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    A few weeks ago, I was calling a youth travel game. I was on the plate. About two innings in I was very aware of a maternal voice behind the fence saying, "Yes, honey. That's the man with the blue shirt. He's the umpire. He's working right now. He can't talk to you." Skip forward to the end of the game and I hear a small child's voice say, "Hi, umpire!" It took me a moment to realize it was a 3 year old boy right up against the fence, about knee high to me. His wee fingers wrapped tightly around the mesh of the fence. I look down and say hello and ask him his name and he says, "Steven..." I asked him if he had a good time at the park that day and if he plays baseball and he said, "Momma says we are here to watch Nate. But, I am here to watch you..." He then added that he wanted to be an umpire someday. I had no choice but to spray and wipe down my indicator and then bend down and push it through the fence to him and say, "Well, Steven...", I said, "if you're going to be an umpire, you're going to need one of these..." To paraphrase William Goldman...Since the invention of the smile, there have been only 5 smiles that were rated the most happy, the most pure. This one left them all behind. This particular field is a grueling uphill and downhill walk back to the parking lot. I walked a little brisker that day back to the car. It must have been the weight I shed handing off that indicator. Also, the trail was a lot more "dusty" walking back than I remembered when I arrived... A great opportunity to film a new Coca-Cola ad was missed that day. ~Dog
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    That was always* the rule. * -- Sr. Azul will be along shortly to tell you that I am wrong to use the term "always" with some cites to show that in 1859 there were no foul tips, that the rule was added in 1906 but didn't include gloves because catcher's didn't wear them, that it was an out for one year only in 1908, then became a foul ball fro two years before essentially the curretntrule was adopted in 1911. OR, something like that.
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    I haven't left my mom's basement since mid March.
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    Here’s the official interpretation that can be found in the 2016 BRD (section 290, p. 190): Official Interpretation: Wendelstedt: After ball four, a batter becomes a runner. Since the ball is not batted, any hindrance that occurs on the catcher or the catcher’s throw must be intentional for interference to be called.
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    I saw several posts about hydro dipping. Just wanted to weigh in on the durability factor. I had this Wilson aluminum dipped in a carbon fiber pattern by a local shop, and it’s extremely durable. So if you are concerned about that, there’s no need to be.
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    Thanks Jim. I am glad you took in the good spirit that I attempted to deliver it. I can appreciate your viewpoint and message, especially considering your perspective. Keep doing what you're doing too! We umpires are very thankful for the unique and powerful opportunity to speak to someone on your level first-hand. The fact that you consider our feedback and then become our voice is of value beyond mere words.
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    For those that may be on the fence for sending a mask off to Tony@Mask-It Sports... don't wait, do it now! The man is truly a master craftsman! Below are three I just got back in the mail today from him and I couldn't even put pads on them yet before I shared how beautiful they are. The pics cannot do them justice, very sharp masks and they even feel better now in my hand thanks to his clear coat! I had him do one in black matte, gun metal (darker grey one) and brushed aluminum (think brand-new Nike Ti color). I may send him my others now for a sky blue metallic a la @MadMax's and possibly a navy matte for high school. Or I may try a wrap this time around, but it cost more. I fully endorse Tony's work. I had seen some of his stuff on here and even in person before today, but these are my first ones that he has done and I can't be more happy!
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    If the runner was advancing or gave the impression of advancing that is a legal move. If that league allowed protests it would have been upheld if the protest comittee was more knowledgeable than the guys wearing umpire shirts at that game and the reason for the balk was as is described.
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    Doesn't matter. It's interference. You may think it's unfair, but it's even more unfair to teach them something that isn't the rule.
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    Mine's coming next week. I have a CPU4000, a baseball Gorilla glued to the end of a golf club shaft, and a 6'4" son who hit a drive 320yds last week. Stand by.
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    Oh man...no, no, no @ArchAngel72. THAT was a nice one! If you ever have any doubts about whether your money gets to the right person or not, either identify a family yourself who needs financial assistance for their child and give them the money directly OR...hand your money personally to the league treasurer and say, "This is a donation for your scholarship fund for any families who can't afford league fees."
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    This is nothing. The throw struck a runner, so absent intent, it's not interference.
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    Before you scuff 'em up and repaint them, try this... It's clear, and will "dull" the finish on the helmet without altering the paint color.
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    Look for FED to adopt this around 2030... a year or two after they outlaw the feint to third.
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    @wolfe_man, I'm sic'ing the Brand Police on you, for gross over-use of the Nike Swoosh.
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    You shouldn't see that in football (I don't know enough about hockey to comment). But, I would caution about over-applying standards from one sport to another; you need to do what's "right" / accepted for each individual sport.
