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    If I decide to do any games, the first time a parent or a coach wants me to play the covid police, I'm done.
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    My reaction to this photo!
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    So with 4th of July coming up I finally get to put all of this in action. It was gonna make a showing on Memorial Day but we all know what happened there. I’m scheduled with a local league to work a tournament where things are more laid back. I have the two-tone mask and shirts to match.
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    So, who has called pitches from behind the mound this year? Are you using your normal tone, and point/hammer on strike calls? Are you giving your full strike three looking punch out? Asking for a friend
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    If it helps, I have been running Fire/EMS/Rescue calls through the whole pandemic. It got a bit hairy here on Long Island for about 8 weeks there, where it was surging to the point that entering the ER we had to steer our patients around COVID people sitting in chairs in the corridors and entrances to the ER, right to ER nurses and docs that were dressed like there were HAZMAT techs at a nuclear accident. Luckily it never got overwhelming, and the chiefs/heads that be came up with some great policies that help lower the risk of us first responders catching the cooties, without breaking the bank or going crazy on hazmat suits: 1) masks PROPERLY donned as trained - NOT like that picture of being donned over your ump mask: a. surgical/cloth on fire calls, on the back of fire apparatus, and at rescue scenes where you are outside and not the direct patient care person b, N95 (usually with a surgical or cloth over the N95), again properly donned, on all EMS calls, in EMS rigs/ambulances, at the ER, and at rescue scenes that are indoors or you are direct patient care/exposure c. eye, hand/body PPE where protocols require, optional otherwise 2) MINIMAL EXPOSURE TIME and Personnel: a. for EMS, restricted to 2 persons exposed: EMT and driver. All other personnel stay outside and not permitted to go in ambulance with patient or to an ER b. for Rescue/Fire, MINIMUM personnel needed inside or near patients/victims, determined by officer and size-up c. get patients to come outside to you when possible, and transport only to closest hospital that has the certifications to handle your patient/problem d. run with windows open and rear ventilation on and full blast 3) WASH Hands and sanitizer/bleach with water after each call 4) ALL social areas and ready room CLOSED to personnel during pandemic - minimize contact with your partners/personnel - at one point the firehouse was "closed" - alarms only, respond from home only AND, it worked - we had NO COVID positives in the personnel as of this email, and I last got tested (active and antibodies) two weeks ago, all clean. So I would say, if us umpires work the same way, we can minimize the risk: 1) Wear a surgical or cloth mask PROPERLY from pre game in the parking lot to post game. 2) DO NOT socialize, or hang out and get dressed in a clubhouse or scorekeepers box - parking lot only 3) wash hands/sanitizer after EVERY Game 4) Avoid handling equipment, and why not, even baseballs (wouldn't hurt) 5) skip the pregame, or make it 5 seconds (Hi I'm Bob, you guys work out the lineups yourselves, everyone good to go? let's go) 6) stay away from dugouts (shouldn't you anyways?) 7) hand sanitizer during the game if contact is made with equipment or persons 8) in between games, don't congregate/go into a clubhouse etc. Stay outside and 6 feet apart I, for one, will feel quite safe doing these 8 things...
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    Obviously, it's on the exterior of your CP, so go to the nearest Sherwin-Williams and ask for their best exterior paint.
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    When the tournaments don't make anyone but the umpire wear a mask it doesn't make sense.. Like I said a mask outside the umpire mask satisfies the requirement..
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    Ok, no more political talk. We should discuss George Floyd instead.
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    Smokin deal on a great bag. Don't even think - just buy this bag.
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    This topic is way off topic, and quite frankly not garnering much attention. If you'd like to discuss the UE UNcap .... start a new conversation on the equipment forum. There is some good info here. I do believe however, there is already a thread about this product. CAVEAT: 1) ANYONE can do this, it's easy 2) I'm not doing this because I'm mad my topic isn't getting traction, ...I'm doing it so important info isn't lost and it's easy for others to find
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    @Thunderheads correct. I started with one navy shirt and one red shirt. I seam-ripped the sleeves off of both shirts and then seam-ripped the trim off of the sleeves. I then swapped the sleeves to the opposite color shirt, shortened the sleeves by about 3 inches (to accommodate my T-Rex arms/my desire to not wear 3/4 sleeves. Hahaha) and then put the trim back on the original shirt to match the collars. Pretty simple. Seam ripping was the most time consuming part.
