— Keep in mind a few additional points… · Once the defensive manager notifies the umpire he would like to no-pitch intentionally walk the batter, it will be too late for the defense to successfully appeal the following: -- a missed base or a base left too soon --half-swings --an improper batter (batting out of order) --misapplication of a rule (protest)
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    You know, I'm reading and re-reading the title of this thread – "After Effects of COVID-19 on Officiating" – and it suddenly struck me... if, at the end of this, they require us (as officials) to take any additional training or certification on something so obscure and irrelevant to the game, such as... oh, I don't know... "Recognition and Addressing of Infectious Diseases" (RAID) or "Special Training of Umpires for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases" (STUPID), I'll know we, as a sports culture, have jumped the shark. It's not us who are spreading diseases during games! Hey coaches (and players, as you'll see in other sports *cough cough soccer! cough cough*)... stop comin' out to talk to us, stop gettin' in our face, stop touchin' us, stop huffin' and puffin', stop breathin' on us, stop spittin' on us (soccer!), and doubly sure now... don't be touchin' us! Congruently, if I've now gotta add more to my Plate Meeting with "Are all players legally and properly equipped? Are all players and coaches cleared on potential transmission of an infectious disease?" (watch, @Richvee, @Kevin_K and the rest of you Jersey Boys, New Jersey will add it, just cuz their mandatory Plate Meeting is already excruciatingly long), I'mma gonna lose it. I think, of all the sports, the two that harbor the most potential for us (as officials) to get exposed to aerosol disease transmission are wrestling... and soccer (again, because players love to get in referee's faces and potentially spit on them; if you think I'm exaggerating, you haven't watched a Latin American or South European (think Italy) match). I'd include boxing / MMA if any of us here (umpire-empire) actually did officiate those two. Notice, though, curiously... boxing and MMA referees do wear sanitary gloves during a match, primarily because of the risk of blood & fluid -borne pathogens. Now, I don't think we need those for baseball; yeah, there were all these knee-jerk outcries of "well, that pitcher is going to be licking his fingers and then touching the ball!", but really... as scientists and virologists have pointed out, the virus itself is rather fragile. UV light (baseball is played outside), high temperatures (above around 50-55º), dry conditions all destroy it. It can live, undisturbed, on most fabrics between 3-4 hours. Copper (because it is a natural antiseptic metal) and wood (because it dehydrates the viral molecule, causing it to disintegrate) are the best of the rigid materials. Cardboard does poorly at retention, harboring the intact molecules for around 24 hours. Metals (other than copper) fare worse, at upwards of 40 hours. Worse still – and incredibly incriminating of how overly dependent we as a culture are on artificiality – plastics can harbor the intact viral molecule for 72 hours. So, as a point of levity... wood bats do have an advantage over metal bats! Ha! "The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars. They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster." – This is why I have been so optimistic for those of us living in the southwest USA, and for baseball. Sure, we have a lot of air conditioning in Arizona; the state would be nearly untenable if we didn't. But, for those of us who are outside, in the sunshine, in the heat, in the dryness of a/the desert, we're at an exceptional, realistic low chance of being exposed and/or receiving the virus. Sitting in an office job, tapping away on a keyboard in a cubicle / workstation farm, or routinely hovering over a smartphone or tablet is actually at a much higher risk. Am I slamming anybody who has a job like that? No. Am I wishing ill upon them? No. But certainly, the sports official job that you folks look down your noses at, deride, and scoff at is actually more beneficial to one's health and fitness, and puts us in a better... shall we say... position? To bring this back to sports officiating, despite the indeterminate interruption of the sports we officiate, I don't think COVID-19 is going to affect sports officiating itself. What will be more damaging, and indeed is already compounding the problem, is if we continue to set up more restrictions, more compulsory "certifications", and more discriminations ("too old", "too short", "too much style", "too quick") – and increase the costs associated with them – we will undoubtedly see more and more potential officials, at all levels, opt out.
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    Look, years ago my dad had a '67 Shelby GT 500. Now the modern day GT 500 outperforms that '67 in every aspect. But the '67 is worth well north of $150K. Why? Because they're rare and cool. Combine those two things when you think of a Riddell.