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    By what you describe – all of this sequence, starting with "bat, then catcher's mitt or hand" – has been the defining characteristic of a Foul Tip for quite some time. As long as the batted ball hit the mitt or hand of F2 "sharp and direct", it could potentially roll up his arm and he could secure it for a Foul Tip Strike (which would remain Live and/or be a valid caught 3rd strike, instead of a Foul Ball). What the 2020 Edition implies is that if a batted ball deflects "sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher and it is legally caught", then it qualifies as Foul Tip Strike... meaning that if it deflects off his CP, his mask, his knee guard, embeds in his groin... anything that keeps it off the ground or touching the umpire... it qualifies as a catch, and a Foul Tip Strike.
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    Having said all that, I am encouraged to see that there is a topic discussing supplemental head protection. If you can make a coach’s cap work on YOUR mask, go for it. Just know that just because one person can make it work on say their brand/style specific mask/pads doesn’t mean that another can make it work on their brand/specific mask/pads. CHECK! DOUBLE-CHECK! I did an interactive talk at the Mid American Clinic where campers brought their caps and masks. Now we are talking traditional caps, but nearly 30% of them had concerns with their combination mask and bill. TAKEAWAY: Umpire mask shapes have changed. Don’t assume which cap-stitch worked for you (hard shell or traditional cap) before will work for you now. Again, love seeing the reception for hard shells. Huge! Keep it going.
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    This is the highest level of interest for you? Or, did you mean piqued? I'm waiting with baited [sic] breath for the answer. (I will add that I agree with the previous answers that the first depends on the code and the second is legal as described. As a practical matter, though, it's very difficult to have F1 execute this "option." Either he commits to the pitch, and then tries to adjust and does something that creates a balk, or he's looking for the option and then can't make an accurate pith or an accurate throw to second.)
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    I know it's been requested by some, so maybe they're thinking about doing it. I know what you mean about memory though, it seems like I've heard something about memory and age or something like that somewhere, sometime.
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    Guys, a very easy and cheap fix is a back supporter... just get a really thin one that breathes well. I've used them on CP's before when I felt the harness wasn't doing enough for me (pre-UL harness). I now keep one with me in case anything snaps or breaks. It's attached to itself via Velcro like a large flexible belt... and it has the added benefit of lower back support if you need it. It should hold those "wings" tight against your ribs for you.
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    And if John isn't looking (because this happens at the *exact* same moment R2 is rounding third, or PU gets blocked out or something), then you have to make up a call and everyone knows it. There's no answer that works all of the time. You can get better odds if you pay attention not only to the play but to what your partner is / can be looking at, and some knowledge of his abilities. When in doubt, I favor making the call first.
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    I agree with what Mr. LRZ posted. It is what I was taught a long time ago. However, surprisingly little is written on this topic. I have been able to find only the following text taken from the 2017 Jaksa/Roder rules interpretation manual (chapter 10, p. 90): When judging whether a run scores on a time play, the umpire is to watch for whether the runner touches the plate before or after the tag originates. The tag originates when it is applied by touching the runner or base. An umpire is not to judge a time play according to whether the runner touches the plate before or after the completion of the tag—which is after complete control is shown or proven. The umpire at the plate watches for whether the runner touches the plate before or after the origination of the tag. The umpire on the bases watches for the completion of the tag (complete control) and signals the third out. Only then does the umpire at the plate make his signal on the time play.
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    I took mine off but am 5’11” so was not a factor.
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    Nice one Dog! I got 2 games this Sat both LL fall ball minors, meaning a good mix of 7 yr olds included in this as they will be 8 next yr. Believe me you use your head more in these games then you do your legs. Anyway after 2 games the local leagues treasurer, whom was the 2nd HT's Manager also, we got to BSing a little while I waited for a check from him. He was also grounds worker that day and was dragging the infield. Well after our laughs about stuff that went on during the game which turned to covid concerns and the over all way that play is now trying to deal with it and continue playing. After that solemn note He says well let me get you your pay. I said "Eh wait, You got any parents that struggle to pay for their kids with the league." He says "Yeah we do have one single mom with 4 boys that has a very hard time." I said " Give it to her towards her fees". He thanked me and I said no worries have a good night. I'm gonna do this all year at that location. I do hope it actually goes towards her kids fees.
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    I don't mean to be too harsh, since this is the "newbie" section and at least you had the sense to find the correct ruling (and it's unlikely the person is the grandstand did), but three words: Pot. Kettle. Black.