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    Had an interesting situation today. I'm not 100% sure what thread this belongs in because it's a long story but also ends with equipment. So considering the recent thread on the uncap I figure this might be a good start for a dedicated thread. I tried contacting my partner yesterday when I got assigned the game but didn't hear back from him until 30 mins before the game when he told me that he wouldn't be able to make it because he wasn't feeling well. So I now how two HS legion games by myself. I get to the plate meeting and neither coach is in uniform. I ask if they have uniforms with them and both say no. So I inform them that according to our league president any coaches not in uniform will be restricted to the dugout, no exceptions. They both complain and get upset because they are both alone and have no one else to help coach. The VTHC says, "Well if we have to follow these rules then why aren't you following the rules about having two umpires?" to which I respond to by saying, "Actually I am within the rules because according to OBR the league President is only required to assign one umpire to a game." I also tell them that they've had ample notification about the rules and I'm just enforcing what my boss expects. Turns out however that by the start of the first inning they both had full uniforms on... So at the end of the first half of the first I notice that the VTHC isn't wearing a skull cap so I go and ask him if he has one, and he says no, so I tell him again that he can't leave the dugout to coach the bases without it on. (He complained again but by the next at bat he had one on...). I then go to the HTHC and remind him he needs a skull cap to coach the bases. He then complains that I gave the other coach a free inning so he should get one too. I tell him that's not gonna happen. And he continues to complain that I can't enforce a rule like that in the middle of an inning. I explained that I won't allow him to coach without a helmet because the liability falls on me if something happens to him when I allowed him to be on the field without it. So he gets his helmet and goes to 3rd, where he complains with the VTHC about being required to wear helmets. At the next inning break the VTHC brought it up again by saying, "Ya know, where's your helmet blue?" I really didn't want to eject anyone considering all of the circumstances so I walked over and showed him my uncap and didn't hear another word the rest of the game!! hahahahaha serious question though (and sorry to go a little off topic,) but what do coaches have against uniforms and helmets? I just don't get why this is such a big deal to them. Could you imagine what would happen if any of us showed up to game in shorts and a T-Shirt? We'd never get another game.
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    Ordered mine too. Thanks for the tip
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    About four weeks ago, and it MAY have been the same guy, I saw a KBO official doing the same. He got CREAMED on a foul ball to the face - They stopped the game for about ten minutes checking him out, but he stayed in. It was like watching a car accident where you see it coming but can't look away
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    My pregame will take 15 - 20 minutes, while dressing. About 30% of my partners don’t care. Half of the rest will follow my lead and the rest will fully participate. I try to walk through each BU position with different runner scenarios. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Exit strategy? I "exit" by applying IAWE and by getting back to business. The only "exit" a coach is likely to need is the one that sends him to the parking lot. Put another way, I may let the coach have the "last word" because I know I'll have the final say.
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    Same. I use my Purell when I get back in my car, and put on my mask when I go to the store. But on a baseball field? Business as usual, AFAICT.
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    Nothing dictates a strike mechanic. So you can do the Leslie Nielsen thing if you want. But: remember that the point of all mechanics is communication. If you're using a mechanic that nobody recognizes as a strike signal, then you're thwarting the purpose of having a signal at all.