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    That does suck. We'll be happy to keep you on this side of the playing field, though. It's refreshing to see young guys getting out there and getting good on the third team
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    I hate that for your son, and all seniors. In Alabama they have canceled graduation ceremonies. Misery loves company. I'm working from home and spend more time talking with folks about this "situation" than work related stuff. It's impossible to comprehend all of the folks effected in so many different ways. Things you don't even consider... I went for a drive, just to get out of the house for a couple of hours and parking lots are empty
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    Yawn. I'd say "common sense" - but I know that phrase is meaningless to you. If it's not written in black and white, you're not interested. And because a respected umpire wrote it down, you're going to glom onto it. The fact is, for the one instance you show where it can apply, I can show you 100 where it doesn't, but where umpires new and old will try to explain it away - sometimes because they don't know the real rule...and sometimes, and has been demonstrated on these boards, they don't like the rule so they insert "they were both doing what they were supposed to be doing" to justify ignoring the rule as it's supposed to be enforced. Over the years several members of the board have shown very real anecdotal examples where the phrase should not be used, and where and how it creates confusion. The exception you note is exactly that, the exception...and by it's very nature proves the rule. Call it an unwritten rule if it makes you feel better.
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    That Norman Rockwell painting exhibits one key point as to why the balloon fell out of favor... How many umpires are depicted? Yup. Sure, the inside protector was started by the Major League guys, but it really gained traction in the Minor League and parallel environments. Those games wherein there were 2 or less umpires, and as runner / base responsibilities and rotations were instituted and formalized, the PU now was expected to be more mobile. To get to third base. To take the mask off (with the proper hand, too!), be in the optimum position, and make a/the call, vocal and mechanic. That balloon is luggage.
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    I can find without much effort instances online of this phrase being used to describe the tangle/untangle play. But you know what? I cannot find anybody telling us not to use that phrase except here on U-E—not online or in any manuals. If it is so stupid, dangerous, lazy, and meaningless why isn’t anyone else warning us of the harm it can cause? Can you, Mr. beerguy55, please provide a citation from somewhere else emphasizing the need to avoid this phrase? Here’s just one example. One of our infrequent contributors has actually written a book about the rules. He also has a blog in which he stated the following (and I suspect that this text also appears in his book) about the famous Fisk/Armbrister tangle/untangle play: “Let’s go back to the 1975 World Series for a similar play with a different outcome. “In this instance both the catcher and runner were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Contact could not be avoided. The umpires ruled to play on. Tough call for the Red Sox – of course if Fisk would have made a better throw the arguments would not have happened.” And here’s what one of our frequent contributors said about this book, “a very well done book and a good supplement to the rule book itself.” So, Mr. beerguy55, if you cannot find any references to cite for your dire warnings, it would seem to be a golden opportunity for you to write a book of your own and become a famous baseball writer. Carpe diem, Mr. beerguy55!
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    And, PU has a better look at whether the overthrow (at / past first) goes OOP and then still has time to go home if a play should develop there. PU's movement on the initial play is (a) similar to his movement with no one on, except closer to the mound or (b) similar to his movement in 1-person (eek!) mechanics -- out toward F4 (in a normal position), set for any play at second, then a step or two toward the line for the pulled foot / swipe tag at first.
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    That would come out to less. My club season is vastly more money than my fall season, which still has a chance to play. Honestly, all the work would be for a few hundred dollars. I'll save the work and funds for those who are really having an effect of not being able to officiate or run their business. I'm friends with a travel writer - he's out thousands a month. There's a lot of others in the same situation - and I'd hate to find out my hobby funds went away from their pockets. Thank you for being a proponent of it though - there are some who really need it.
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    Jesus Christ people...make a leap. The point is "doing what he's supposed to be doing" is a lazy, dangerous and stupid statement. R1 leading off first who gets hit by a screaming line drive, where he has no Godly chance whatsoever of avoiding contact, is "doing what he is supposed to be doing" and is still out. There are dozens of cases where batters, runners, fielders and coaches are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing , but still get penalized because the rules say so, and SH*# happens. (ie. no intent, no negligence, no chance) "Doing what he's supposed to be doing" is a meaningless statement...and rarely matters....it should not be used in baseball....ever.
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    We received an e-mail from IHSA today stating NFHS is offering free online officiating courses through July 1. We may not get back on the dirt this year, but we can still get better! I haven’t checked any out yet, but the link is https://nfhslearn.com/courses
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    I have never worked for a college assignor who didn't want us on the 1B side. I'd rather take the chance of having someone blocking my view of the slide than having an angle that doesn't allow me to see 3/4ths of the criteria I need to see to determine if it's legal or not.