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    So one count mishap in maybe 75,000 at bats and that justifies doing something that we're instructed to not do? It happens. None of us like it when it happens, but it's not that big of a deal.
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    Nope. Next question.
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    It's going to be hollow steel simply because it is an adverse risk to construct it of aluminum (welds gotta be high quality; welds can be sheared loose on non-baseball impacts (think, tossed on ground)), titanium (high cost of material), or magnesium (weld-less molded is the most effective way to go). And looking at that UnderArmour mask? There's nothing about it that sets it apart from any other hollow steel mask. It likely has the same geometry as, say, an Easton Speed Elite. Is that a very serviceable catcher's mask? Yup, sure is. I actually advocate for the Speed Elite to be an option for new umpires, because of its affordable cost, its single-bar layout, its oversized ear guards (very forgiving for new umpires who may flinch), its oversized fabric-skinned pads, and brief teardrop chin guard encourages umpires to use a dangling throat guard. The UnderArmour mask here is along the same line, just... exaggerated even more, with a atypical bar layout simply to emphasize the brand difference. The FM4000 has an atypical bar layout for a functional purpose. The UnderArmour has an atypical bar layout for a marketing purpose. Pass. With that said, looking at the general shapes of these masks, I maintain that the WindPact CC pads – as they currently are shaped for the UnderArmour and EvoShield masks – would likely work exceptionally well in the Champro Rampage... which, as a magnesium mask, is relying on untried, pretty questionable pads. Whereas All-Star had been making UnderArmour's catcher gear in the past, I'm not so sure about the current relationship. It's entirely possible that UA sub-contracted the mask frame out to any ol' shop in China to mass produce. We cannot expect WindPact to make a one-type-fits-all mask pad set yet (I'm not saying you're expecting, Rock... I'm just using your statement as a starting point for discussion). They've got nothing to base a mask set on! If you'll notice, the pads that are equipped to the UnderArmour and the EvoShield each have a cut, shape, and tab arrangement for that specific mask. Ideally, we need (or could really use) a more generic pad shape (a planform) for use in a variety of existing masks. If you guys are in correspondence with WindPact sense that they need a pad planform to work with, please let me know... I can draft one up in a jiffy. You're seein' that too, huh? I don't see a center chin tab, but I do see 4 cheek tabs, and I also see the shape as accommodating more mask frames than the UnderArmour. The jaw pad on the UA just looks... odd. I need to revisit this... Jeremiah W. (the Chief Growth Officer you corresponded with) answered the way he did because of what they (WindPact's team) are familiar addressing. Bicycle, motorcycle, racing, and indeed, military helmets are designed to take _1 catastrophic_ impact, and destroy itself so as to provide the maximum amount of energy absorption possible. So, after an impact of this nature, the helmet and/or the pads need to be replaced. Well, that's not the case with the WindPact CCs. The mechanism by which the pads function is repeatable. They will crush, deflate, and re-inflate over and over and over and over and over (I can keep going) again. The same can be said for any other conventional pads... except other conventional pads don't create the "immediate gradual resistance" that Zorbium, D3O, and other advanced TPU-EVA foams exhibit. And now this Cloud Crash foam. With the latest types and developments of pad construction, and the increased awareness of how clean, intact gear is important to its protection quality, there may be less of a need to "change pads yearly". There isn't any critical, in-depth research data on how, why, and to what extent pad constructions degrade, decay, or fail. All of this advice is anecdotal, and often seems to be said to excuse and benefit the manufacturers. "Hey, why should we engineer quality, long-lasting pads when we can just tell 'em to get new ones every year?"
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    Yes, there is definitely a different standard in baseball versus other sports. It's getting worse too. I won't do LL as too many ignorant coaches and fans have no clue about the game or the rules. It's starting to be almost as bad at Babe Ruth now. I didn't used to get questioned by fans, rarely by a few coaches on a banger they might have wanted, but that's it. This year, I'm getting a lot of noise from the stands on calls that aren't even close! I called a kid out at 3B last week on a slide where he NEVER reached the base at all, stopped a whole foot short of it, and was tagged out. The "home" fans start chewing me out and saying I must want to go home early or something... my partner could see from HP that he never reached the bag. Their coach was right there, actually closer to the play than I was, and he just turned and walked away without a word, but the fans saw I missed it from 150' away. For some reason in baseball, it's a "part of the game" to chew on the umpire, even when he is right!