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    Even if that were true it wouldn't change the basic premise. Even if we were to never learn, know, or believe, that the Earth is 90 million miles from the Sun does not change the fact that it is. Facts are facts. A fact that was successfully measured 350 years ago without computers, or the benefit of space travel, using plain old fashioned scientific method. We may never know if there is life elsewhere in the universe. But if I believe there is and you believe there isn't...and I can make a reasonable argument to demonstrate a high degree of probability there is (not necessarily that they have visited us), and you can make a reasonable argument to demonstrate the likelihood we're alone, the fact is one of us is right, and one of us is wrong. There are people who are genuinely interpreting the data we have and developing reasonable accurate projections and/or conclusions There are people who are genuinely misinterpreting the data (ie. unintentionally) and developing reasonable conclusions that will be wrong because their foundation is wrong. In both cases, as more data comes in, those people will genuinely reassess and develop reasonable projections that may or may not be right. Whether right or wrong, their motive is not agenda driven - they are simply following the evidence to see where it leads. But make no mistake - they will be right or wrong...not both and not neither. We will get the majority of the information we need,within the reasonable margin of error attributed to human fallibility. But over time, the accuracy will increase and the margin of error will drop. And then there are people who are ignoring facts that don't fit their narrative. They do not all hold the same right to an "opinion" and they do not all warrant equal merit. The flat earthers do not get to say their belief is just as valid as the round earth "belief"...one is fact and one is fantasy. And you don't need to fly into space to know which is which - you simply need to watch a ship disappear over the horizon. Another fact that was learned long before the Roman senators killed their emperor.
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    We will have a ton of statistics. Data scientists will have a quarter century of publishable papers.
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    The MAC doesn't think we'll make it past then
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    @mac266 was this the video you were thinking of? "Umpire Ejection Tutorial - John Gallante" https://youtu.be/W_FtBx9wRKs IMO "What did you say?" doesn't have to be baiting, if you say it the way @BobUmp described above. Saying it in a non-aggressive tone can be used to give a coach an exit.
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    It’s from the ebag site. I got one
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    No youtube that i can think of.. I think I saw what you are talking about a while back. If I remember, he was a lot quicker to eject than i have been in my career so far. But also i think while he is quick on the hook, he approaches it professionally, and not red as$$. Generally speaking, we should NOT have to just take a simmering level of crap from players and/or coaches continuously all day because of either a perceived or real inconsistent strike zone or a possible missed/blown call. Fans/parents, well, let's just ignore them, unless they are a danger or distraction to the players. But I am certainly not riding a coach for 6 innings if he misses an obvious bunt situation or sends a kid from 3rd to be put out by a mile. That would be unprofessional of me. I think the same for them. They can certainly express emotions at the moment, and can certainly stew and mope, its a game and emotions are part of it. But they cannot IMO have license to then ride you for an entire game because they felt slighted. Its no good for the game, for the kids, for you, so take care of business. Go mope and complain at the TGI Fridays down the way while you reserve a table for 16 waiting for the game to end. And on the "What did you say?" - it's all tone and body language, which is totally under your own control. Sure, you can say it in a tone and with an aggressive stance, like moving towards the coach, to send a "baiting" message You can also say it in a tone with an open and un-aggressive stance (passive, looking right at them, not moving towards them) to come off as "I don't think I heard you correctly". I meant the second tone. It opens the door for them to back off and be respectful if they overstepped and regret it. yet it also lets them know you heard SOMETHING that may be grounds for a warning/ejection, and want clarification. It often gives them an out and (gently) lets them know you are not going to just take anything they dish at you. This works in other non-umpire scenarios also, even used it with the boss once, when I knew he was annoyed at something else and got chippy with me. I gave him an exit strategy, and he took it, re-worded/clarified, and I got out of there without getting myself in trouble having to stand up for myself for something he really didn't mean. I think, maybe practiced and planned (in your toolbox), it can be very effective at weeding out over-reactions that don't warrant an ejection (yet) and "problem children" that need to be dealt with as early as possible Think of it.. You are not giving a strike to his pitcher low off the outside plate. Mr. bucket sitter starts getting testy, and maybe even got a stare in from you already. You call another ball, and he goes out to the mound. He stays there to make you walk out and break it up. When you get there he makes some snarky comment like "all day" "come on now", which you know was directed to you, either by his body language or by the pitcher reaction. An "unaggressive" "Mike, what did you say?" gets you a lot of information on how the day will progress: 1) "You heard me, that's a strike all day, Bob, why not for my guy?" or "come on now Bob, you're zone is a disgrace" - OK he's ejected, he's not going to be cordial in an inning or two after he says that to you. One of us has to go, and it will be him 2) " What do you mean, Bob? Just finishing with the pitcher" - OK he backed off, and has a good chance of staying the rest of the game (unless I truly am sucking) 3) "I'm not talking to you. You don't need to know what i'm saying" - Well, this begs some more "passive" discussion... We are probably heading to an ejection, and good riddance... And with all of this, it still is a human interaction thing, and what works one time will probably not work another time. But at least this tool in the toolbox, at a minimum, gets you more information to make a decision on ejecting/warning/ignoring
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    Let’s not get too far off track. I was trying to avoid the medical/political opinion discussion. I will shut down this topic very quickly.