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    They don't address it because it's not an approved mechanic. The only 2-umpire system that has PU cover 3B on a ball in the infield is FED, and I direct you to my previous comment on the subject.
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    Since several feathers have been ruffled, I want to clarify something...maybe I could have worded my last post better yesterday, but at no point did I make reference to the impact of the virus being blown out of proportion. What I was attempting to state was - I think we should be playing baseball, but that’s out of my hands. What I believe that has been blown out of proportion is umpires complaining about the situation. I thought that was the point I was making. My entire post was about how I do not believe the NCAA owes anyone anything. Again, maybe I could have done a better job in how I worded that. Now that I’ve hopefully cleared that up for everyone, I’m done.
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    Close Call Sports/Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (UEFL) analyzed this play and ejection in April 2013 [titled MLB Ejection 017: Dan Iassogna (1; Charlie Manuel)]. The Appeals Board of the UEFL voted 5-1 to affirm the on-field call. At least two of the board members who voted agreement with the no-call are regular contributors here on U-E. Here’s what one wrote in his concurring opinion, “It's the classic F2/BR tangle. Both were doing what they were supposed to be doing.” Here’s a video made by Close Call Sports about Tangle/Untangle:
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    @MidAmUmp Totally understand your stance. It just rubs me the wrong way that a good portion of their umpires never got a chance to do a game and are losing out on significant income and this is the most they can do (A ~$35 discount on an already overpriced membership). They are a multi-billion dollar organization, although I understand they are probably losing significant money as well. Heck, my small-time health club is even waving membership fees during this time.
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    sure thing, thanks! Hmmm, interesting, all this time I thought the Power had "T-Hooks" that came around the front, ala the Gold, or Platinum, or even Douglas if you had it done
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    Why, it was not a multiple appeal situation or a misplay?
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    @wolfe_man haha very funny, and thank you
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    Why don't they have a class for Underwater Basket Weaving? I mean, they seem to have everything else on there......
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    Moved to the TRANSACTION EXPERIENCE THREAD .........
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    @Mad Max Just carry this ultraviolet wand. Wand them in and out. Use it on the ball if needed to sterilize the ball. https://gstrend.net/uv-wand-portable-ultraviolet-all-around-sanitizer/?msclkid=d535f2bb574a126a466bac3e7771661d
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    Unless it's FED. Then you need to restrict them first.
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    As I posted 10 days ago, the rule allowing runners to advance on caught fly balls as soon as the fielder touched the ball entered the rule book in 1920. Here’s what the actual rule was in 1864-- "Sec. 18. No ace or base can be made when a fair ball has been caught without having touched the ground; such a ball shall be considered alive and in play. In such cases players running bases shall return to them, and may be put out in so returning, in the same manner as the striker when running to first base; but players, when balls are so caught, may run their bases immediately after the ball has been settled in the hands of the player catching it." And here’s the change made to the rule in 1920-- 1920 Official Base Ball Rules adopted by the National and American Leagues and the National Association of Professional Base Ball Leagues (amendments for 1920 indicated by italics) Rule 56 Section 10 If, when a fair or foul hit ball (other than a foul tip as defined in Rule 46) be legally caught by a fielder, such ball be legally held by a fielder on the base occupied by the base-runner when such ball was batted, or the base-runner be touched with the ball in the hands of a fielder, before he retouch such base after such fair or foul hit ball was so caught; provided, that the base-runner shall not be out in such case, if, after the ball was legally caught as above, it be delivered to the bat by the pitcher before the fielder hold it on said base, or touch the base-runner out with it; but if the base-runner, in attempting to reach a base, detach it from its fastening before being touched or forced out, he shall be declared safe. A base-runner who holds his base on a fly ball shall have the right to advance the moment such fly ball touches the hands of a fielder.
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    ...............thinking of @MadMax and his vultures.......
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    Counterpoint? "They give you that stick for a reason, son"
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    ..........................fixing what they did wrong maybe?.................
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    @JaxRolo autographs only $20, but for you, I'd make an exception..........$25
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    Please do...my first thought when I saw the title was "What did they get wrong this time?"