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    Guys, just because you can fit a cap under a umpire mask, doesn’t mean you should wear it under a mask. This pic, look closely, the end of the bill...it is too close to the frame. You have to consider the compressing that occurs with a shot. Wrote an article on this (that was a copy of a post I shared here...which makes it true ;-) https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/Jim-Goes-Parental-with-Umpire-Cap-Bill-Length-Warning-on-Umpire-Empire-Post A coach’s skull cap is not meant for umpires. That’s why All-Star designed an umpire skull cap (to be short enough...roughly a 3-stitch to accommodate all masks, especially the more angled Mag frames)
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    As mentioned,, depends on the rules set for the first question. For the second, if you meant he stepped behind rubber toward 2nd it is legal to throw/feint to an unoccupied base provided he is attempting to retire/drive back a runner. Any rules set
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    No one (I don't think) is saying the latter. But, you can move to a different spot to see the play -- maybe about in the 1b-2b baseline, or maybe even with the 45' running lane, but a step "forward" (toward the home-1b line) of the mound. Or, get out of the way and then move back toward the "right" position as the ball is thrown (much like covering on a steal, or making the "double play drift." You still need to be ready for any throwback to another base on the second play. And, while you might not always be able to do one of those things, in general you can do them far more often than actually happens. (generic "you" not aaluck specifically)
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    On the wireless? Yes, I remember that.
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    Remember when we had to walk across the room to change the channel? And there were only three of them?
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    "Of all the things I've lost in life. I miss my mind the most." - all of us
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    @SeeingEyeDog did you have a funeral for the ball, or at least a quick moment of silence with caps removed? I've actually done the later on a field with a guy who was trying to break the habit of saying "Dead Ball" and used it on a hit by pitch when I was already in C (R2 only), I had a few seconds before I was going to have to do anything so I looked right at him stood at attention, removed my cap and bowed my head. We both had a good chuckle about it after as he admitted to having seen it and expected nothing less.
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    "What's the frequency Kenneth?"
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    My Cobalt should arrive today I have a fix...maybe 2 fixes but similar We will have to wait until it arrives where I will be able to see it it will work. Stay tuned
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    2019 NFHS Case Book Play 10.2.3 Situation N: With two outs and runners on first and second bases, B5 hits a ground ball to F3 who backhands the ball and shovels a throw to F1. The base umpire calls B5 out, but B5 asks the base umpire to check with the plate umpire because B5 thought F1 pulled his foot. During the discussion, R2 from second scores. The plate umpire indicates that F1 did in fact pull his foot. The base umpire then calls the batter-runner safe. The coach of the defensive team tells the umpire that because the call was reversed, a run scored. Therefore, R2 should have to return to third base. RULING: The umpire shall return R2 to third, R1 to second, and B5 to first base in accordance with Rule 10-2-3l. COMMENT: If proper umpire mechanics were used, this situation would not have occurred.
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    NFHS 10-2-3 (L) (Powers/Duties of UIC): "L. Rectify any situation in which an umpire’s decision that was reversed has placed either team at a disadvantage." I think that's the one. And, I was able to find this probably bootleg/possibly dark web/unauthorized web-link to the 2020 NFHS Rules which have also been taken down from our State's website after the season was cancelled (not sure they refunded my registration money, though :-) https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/9a6c-1683944/NFHS.pdf
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    Does he have a case? No. Will that stop him?
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    I just heard from Windpact that due to a large response/outreach from umpires, they’re going to try to get their partners to offer replacement pads! Exact words: ”actively in discussions with our co-branded partners to convince them to stock these replacement pads and will keep you posted on the outcome.”
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    You’re trying to find sense now??? Here’s a nugget of LKI – each Major League participant is tested daily, and from what I’ve read & heard, the umpires are tested 2–3 times daily. Those masks, while pretty nifty looking (as far as masks go), are not medical PPE -rated, so they’re not wearing them to prevent contraction of the virus (if it is even there on the field, which it isn’t). Thus, why are they wearing them? Hmmmmm... Simple, they’re setting a good, professional example, and reducing the (undue, IMO) scrutiny upon them and the League. If a club has an outbreak, it didn’t come from the umpires, by golly! Yes, but I can’t seem to find anything published about it. And if I did, which I haven’t, I wouldn’t reprint it here in case ~someone~ freaked out over it. As I mentioned earlier, I’m completing 22 weeks of COVID-free baseball. The first two weeks, I was required to wear a mask (I wore a gaiter, below) on plate and bases, and I found that it actually prevented sunburn on my cheeks, neck, and back of my head, despite my personal opinion about wearing one.
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    I've been really surprised at how often I get offered water (and occasionally Gatorade) down here, because as you said it never happens in Washington. Oregon, in your case. I'll even have people offer me water when I'm down to half a water bottle here. It's quite nice. To those of you drinking 5 bottles of water a game, more power to you. I'd have to pee like none other if I did that.
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