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    Unfortunately, that is not true. Some of us are right and some of us are wrong. We may not find out which for many months or years, but don't kid yourself. I'm either right or wrong. or maybe right in some areas, wrong in others...I'm not both, and I'm certainly not neither. EDIT: To clarify - there are facts buried in the data somewhere, some easier to dig up than others...any statements today pertaining to what eventual facts will come to light are either right or wrong.
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    Update.... After speaking w/ Arbiter, their reply is they don't know. Their rep and I went through a couple things and here is what we found. When I am signed in under one of my groups, I cannot see anything beyond October 2020. When signed in under other groups, I can see through June 2022. The group I cannot go beyond October with is a college baseball assigning group. The rep said he has never seen anything like that and he needs to escalate the situation. I'll update as the drama unfolds.
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    I'm taking the opposite view, I am leaning towards skipping the rest of the year. I'm not too worried about getting sick, but I don't want to deal with coaches and fans that want me to do something about some Covid transgression.There are far ranging beliefs thanks to social media and I'm not going to judge that. I'm willing to let the dust settle after the election. Not saying the virus is political, but the interpretation of the science is.
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    Nothing in that interview is news. The biggest concern is individual behavior. Will coaches and non-playing participants wear masks as their own guidelines offer? Will spectators spread out? Will participants accurately conduct a daily symptom evaluation? Will they wash their hands? Will everyone keep their distance (think batters/catchers, middle infield slides/tags)? The combination of the virus and the irresponsibility of others offers a dangerous matrix. I know that I do what I should to protect myself and what the current guidelines say I should do to help protect others (read wear a mask). I have little faith that all the other people I come in contact with will do the same. If other people were reliably utilizing best practices, the precipitous rise in infection numbers and rates would not be a concern in so many places where normal behaviors are still being practiced in this abnormal time. YMMV.
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    Thanks for finding/posting that--it was very informative. Here in Alabama we are on an upswing in both cases and hospitalizations and at the same time my son has been working 4-5 games a day for perfect game in B'ham, for the past 14 days. Ive been wondering about a lot of the things discussed in that video.
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    I wore it for roughly 75 games behind the plate last year and it's still in great shape; I'm figuring you can get at least 200+ plates out of it, maybe much more. The only thing I'd like to change is to have the part that goes into the hat lining be padded. I'm a big fan!
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    Here's someone's opinion with a little more expertise on the subject than me, and probably many of you. https://www.usabl.com/njbaseballcoalition
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    2nd on the good deal. Bought one in Feb and it for 3 weekend series. Loved it. Will make the recommendation to get packing cubes as well. Was able to organize shirts, tights, etc into different Bags and kept thing organized and neat.
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    Ya know, COVID boredom makes you do funny things... it was just gonna be a mask but after the sales started I probably got carried away... hahaha!
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    That was how I started. I dont even remember working the bases for the first year or 3! I was on the plate every game I worked. It just was what it was! It helped I was a catcher. So strapping it on didnt bug me much. Now, any time I work a youth game with a junior umpire, I am on the bases. I want to make sure they get proficient where our bread is buttered.
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    Not very socially distant on this part. Kidding... I got a kick out of it.
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    Great deal!