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    Let me post my thoughts using my perspective as an assignor: If my state high school league sent me this video, it is going to be difficult for me to defend you (the umpire). I'm going to hear from the league that "your umpire is supposed to be the adult and not sink to the kid's level." I'm also going to be told, "if you want me to defend your umpires when they eject a kid for drawing a line in the dirt, then I have to punish your umpire when he does the same thing." Don't get me wrong, our high school league will suspend the player. But, I'm willing to guess that you (my umpire) are also going to be suspended...and there's not much I'm going to be able to do to stop that. IMHO, there are things we used to be able to do (things that were "arrows" in our quiver of "preventative umpiring") that we can no longer do now that every moment of every game is being recorded by someone. (I, personally, believe FYC's have to go the way of the dodo bird (if they haven't already) because of videos.) In this age of "everything ends up on Youtube"...just eject the kid and move on. It makes my (the assignor) life so much easier.
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    I took a year-long hiatus from this forum because I got sick of the ticky-tack snarking. Came back today out of boredom...and this is what I find. Bye-bye.
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    keep in mind ......ala buyer beware .... NOT ALL PHOTOS on eBay auctions use the PROPER photo. That photo could be a Ti, but the item for sale could very well be a regular FM25 ....
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    Watching people deny all of this reminds me of trying to argue with people who don't know the rules/mechanics like we do, that they're wrong. But hey, they've played baseball or watched it all their lives, so they're experts. I tune out most media stuff and just try to look at the sources, like that British study (no, I didn't understand most of it), The WHO, CDC, etc. Everyone saying it's overblown, I assume they have at least made it halfway through medical school?
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    If you were to see what I write on FB, you would know that I'm a couple things: 1) highly opinionated, and 2) a political animal. (You can't really grow up in the DC area, and not be the second of those, I wouldn't think.) And I know that even clicking the "Quote" button to START a reply - with *me* typing - has the potential to turn this thread into to an utter SH*#show. So I don't want to get too nutty (edit: I wrote like another 6-7 paragraphs, so I may not have hit that target). But even the other day when I first read this paragraph, it ..... gave me pause. I really, really, REALLY disagree with, well, pretty much all of it. This is not "no different" than any of those. It's killing people. And at a rate that is frightening - around 30x what regular flu does. Just now, I took the numbers from the Washington Post, which got them from places like the WHO, the CDC, Johns Hopkins (just to stave off any "yeah, buts") - and the world-wide death rate is around 4.1% right now - that's INSANELY higher than regular flu, or some of the other flus. (For laughs, since our US testing situation is a joke, and it could arguably lower our current death rate by showing how widespread this virus REALLY is, I took out the US numbers, and it was still right about 4.1%.) This SH*# is serious, and should be treated as such. Look, I had the flu this year, too. Mine was about mid-January. I think the swab revealed it was Influenza-B. If you had it in November, I would argue that while you may have had a rough go, it wasn't COVID-19. Even now, AZ doesn't have but 21 cases out of the 7800+ in the US right now, and that's even since it started the exponential increase. You know why the person that resides in the White House finally started taking this a little more seriously? A British scientific group, using data on this specific virus and being experts in disease, its spread and the modeling thereof projected that if the current "la la lal i'm-not-listening-i'm-not-listening" tone of the WH was maintained, the death toll on this could reach 2.2 MILLION. That number starts to approach 1% of the total US population, to state the obvious. Even finally starting to get more ambitious, that effort might only knock the toll in half, to 1.1 million. Now, I hope they're wrong, and wrong to a major scale, but I'm not so sure they are, since it still seems people aren't reeeeeeally taking this fully seriously. As a high risk candidate - not REAL old yet, but I have diabetes, my thyroid has been impacted for years by an autoimmune thing (controlled by taking hormones), and I had the cancer and chemo thing a year and a half ago - I'm taking this seriously. A week ago, I didn't WANT to, just because I still wanted the season to keep going. But the more information that's out there - not the breathless manner in which it's portrayed, but the actual WORDS AND DATA that are said - means this still can go terribly pear-shaped. So please don't say the word crisis in quotes, or otherwise make this sound like it's designed to remove the current occupant of the WH, or cow the population, or lead us to that One World Order, or whatever. This is a problem. And got the potential to go from problem to A Real Problem. We'll get past it as a species - inexplicably, we always seem to - but this could be a rough go. This is all I'll write. But evidently, that had been pent up.
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    Meh ... we need robot players with built in WiFi or Bluetooth communications.
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    I have seen younger umpires do this when asked they advised me that they were taught with 2 outs and a right handed batter go to B.. I was thinking for check swing?? and asked why the response was most likely the play would be at 1st base and they wanted to be that much closer to the play... I dont necessarily disagree with it however i choose to remain in the position im supposed to be in...
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