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  1. Something you need to be clear on in your play. If the ball goes by F5 , hits R2, and F6 has a chance to field the ball, this is INT. HOWEVER....... If the ball was touched/deflected by F5 and then hit R2 there is no INT. ( the runner still can not interfere with F6 trying to make a play on the deflected ball.)
  2. I’m not buying into getting an out on R3. Assuming you call INT, ( which I disagree with , but is debatable) the ball is dead the moment of the INT. Therefore, there’s no way the interference by the BR ( or retired runner, whatever you want to call her) hindered a play on R3 because, the ball is dead and there is no play on another runner. So if INT is indeed called here, the ball is dead immediately the interference is on the BR for hindering R3’s ability to catch the pop up. Batter is out, ball is dead, fair foul is irrelevant and all runners return TOP.
  3. The case plays and explanation of batted balls striking the runner in the MLBUM is worth the price if the book alone.
  4. I’m sure we’ll get instruction at the regional clinics and our associations.
  5. Boone and Co are an embarrassment to the pinstripes. Life long Yankee fan and it’s getting harder and harder to root for this team. O'Neil and Kaye are no better. Lost huge respect for Kaye today claiming he doesn’t see why Gardner’s antics are ejectable. Ask either one of those guys if they would accept that kind of behavior from their kids.
  6. For the benefit of those reading to learn... the above “through or by” that Jimurray refers to is not applicable to FED rules. High Scool rules, the ball that goes between 2 infielders would be “play on”.
  7. I’m going to assume they mean B1 is running in foul territory and to the right of the running lane. Otherwise he’s in the lane and obviously there’s no violation. And just to be clear, FED says no RLV here because the position of the BR, even though out of the running lane, was not the reason for F2’s bad throw.
  8. Not sure it's reading the play. It's more knowing the rule. In Molina's defense, I'd bet there's less than 10 MLB players who know the "through or by" exception to INT. ..and that might be pushing it.
  9. If Molina is known for his high baseball IQ maybe it just fell a few points. This is a textbook case of a ball that is through or by a fielder and in such cases there is no interference. Everyone stopped playing- offense and defense. I think at that point, with everyone just standing around doing nothing is when time was called and runners placed on the next base. Maybe pro mechanics want nothing called in such a spot, but I would hope that any level I do that I would be on the ball enough to signal safe and verbalize “that’s nothing” in this spot.
  10. And that's why there's a rule. To define what's too much is nearly impossible. Changes I's like to see.. NCAA adopt FED DH FED adopt NCAA HBP FED and NCAA relax the hybrid pitching rule.
  11. Richvee


    I have no authoritative cite, but I always assumed it meant “must be removed as pitcher for the remainder of the game”..similar to Fed’s removal of the pitcher for the remainder of the game after 3 defensive conferences.
  12. It’s a gamble, but if the offense has shown a propensity to run on first pitch, like you say, why not take a shot? Usually, the only time you see this move is when a runner takes off while the pitcher is still set. He can then step and throw ahead of the runner. 9 times out of ten, when this happens you’re gonna hear crap from the offense claiming it’s s balk.
  13. Even the guys on MLB tonight expected more. The evening after the fight, they were all in agreement that Bell should get between 10-15. And that's a former GM and players! Even they were appalled at his actions going after Hurdle. Not only did he come back on the field after an EJ, but he came on as a aggressor, not a peacemaker.
  14. Article is Spot on for my area. I worked a handful of games this year, and the quality is markedly down from only a few years ago. I’m not sure about the number of teams, bug I would assume less. @Kevin_K may know better.
  15. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression. Agree 100% if the young guy has talent, works hard and is reliable, I’m all for them getting big games and advancing quickly. What I was referring to, is a lot of the younger kids, not specifically in umpires, but overall, have this notion that if you show up, you advance. They are looking to advance before putting in the work, or time. I see it at work all the time. They want the raise and/or promotion before proving competency. This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone. Plenty have work ethic and advance. I just see too many who have the “ promote me first and pay me more then I’ll do the work” attitude. Instead of “Watch me do the job. See what I can do, I can handle the next level”.
  16. ^^^^^...Gems....^^^^^ One more add...along the lines of mindset that @Umpire in Chief talks about....I heard this at a clinic and it's so true and helpful... Umpire every game like it's the most important assignment you've ever had. Every kid in every game deserves your best effort. It will not go unnoticed.
  17. Hell, when I played town little league, you had to try out to make a team in the league. Some kids got cut! Imagine the outrage in today's society if that were to happen?
  18. I don’t know if I’d agree it’s hard to advance. At least not from youth to high school, high school to lower level college That said, there are things you must do to advance to any level, besides the obvious things like know your rules, be professional, in shape, responsible, etc. 1. Go to clinics. Specifically clinics that fit the level you wish to attain and where people who will be assigning at that next level will see you. Try to go to one clinic a year. 2. Don’t attempt or expect to skip levels. Youth, sub varsity, varsity, etc. Skipping levels doesn’t help you and it will show on the field that you are not ready to advance. 3. Rarely does if happen quickly. If takes time and many games to get go the point where the next level doesn’t overwhelm you. Seems to me too many people expect to work a year or 2 of LL and/ of sub varsity and think they’re ready to move up. That’s rare. 4. Be a good “ soldier “. That means if you accept games don’t turn them back, keep blocks up to date, do any games your assigner needs you for , and don’t complain I’m old school so the term “ pay your dues” resonates. Not to sound like an old fart, but I think this is a major point that’s lost on a lot of the younger generation . There’s no instant gratification here. You don’t advance without paying your dues. Is all of this “playing the game?” . I don’t think so ..some might disagree. If you think it’s playing the game , and you don’t want to play the game, then yeah, it’s real hard to advance There’s no substitute for experience. It takes time. Some advance quicker than others for many reasons. Availability and ability probably two of the more important assets one can have to speed up the process Never stop learning. If you’re not getting better your getting worse.
  19. No doubting this....The odd part is, when supply is low, demand high, our rates should be increasing. I,m not seeing that side of the equation.
  20. I thought that’s what Audi Stood for A- $$ holes U-sually D- rive I-t
  21. You have gotten some good advice here. One concern I have. Twice you mention “being behind the pitcher” in “c”. I’m thinking your starting position is too far up he middle. You should be on an imaginary line from home plate through the grass/ dirt line on the side of the mound, and half way between the rubber and 2B. It’s really to the side of the pitcher. If you’re behind the pitcher, you are probably too far towards the middle of the infield.
  22. I was going to reply but @grayhawk and I are lock, stock, and barrel in agreement I have nothing to add that he hasn't already said.
  23. I’m giving the crew the benefit of the doubt ruling foul ball. Any other way the batter gets back in the box is by making stuff up.
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