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    @BT_Blue Mine hasn’t taken a direct hit yet. I wear mine backwards so it terms of face shots I haven’t noticed any differences. Wearing it backwards though gives the back of my head full coverage and makes me feel a lot safer from follow through and from a ball hitting the backstop and pegging me. (I’ve had a lot of close calls on fields with a closer backstop). When I actually get hit I’ll update on the results but considering that no one notices a difference the price is small for a lot more peace of mind. Having it greatly influenced my choice to switch from the bucket last year.
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    I've used it as well. Love it! As stated, no one has ever even noticed unless I take my hat off and they notice it. As stated, the new one has been tweaked, mainly that the middle panel has been extended in length, and the sizing used to be different. It only came in one size when I purchased the original. Now there are two sizes, one slightly larger than the original and one size slightly smaller.
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    Sorry folks, If you have to work harder to GET your equipment from a vendor, than they do at processing and shipping................. that's not my kind of vendor. Now if dealing with @JimKirk's team was as difficult as dealing with the aforementioned vendor, he & his group probably wouldn't be as successful as they are. **I am not a paid spokesman. These opinions are mine and not pre-recorded.
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    Folks, it's either safe to play baseball or it isn't! Beerguy, I'm not going to call you a crackpot. But your post reinforces my point! if you have to wipe down baseballs and bats, disinfect the dugout, sift the dirt around home plate, and force the umpires to wear a facemask just because you are afraid of COVID-19, then it ain't safe to play, and you need to stay home. We are hammering ants with a sledge hammer here! What we really need is the governor to tell us WHY we have to jump through these hoops! Heretofore, they just said "Do it, or else!" Sorry, I do not buy that. Objectively, if there is a good reason not to play baseball, fine! I will accept that! But don't keep us in the dark! This has been my pet peeve since day 1! Jumping through hoops does not speak well for the game. Note that all Pro, NCAA, and most amateur sports programs are still on hiatus. Maybe somebody knows something! (Why don't we?) Communicate! Inform! Just don't pronounce! What you are talking about here ain't baseball. JMO Mike Las Vegas
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    Still waitin’ on you, or anybody else, to prove that the virus is on a baseball. Existence ≠ presence ≠ exposure ≠ contraction ≠ infection ≠ hospitalization ≠ death @JaxRolo has satisfied the definition of a mask, has he not? Who are you to say otherwise?
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    I have it (bought before you started carrying it) and LOVE it. Great protection, and almost imperceptible that I'm even wearing it (I umped with guys who I showed it to after the game and they never knew). I used it for about 75 plate games last season, and liked it so much I got a second one for a backup. I found it more comfortable than the skull caps I tried (including the newest All-Star one, and I love AS products overall), and I didn't even need to change hat sizes. They have tweaked the model a little from my original buy, but generally the new one seems just as good, but I haven't used it this year yet.
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    But in MLB they call time after every play...shouldn't we be aspiring to greatness??
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    - Little League Rule Book states: "The strike zone is that space over home plate which is between the batter's armpits and the top of the knees when the batter assumes a natural stance. The umpire shall determine the strike zone according to the batter's usual stance when that batter swings at a pitch."' Thats why its how it is defined in the book and when I originally was talking to other umpires in my area they said knees to armpits and I went ok bottom of the knee is still knee. So now when it just ticks the zone there and I call it it is really actually low. I re-read the book and saw it specifically says top of the knee and knew then I was mistaken so I adjusted and no one has complained or said I was calling them too low since. I should note this is for the 10-12 yr olds for me for the 8-10 yr olds yeah I open it up shoulders to bottom of knees and nearly batters box line to batters box line. Otherwise there would be barely any strikes at all.. LOL
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    Unfortunately no job, but a spot on the reserve list for the coastal plains league.
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    Rule book first and foremost. I also believe that the casebook is just as important as the rule book. Reading a rule is one thing, having likely scenarios explaining the rules is another.
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    Don't be afraid to admit anything .... you can't learn if you don't ask questions. This stuff if important to what we do, because simple /fundamental things should be called correctly all of the time, and this is one of those times! That's what we're all here for is to learn and get better, right?!

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